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Demeterian Elven Culture

It’s been a while since I posted…. well, anything here. I’ve been working lately on a bit of culture and calendar stuff. It’s been a while since I looked at holidays/festivals/cultural common events for any of the people in my writing, and I revisited it after playing a lil Skyrim, watching the first season of Game of Thrones, and reading some Wheel of Time stuff. All the inspirational stoofs, you know?

Anyway… Days of the week —
Anar’re – Sun Day
Amrun’re – Morn Day
Nelde’re – Third Day
Ened’re – Mid Day
Elena’re – Star Day
Dome’re – Eve Day
Ithil’re – Moon Day

Some not-so-well known calender facts —

Once upon a time (I don’t know when) the month of March was actually regarded as the beginning of the year. September, October, November, and December are the only number named months, from the latin. Septem-7, Octem-8, etc. I decided with the calendar for my writing, I’d try to emulate this. It amounts, simply, to starting the year with the end of Winter and beginning of Spring, rather than partway through Winter. The names of months are being changed for my writing, but there is also a similar theme that comes from the origins of the names of the months of July and August. (hint, Julius and Augustus Caesar.)

Gregorian Calendar Month  –  Elven Calendar Month  –  Meaning/Origin:

March  –  Eldarime  –  From the children of the 8 Prime Fae, one of Danu and Thanatos’s children, Eldarie was a female Fae that was regarded as one of the many Fae that made up the stars, or created the stars. Though still below the Prime Fae, she was regarded as the embodiment of the Morning Star.

April  –  Ataranime  –  From the phrase, Atara nie, meaning “Mother’s Weeping,” this month is named for the month long tears shed by Danu. In an age long past, the war between the Sylvan and the Sidhe brought about the extinction of both races. The death of the Sylvan, Danu’s first children within the many worlds of the cosmos, brought Danu intense sorrow and grief.

May  –  Anorime  –  Anorious was one of the Fae children of Danu and Ignis, and is regarded as one of the Fae spirits over the Dawn and Birth. It is during this month, after Danu’s month long lament, that her tears, and the magic released into the cosmos from the death of the Sylvan, that the Elven race was born. And with them, Danu let new flowers and trees and other plant-life blossom to welcome them into the worlds of the cosmos.

June  –  Ohtarime  –  Ohtaer was one of the Fae children of Ignis and Ventanis and is regarded by some to be the ‘god of war.’ His symbol is a forge fire with bellows blowing.

July  –  Nominime  –  Nominmele was one of the Fae children of  Danu and Seraphim, and is regarded as a spirit of passion and wisdom.

August  –  Hyandime  –  This month was named for Hyandur Silverleaf who, during this month many years ago, reunited the different sub-species of Elves into a singular nation long after the Grey Elf Empire crumbled at the hands of the demon-possessed Dradar (Half-Dragon).

September  –  Raenime  –  Raenir ael’Sylvere was the first Emperor of the Grey Elf Empire. During this month, many years ago, he was responsible for pushing the Orcs off the sub-continent of Silveria for the first time, chasing them to the continent of Telluria.

October  –  Wendime  –  Wendelin is one of the Fae children of Danu and Terranis and is regarded as the spirit of fertility and growth.

November  –  Viresime  –  Viresse is one of the Fae children of Terranis and Ventanis and is regarded as the spirit of the hearth fire and harvest.

December  –  Losime  –  Losien is one of the Fae children of Aquanis and Thanatos and is regarded as the spirit of winter’s early frost.

January  –  Mirilime  –  Mirilien is one of the Fae children of Aquanis and Seraphim and is regarded as the spirit of winter’s replenishment of the soil for next year’s crops.

February  –  Ilmenime  –  Ilmenie was one of the Fae children of Danu and Thanatos. Ilmenie was a female Fae that was regarded as one of the many Fae that made up the stars, or created the stars. Though still below the Prime Fae, she was regarded as the embodiment of the Evening Star.

Elven Holidays, with dates from the previously mentioned calendar.

Dawn of the Morning Star – (Eldarime 1st-7th) Celebration of the new year. (Eldarime, however, corresponds with the month of March, as the end of winter and the beginning of spring.) Crop planting begins.

Rin tel’fealant – (To remember the spirit’s fall) A day of remembrance, with festivities, held to pay respect to the fallen Sylvan and offer condolences and love to the Prime Fae Danu. (Ataranime 14th)

Niireyave – (Tear’s End) The shed tears of Danu, the mother-of-all, brings forth the birth of the Elves. This festival rings out the joy that came from the end of Danu’s sorrow. (Communities celebrate all throughout the month, but its technical observance is Anorime, 16th-30th)

Sylvan Vineleaf Festival – (Ohtarime, 23rd-30th) The first seeds come to maturity early in the summer in the warm forests near to Demeteria’s equator on the continent of Verdania. A festival is held to honor the first crop to come in the year, and to share in the sweet wines made in the Vineyards of the western Sylvan Wood.

Lindanaur – (Nominime 8th-22nd) Meaning “Song of Fire,” Lindanaur is a two-week celebration of mid-summer. In origin, it celebrated the end of conflicts between the Gray Elves and the Dradar, even though their demonic corruption destroyed the Empire years later.

Sea Scout Games – (Hyandime 8th-14th) A week-long tournament of beach and sea-faring contests started by the Sea Elves. Since its inception, it has extended invitations to the other Elves as well as other races abroad.

Unification Day – (Hyandime 17th) The official date Hyandur Silverleaf finished negotiations and efforts with the various Elven races and formed the United Elven Nation that exists today.

Dawn of the Evening Star – (Raenime 1st-7th) Celebration of the mid-year. It is at this time that memory is given to the end of things; memorials decorated with the samples of the year’s flowers as the years final crops are brought in to store for the winter ahead.

Founding Day – (Raenime 9th) Long-since out of observation, this was the day that Raenir ael’Sylvere declared the Gray Elf Nation an empire, after the final battle that chased the Orcs to Telluria.

Duskpine Vineleaf Festival – (Raenime 23rd-30th) The second seeds come to maturity in the late summer and early autumn in the colder forests in the south of Verdania. A festival is held to honor the second crop of the year and to share in the wine made of their fruits. Not as sweet as those of the Sylvan Wood forest vineyards, but still sweeter than anything the Dwarves or Humans make.

Frostfield Vineleaf Festival – (Losime 8th-14th) Though a smaller celebration at first, with materials coming from the northern Dwarven mountains, after the discovery of the Snow Elves a boost in the celebration created this new festival. It is held to celebrate the growth of crops that grow better in the colder climates and colder months of the year. Planted at the beginning of autumn and picked in the early to middle winter, the wines and fruits this crop bears tend to be perpetually cold and refreshing.

After making a calendar, days of the week, and holidays for the elves, I was in a kick for searching through and coming up with elvish words for things. So I came up with the names of the elves in Elvish. o.o

Shaelea – Sea Elves
Ornlea – Forest Elves
Nandalea – Marsh Elves
Fauglea – Desert Elves
Coralea – High Elves
Mithlea – Gray Elves
Losalea – Snow Elves
Hostarlea – Jungle Elves
Rhovalea – Wild Elves
Nos’templea – The Sylvan (according to the High Elves)
Sylvelea – The Elves (according to the Gray Elves)

After I did that, inspired from watching the first season of Game of Thrones, I came up with some terms for the society of the newly added Wild Elves sect.

khila – follower (general citizens)
tuar – servant (craftsmen)
osta – defender (soldiers)
Khilasa – title, one of the circle of advisors to the Calarim.
Khilwen – wife of the Khilasa.
Tuarasa – title, one of the circle of advisors to the Calarim.
Tuarwen – wife of the Tuarasa.
Ostarasa – title, one of the circle of advisors to the Calarim.
Ostarwen – wife of the Ostarasa.
Calarim – title, Chief/Leader
Calarwen – title, Lead Lady/wife of the Calarim

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AC, the heat, and writing

So, for the past couple weeks, the temperature where I live has been ranging from 90 to 100. At this time, of course, because the gods of Kharma hate me, my AC has been failing. As of yesterday, I have had a maintenance person over for the third time. The first time he said simply that the filters were too dirty, and were blocking the air flow. He put in new filters, and left. This did not even solve the problem for a few hours, much less a day. So, he came back the next day, and this time, put in a new thermostat. This solved the problem for about two or three days, before the AC started malfunctioning again. The third time, a new person from the company came by, and actually spent some time trying to work on the problem. He spent about 2 hours at the house, instead of the needed amount of time to do what he thought would fix the problem. In fact, he actually said “I am not leaving till I can confirm there is nothing more I can do.” Amazing ‘eh? Well, he pumped up the Freon, and monitored it’s level for at least an hour before leaving. His conclusion is that there is a small leak, somewhere, causing the lack of Freon to shut the fan down in the attic when it got too hot. What he cannot confirm though is how slow the leak is. Was it so slow that it took 5 years (coil was replaced back in 2007) to drop the Freon level to the point it was at now and caused the fan to shut down, or did the leak only develop recently, and shut the AC down between June and now?

The past two nights I was in a hotel, because after the second ‘fix’ didn’t work, it became hotter in the house than it was outside. Beautifully cool and relaxing in the hotel, though the bed was horrendous, and I got no sleep the past two days. Probably would not have been able to sleep at home either though.

All things considered, I did some writing on chapters 38 and 39 while in the hotel, got a big chunk of it done, but I might re-write a lot of it, because I do not believe I was thinking all that well, given the lack of sleep in the hotel, and the AC issues at home. Got 38 posted on Saturday, just as I was in the hotel, and I am satisfied with it, but 39 is still looking a bit wonky. It is still unfinished though, so that is alright. However, I am home now, and the week’s forecast provides a break in the heat, bringing temps down to 80 to 85 in the next week or so. Perhaps after I have had some actual sleep, I can revisit chapter 39, and get it finished.

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The end is near

Repeating History is coming to a close. I am not sure how many chapters it will end up being, but currently, I am working on chapter 37. Unfortunately, I am at a bit of a bind, held up at the end of one scene, where I wonder how to proceed from there. I hope to get out of this bind soon though, for in November, I wish to begin working on The Face of Evil which will take a closer look at the Yami character and his past. Whether it reveals any further activity with the character or not, I shall not reveal at this time.

I shall be working on random scenes from chapter 37 to the end of the tale, and seeking out how to bridge these scenes, and hopefully have this stuff posted soon. But in the mean time, all you followers and likers, please let me know what you think. Be as descriptive as you wish with what you think of the story so far, I am eager for some feedback, so I can begin working on the second draft, and finalizing this story so it can be ready for an attempt at publication. Just comment below, and let me know.

I also already have plans for the story following The Face of Evil, though I have not yet come up with a title. That too is far in the future, and yet, I hope to be working on it for Nanowrimo 2013. It shall focus more so on the Elves than on the Humans as is the case in Repeating History.

Well, that is all for now, I go back to doing some brainstorming, and RPing a little in WoW to try and get the juices flowing.

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Finishing the tale

So, yesterday I posted chapters 34 and 35 of Repeating History. I have added things in between chapters since November, but with the posting of chapter 35 I have finished posting all I had written back in November during the Nanowrimo challenge. So, now I return to writing whole chapters again, and push to bring the story to an end. I know how I wish to bring Repeating History to a conclusion, I just need to figure out how to bridge it to that end. I am half-way finished with chapter 36 at the moment, but have also managed to finish putting together a new version of the map for the world in my story. I am still not completely satisfied with how it came out, but it is at least better than the original attempt. I need to find a way to test out some other programs to see if I can do better at all. Until then, here are the divided files of the map of the Continent of Verdania.

As one can see, the second image is at a different scale then the top and bottom one, it is a larger area in the end, so even with this better version of the map, there is still an error and something needing to be fixed. However, there is also more to the world. There are some islands off to the east of the Duskpine Forests. This area has not been explored in Repeating History but shall be explored in another tale of the Segregation Eras series. There will also be other worlds discussed in future stories, but I won’t discuss that in any depth as I prefer to keep it as a surprise for the readers. However, do look forward to another map posted sometime soon, to display the little area to the east of the Duskpine Forests.

Anyway, I hope to have Chapter 36 posted tomorrow, as I have spent much of this day, and the rest of it will be as well, on finishing it. After that, keep an eye out for all new content to the Repeating History tale. It will be a little more slowly posted since it shall be written from scratch from here on out. Wish me luck!


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Character Spotlight – Silverleaf

The Silverleaf family is the largest family I have ever created for RP and for my writing. It began in Shadowbane, with an Elf Ranger Blade Weaver named Elvulith Silverleaf. He went on to become a Ranger in Guild Wars, and then a Night Elf Druid in World of Warcraft. Throughout such I created other members of the family. At first, there wasn’t much thought in it, I just decided on a relation to Elvulith, made the character, and came up with some minor unique story to differentiate them from Elvulith. There was Amcar Silverleaf, a Bow wielding Rogue Bard in Shadowbane, Dorenduil Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Paladin in World of Warcraft, Istalindir Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Mage, Valaya Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Priestess, and Astalder Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Death Knight.

Since I started playing them in gaming in Shadowbane, and sometime amidst bringing them into the world of WoW, I started writing this story, and in the world of my own story, I have now compounded upon many other members of the family. I even took a bit of inspiration from Tolkien, and started thinking about the culture of the race, and came up with a naming scheme, which helped me compose numerous generations of the Silverleaf line. This in turn helped me decide on the backstory of not only the Silverleaf’s line, but the whole of the High Elf species, and their fellow kin (Forest Elves, Sand Elves, Dark Elves, Grey Elves, Sea Elves, etc.)

In the story, as shall be revealed soon (somewhere around chapter 14-20) the Silverleaf family is the ruling family of the High Elf kin, and in turn, rulers of the union of the Elven species, called the United Elven Nation. Grouping the numerous sects into an alliance also in turn helped me brainstorm on names and story for the other species of Elves. Such include Dinaer Dusksinger, Lord of the Dark Elves, and his wife Arauka Silverleaf-Dusksinger, Vasz’araen and Val’araen Sunstorm, Lord and Lady of the Sand Elves, Isilme and Silma Starhaven, High Priest and Arch Druid of the Forest Elves, and then their daughter, Arinai Starhaven, who married Elvulith Silverleaf.

And yet! The Silverleaf were not the first royal family of the Elven nation, nor were the High Elves always at the head of the Nation. Using a Tolkien Elvish naming style, and the naming scheme I mentioned earlier, I traced the Silverleaf family back to when they took control of the Nation after the Grey Elves were destroyed nigh to extinction.

Currently, the United Elven Nation is led by the three brothers, Astalder is the eldest, and sits upon the throne as High King. His brothers, Istalindir and Dorenduil, function as next in command, while also sitting at the head of the Magical community of Magi and Wizards. Elvulith, Astalder’s son, is the Ranger General, and along with one of Astalder’s childhood friends, Astar Goldhaven, leads the entire Elven Military. Despite the vast age difference, Elvulith also becomes a very close friend to Alek Zachery as he grows up through the story. The Silverleaf family as a whole form close ties with Alek Zachery, and in the future of the tale, play pivotal roles in the future of Verdania and the Sylvan Forest.

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Magic and Mystery

So, It has been a good long while since I put any effort into putting thought to paper for Repeating History. However, recently I’ve decided to get back to it. I started by re-reading what I had, and made some changes. So far, it’s just been some elaboration, however, in chapter four I find myself making a few, more drastic, changes. I’m wanting to make some things more mysterious, in desire to do like Tite Kubo, and all his left hooks in the story of Bleach. So, I’m taking out some things, rewording so that it’s less evident right away, so that it is more dynamic for the reader to find out about later on in the story. Hopefully, this works. I am sending some chapters to a close friend of mine, to let him read little by little, and see if he agrees with me in my goal for the story. (He too is a proud, flag waving, nerd like me, and loves Bleach as well.)

Anyway, on top of that, I’ve started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and got hooked on it rather quickly. It is more fun than WoW at the moment, for reasons other than it being something new, though it still has a way to go to fix some issues that arise. I think though that Bioware will have no trouble with getting this game up there in the top games. The Silverleaf family has moved on from Azeroth to Republic Space anyway. I’ll load up some screen shots sometime, but for now, I’m gonna remain as focused as can be on my story. Hopefully, I’ll have it finished soon, because when the next Nanowrimo begins, I would definitely like to be working on the next part of the story, The Face of Evil. I hope I can be in that spot by November. I am not trying to rush summer along (even though I prefer colder temperatures, but I do so hate snow).

Back on topic, I mentioned that I was sending a few chapters at a time to a close friend, because I wanted his opinion on a very specific aspect of the writing, but if anyone else knows what I mean by the left hooks of Bleach, and is welcome to very specific questions based upon what you would be reading, feel free to drop me a note and volunteer to read bit by bit as well. I welcome the opinions and critique. I’ll eventually post chapters here again, but as I believe I’ve stated before, I want to wait till I’m at least satisfied with how it’s coming along. I’d hate to post a chapter then take it down because of some major changes.

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After the Siege of Silvermoon…

Shadow and Flame; it covered the battlefield. Bodies littered the ground, and the waters of the Sunwell were corrupted. Kael’thas came to destroy the Sunwell, so it’s impurity would not corrupt his people. Yet, it would all be for naught in the end.

Dorenduil was taken back to Silvermoon City, and brought to healers. As he was laid out in bed, unable to move, he saw what happened to his once great people, falling into the withdrawal of the loss of the Sunwell. It wouldn’t be long before many began searching for the power of other magical artifacts to sustain their hunger. Among them, was Istalindir. But, he could not stand what he had become, and refused to return to Silvermoon. He scavaged around for magic crystals to sate his needs, but eventually, he merely wandered into Northern Lordaeron, and wouldn’t return for years. Astalder awoke before the survivors began bringing the wounded back. He arose from the battlefield, with one thing on his mind. He wandered to the south, through the southern lands of Quel’thalas, slaying any Troll in his path as he made his way into Northern Lordaeron. Along the mountainous coast, he collapsed, and remained there for years, till another call brought him back. When he awoke the second time, he would find himself within the floating citadel known as Acherus.


A few years would pass, as a war waged in the south between the Undead following Arthas’ command, and the Humans of Lordaeron. The Scourge tore Lordaeron apart, forcing the humans to flee to the lands to the south, though many holed up in remote places the Scourge didn’t extend their reach too. Kael’thas employed the help of Illidan to fight against Arthas, and stop him from reaching the Frozen Throne. Consorting with demons was no better then the Scourge, and Dorenduil felt sickened by this. All his family was gone, as far as he knew, and so with nothing left to keep him in Silvermoon, he rose from his healing bed, took whatever medical supplies he’d need, and rode off from Silvermoon. He had no destination, and simply wandered, looking for nothing, and not needing anything. He took up residence anywhere he could find some comfort, and kept himself on the move. He would venture first to the southern regions of Quel’thalas, and Northern Lordaeron, fighting back Scourge anywhere he could. Injury was a regular thing, but it didn’t matter to him how injured he’d get. At the end of every day, he would bandage himself up, and every morning, he would again head out. Years would pass before he would garner the aide of anyone, not that he was even looking for help. 

The Argent Dawn was founded in Stormwind City, but would in time gain members from all races and factions. He would eventually come to the aide of a few Paladin that had been cornered by some of the more aggressive of the Scourge. With finesse and ease, Dorenduil dispatched them, and received immediate praise, as well as rebuke. He was viewed as a Blood Elf, a term he had yet to hear. He was viewed as one who reaped the power of the light, and used it for his own purpose, instead of serving the light itself, and being granted it’s power. However, once they found out that he had studied under the great Uther the Lightbringer, all those notions vanished. He would find out about the Blood Knights in Silvermoon, and would become even further disgusted. He would employ his services to the Argent Dawn, and would eventually tour the world while on duty.

He would eventually return to see what had become of Silvermoon City. He was not surprised, nor pleased with the fascination; with the showyness of mastering the arcane, or the presence of demonic crystals. He would venture away from Silvermoon once more, accompanying Tirion Fordring on his endeavors, and taking residence at the Crusader’s Pinnacle in Icecrown.


Istalindir wandered the lands, searching for any form of magic to sate his hungers. He had become like the Wretched in Quel’thalas, only Istalindir had died. His hunger for magic was so strong it revived him, nad sent him on his hunt. Many Arcane beasts along his journies would fall victim to his hunger, and be reduced to arcane crystals and powder, and used to stem Istalindir’s hunger. Eventually, he would meet with Sylvannas, and would help in the revolution against the Scourge, allowing the Forsaken to splinter from the rest of the Scourge. For a while, Istalindir would live amongst the Forsaken, and hide from his people in the North. Of course, at the same time, those of his people did not associate much with the humans from the south.

After Kael’thas’s union with Illidan, and then later, Lady Vashj, Istalindir grew curious about the wellfare of his people. Adorning a concealing outfit, he wandered to the north, and looked for clues as to the state of his people. Of course, this trip would be postponed, as the first stop on this trip, was at the Thalassian Pass. There, he knelt at the side of the road, and laid flowers on the grave he dug up. After a day, he returned to his original trip, and went to Silvermoon. He had found his people straining through many of the same hardships he had been going through, and confided in himself that he must help. Remaining clothed in a manner to hide his appearance, he would go about, taming or killing the denizens of the Ley Lines, and bringing Arcane Crystals and Powders to his people, to help stem their hungers. When the crystals came home from Outland, Istalindir was shocked. At first, he was curious, but looking at one for some time he found himself ashamed, and repulsed. He turned from the crystal, and went back to his original plans, and continued to bring arcane crystals, powders, and essences to Silvermoon City.

Eventually, he would also reunite with his daughter, and he would tell her what happened. He would tell her he thought that she too had died, since he hadn’t heard from Dorenduil or Astalder since his return. The two caught up and put the past behind them, confiding in the fact that all they had was eachother. Despite such, he kept himself hidden from view, so others would not clump him in with the Wretched or the Scourge.

Eventually, Istalindir would return to the Kirin Tor, and aide his former fellow students in delving into Karazhan and raising Dalaran to Northrend. He would study once more within the libraries there, and learn some new facts, as he helped his daughter start her studies in the way of the Light, like her mother had once.


In the floating citadel known as Acherus, Astalder awoke once more. His eyes, hazed in fury, scanned about the place. Life was a memory long fleeted away. All that remained now was hate, anger, but … at who? He wasn’t sure who he felt this seething hatred for, but someone had to feel pain for it. He picked up his weapon, and headed down from the citadel to the lands below. Along with others at his side who seemed to hold the similar hatred, he tore a path of destruction to Tyr’s Hand. Frost Wyrm’s flew overhead, Black skinned, rotting horses carried other soldiers to the battlefield, ghouls dug themselves out of the earth, and bane hounds howled into the air. The Scarlet Crusade would surely never recover from this blow they were to be dealt. Even though the fight, all he saw was a haze of flashing steel, and splattering blood. At times, he didn’t even feel as if he were doing anything on his own.

When that haze subsided, he was on his knees before Light’s Hope Chapel, humans all around him, Tirion Fordring standing before a kneeling Darion Mograine. Arthas appeared behind Darion, only this time, in armor black as pitch. The anger returned, and he rose to his feet, lifting his weapon up, and ready to strike, when a sense of dread came over him. He couldn’t move, but why?

“A-POC-A-LYPSE!!!!” came Arthas’s cry.

“That day is not today…. Tirion!”

A swinging weapon, a flash of blinding light, and Astalder had to shield his eyes.


“What is this!?”

“Your End.”

“Impossible… Next time, we won’t be on holy ground, Paladin.”

Again, a haze washed over him, and before he knew it, he stood before Thrall, Warchief of the Horde, and he looked around frantically once more. Why was he there? Why was he before the leader of the Horde? He was an Elf, not an Orc. Astalder vanished from Orgrimmar, and vanished from Kalimdor. He returned to Silvermoon to find that Kael’thas was dead, that demons had nearly taken over the Elven people, and that his home was in general, now what it used to be. He looked for any of his family, and could not find them.

In sorrow, he would return to his former home, to Goldenmist Village. He would journey upstairs to find his weeping bride. He kneeled beside the bed, and looked upon her form. He reached out to her, but of course, his armored hand passed through her transparent form. She didn’t falter, she weeped harder, muttering the name of her son over and over again. Anger would overtake him again, and he would change forever. He picked up his weapon, and headed to Northrend. He didn’t join forces with any group, for he was on his own mission. He tore his way from the Howling Fjord, with the Forsaken behind him. He struck down every Vry’kul he came across, making his way into the Grizzly Hills, and through Drak’Theron Keep into Zul’Drak. Once more, he dealt with Trolls, and cast them aside, before he could move into the Crystalsong Forest. From there, he passed into Icecrown, and set forth on his trip to take his revenge on Arthas. Within the Citadel, he aquired a new weapon that would become his signature, as it dripped with the icy fervor he exampled on his path of vengeance.

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History of the Silverleaf Brothers

Between World of Warcraft and my story, Era of Unificaton, there is a lot different between the Silverleaf Brother’s histories. However, I pretty much took the history from Era of Unification, and used it as a precursor as to what happened in the world in World of Warcraft. I made a post on the guild forums about the history behind those three characters, and it seemed to be touching for Bekka, and asked that I leave a disclaimer next time. That made me chuckle, but now has me interested again in exploring the history behind these three characters once more.

Through the forest, he crept. The rustling of the bushes would draw the attention to him, but he didn’t care. He was determined to not be late, yet still evade sight if he could. Eventually, he would emerge from the bushes, at the edge of the mountainside. He would dust his robes off, and look around him. No one around, and so, he smiled. Istalindir had been sneaking around for some time. The parents of the Silverleaf family had always been very particular about the paths their children took. They were of high nobility, protectors of royalty, and they had to display themselves properly. Dorenduil, the youngest brother, caught flak for choosing to go to Capital City and practice in being a Paladin. This displeased their parents, and there was no end to it. Istalindir had fallen in love with one of the women who studied with Dorenduil, a woman named Valaya Goldendawn. He didn’t wish to incur similar ‘wrath’ from his parents, so he kept his relationship with her a secret. On this particular day, Valaya was returning to Capital City to continue her training, and Istalindir was heading to Dalaran, for the same purpose.

“There you are!” she shouted.

Istalindir ran to her, scooped her up in his arms, and lifted her off the ground. Or, at least, that was how it played out in his head. Instead, he attempted to, and nearly threw out his back, and had to set her down quickly.

“How do you walk around in that armor!?”

Valaya giggled, and patted Istalindir on the shoulder before leaning up on her tip-toes, to kiss him on the lips. The two caught up, and enjoyed what little time they had together, on their journeys to and from Silvermoon City. It wasn’t often, as their stints of training would last for months, and they’d get to see each-other for short periods between those sessions. This particular night, would be far different then the other times.

“I have to admit, I’m growing weary of these short visits. And your daughter, she doesn’t even know you! She sees so little of you.”

“I know Valaya, but my parents would never approve of us, and while it wouldn’t change anything between us, I’d rather spare you the stress of having to deal with them. I have no choice, but you don’t have to. Once our training is through though, We can get our own home, and not have to hide any longer. We’ll have all the time in the world. We could live off the shores of Quel’Danas, or even head to Quel’Danil.”

Valaya nodded, though silence would stretch between them. They would keep walking, down the path, till they passed through the gate at the edge of the Elf lands. On the other side, was Northern Lordaeron, and an army of Undead marching down the path from the other end. Amidst their numbers, was a lone man on horseback, with white hair blowing in the wind. An air of chill was about him. Quickly, Istalindir pushed Valaya into hiding. The Undead marched along, and into Quel’Thalas. After a few moments, the two stepped out, and looked after the Army.

“Who was that, and what are they here for?”

“We have to go back. That was Prince Arthas. I thought it was a rumor, but there’s been a plague sweeping through Lordaeron.”

“Valaya, what could we do against a whole army? We should get to Capital City and call for their aide.”

“Ista! If the rumors are true, Lordaeron’s army just walked past us. We have to go back and alert our own armies and prepare for the fight.”

“Alright, alright… Let’s go.”

“Rrraaa!” came a shout from behind them. A Ghoul had lept into the air, and latched itself to Valaya’s back. Other ghouls and geists marched along the path, towards the two.

With the butt of his staff, he dislodged the ghoul from Valaya’s back, then let loose a spray of fire upon the approaching undead. Valaya helped out, lending her powers of the Holy Light towards the thwarting of the Undead. However, more ghouls and geists came down the roads, and eventually, they trampeled down after the rest of the Undead army, leaving Istalindir and Valaya’s bodies laying in the dirt.

Battles rippled across the southern regions of Quel’Thalas, and in Tranquillien, Elvulith stood with many of the finest the Rangers of Silvermoon had to offer. Dorenduil helped the front lines, pushing the Undead back as long as he could. When the abominations stormed through, though, the lines collapsed, and Dorenduil had to fall back. Retreat was called for, but it was too late for some. Elvulith fell there, and Dorenduil retreated with the rest, forced to tell his brother’s wife that her son was dead. She boarded herself up in her home in Goldenmist Village, and never came out. Dorenduil fled to the city, and warned the rest of the Silvermoon forces. They fell back to the Sunwell.

At the Sunwell, everything came to it’s pinnacle. Before the night was through, Dorenduil was wounded, and fell unconscious, but not till after he saw his brother Astalder approach Arthas himself, and with one swing, was struck down.

Through the haze of mist and shadows, Astalder felt something. He had a feeling it wasn’t over, but he couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe, and yet, he felt no pain because of such facts. Eventually, he would rise, within one of those floating citadels.

With the Sunwell destroyed, the flow of magic, the power and strength it supplied the elves was cut off. Suddenly, Istalindir awoke, and rose from the dirt. There beside him was Valaya. There was no saving her. She spoke of a plague, and he didn’t want her getting infected, or turning into what had killed her. He dug her grave, there at the side of the road, and laid her in it. He charged the grave, then buried her. Then, he felt the craving. The loss of the power of the Sunwell sent him scouring the lands for some sort of power.


The Love is in the Air festival was being held in every capital city. The mirth, the cheer… it sickened Istalindir. He would abandon the city and venture to the Thalassian Pass once more. There, he would kneel before the grave, and lay a bouquet of red roses there at the roads edge, over a slightly charred piece of ground.

Astalder stood in the midst of Goldenmist Village. The spirits of the fallen Quel’dorei from years past floating past him. No animosity would be directed towards him. They saw him as one of them. He walked to the structure that had once been his home. Upstairs, a single ghost lay in the bed, weeping. It was his wife, Lirima, still mourning her son’s death.

Dorenduil sat upon his Argent Charger, surveying the landscape of the region he was in at that point in time. Much like the end of the siege on Silvermoon, he wandered. He didn’t consider himself as part of the Alliance anymore, nor did he consider himself a part of the Horde. He worked solely towards the purpose of the Argent Dawn. Their goals were all he strived for. As such, his life was a lonely one. But, it didn’t bother him, because he no longer wished to feel connected, not wanting to suffer a loss like he did at the Sunwell.

That was my post on the Chains of Fate forums, and that is merely a post made to reflect the attitudes, the personality, and, the mood of these three characters during the Love is in the Air holiday event in game. So, from here, I feel like I’ll make posts to reflect on each individually over a wider stretch of time. I will post them here as well as on the Chains of Fate Forums, because I feel like sharing with a wider group of people. I enjoy getting feedback of all sorts, but the feedback from Bekka has inspired me to continue.

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The Continuing Story

A new page has been posted on the pre-story to the Era of Unification. The more I write, the more I think this shall end up as a series of stories, because the ideas seem to amount to too much to be within one story. The same happened for J.R.R. Tolkien, though I believe the REAL reason that The Lord of the Rings was separated into three books was so the publishers could make more money off of it.

Anyway, some of the back-story to the Elves has been posted as Segregation Eras: The Ages of the Ageless. Read, enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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The Thin Line Between Worlds

So I came up with a name, as can be seen on the page Segregation Eras: Fighting the Apocalypse, for the region of the world that my human race lives. It might attribute it to the whole continent, I might not. Coming up for names has always been hard for me, especially for regions.

However, thinking about some of my characters in WoW has made me think about their counterparts in my writing. I changed their history around from my story, so that they could fit into the world of Azeroth. In both realms they are High Elves. In both realms, the parents of the main family are dead.

In Azeroth, there is no King for the High Elves, in Verdania, Astalder, the eldest Silverleaf brother is the King. In Azeroth, Astalder is a Death Knight, in Verdania, Astalder is a Rune Warden.

In both realms, Istalindir is a Mage. In Azeroth, Istalindir was turned into a Wretched due to the Sunwell’s destruction.

In Azeroth, Dorenduil is the lone survivor of the siege of Quel’thalas among the Silverleaf family, and is a Paladin. In Verdania, his family is the ruling family, and houses the largest number of Elves among all Elven kind. In Verdania, Dorenduil is a Wizard.

In Azeroth, Valaya is the daughter of Istalindir, named after her dead mother. In Verdania, Valya is Istalindir’s wife, and they have not had a child yet. In both realms, she is a Paladin. (In WoW there is an extra a in her name because the original name was unavailable to me. I have yet to meet the person who took that spelling before me.)

In Azeroth, Elvulith is a Druid, and is a Night Elf. He dabbles between the teachings of Restoration and the Feral. In Verdania, Elvulith is a Ranger and married to a Druidess named Arinai.

And the list goes on, but not all the characters from my writing are in WoW. Some I made in other games. Such as the Hogosha Clan. They are from Guild Wars. Kenji Hogosha is an Assassin/Monk, Kosuke Hogosha is a Ranger/Ritualist, Keiko Hogosha is a Elementalist/Ritualist, and Kusuya Hogosha is a Mesmer/Necromancer. I also had versions of Aleksander and Mikael Zachery in Guild Wars, who were a Warrior/Paragon and a Dervish/Elementalist respectively. And, I would continue to make versions of these, and other, characters, in the game Rift.

My point, however, is I still struggle for names of the world my story takes part in, and not just that but the name of the continents within the world, and the regions within the continents. I come up with names slowly, depending on the mood I’m in, or something that comes to mind when I work on this. For instance, one of my ideas for a name for the world as a whole has been to  use another name for Rebirth or Renewal, since that pertains to what happens at the start of the story. I chose the name Verdania for the area the Humans live in because it’s supposed to be a lush green expanse of land. Verdant. I chose The Sylvan Wood for the Elves because of the rich connection between the fairy and the Elves not only in my story, but in other literature and Celtic legend. I have even thought of using the Celtic words for North, South, East, and West, for the names of the four continents in my story.

Lastly, I shall soon be posting another page to my Segregation Eras grouping, to go back and look at the Elves. I shall branch to many different groups of Elves, thus sighting different time lines within the one. I shall touch on the High Elves and the Grey Elves mainly (whom shall make an appearance in my story, even though Yami destroyed them in his own past, between the years of 1600 and 1616 in the already posted Face of Evil page) to give further info on their histories. I hope you all enjoy reading it when it’s there.

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