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The Future of the Blackwood family

In World of Warcraft, Dorian had a son. Now, while there were some differences between the Dorian Dawnmist in WoW and the Dorian Nightmist in what I wrote this past November, there is also plenty of similarity. Obviously, the mother is not the same person.

I have randomly begun thinking though of Dorian having a son. What would the relationship be like?

Dorian has big issues when it comes to things like family. In fact, he even hates the term ‘family’ because of his own feelings about his father and brothers. However, would things be different if he were the father? Part of him would wonder if he would turn evil, because of how his father treated him and his becoming a father. However, another part of him is devoutly focused on never being anything like his own father. However, he is still a criminal; dependent on thieving and things of the sort in order to survive.

He has no qualms nor regrets for doing what he had to do in order to get by. He wanted to survive, and therefore, thieved, killed, and many other criminal things, simply for the capability it presented to survival. But he would not want anyone to have to do this. In fact, he has always hoped to find some means to support himself and his sister so that they would not have to resort to such things. Who wants the Arvandorian Empire on his/her ass all his/her life? He would seek to do the same for a son, if he ever had one. He would not want his son, or his daughter whichever the case may be, to grow up having to commit crimes to get by. He has no qualms with doing what he has done, but he did not have a choice. It was thieve or die in a gutter. He would have no plans to abandon or abuse his own children, and therefore, would wish to provide for them. The usual parental mentality; “I want my kids to have all the things I could not have growing up.” However, Dorian does not possess the means to supply his own kids with such things as he still is dependent on criminal activity to get by. Even with the support of the Kindred and the Nightmist, he is still knee-deep in criminal acts in order to survive. They all have their problems, and they support each other, so they are one big family, but no one has the money to support themselves. All jobs bring in money that is used to support everyone.

I do not have a name in mind yet, because Kalline was only a fitting name for Dorian’s son considering related RP going on in WoW. Since both the mother and people Dorian is interacting with in the world of Arvandor are different, then a son’s name would be different too. Since this story is also based in part on RP that took place in AOL decades ago, I also cannot remember the name of his son back then, which merely puts further damper on involving a son in anything in the future.

As a general rundown, however, I see Dorian’s son being given, in time, the two relics of Dorian’s heritage. This would make his son the third of three people possessing their secrets and power, and could make for some interesting story about the son specifically. I see a relationship between Dorian and his son as one of conflict. While Dorian would never treat his son poorly, and do his best to try and lead his son to a respectable profession rather than to the life of a criminal, Dorian’s son might see something in that criminal underworld that might net more money and for less work. He would see that as a more lucrative and more desirable plan of action, and would get into arguments that seem very … mafia-esque, “Analyze This” similar. (in case you did not see, or do not remember, Robert De Niro plays Paul Vitti, a modern times mafioso in NYC who is having psychological trauma over unresolved issues with his father who tried to lead Paul to a better life, and keep him out of the business. As a child Paul witnessed the hitmen approaching them while out at dinner, and did not say anything. Thus, deep inside, Paul feels responsible for his own father’s death.) I’m not saying I am fantasizing about a situation in which I kill off Dorian, because I do not know that I could do that. I love writing about Dorian too much to just kill him off for a story about his son. However, I do see Dorian and his son in similar circumstances as Paul Vitti and his father; at odds about the son’s future.

Anyway, that is my ideas for now. I do not see the son being mentioned in the completion of What Lies Between Power & Bliss but I do hope to bring him up in the next story. And at some point, of course, I am also going to merge the worlds of this story with Aleksander Zachery’s. Of course, I already have, but I mean bringing the main characters into interaction with each other in order to finalize that union of universe.


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