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Nano and WDC

Nanowrimo is around the corner, and I shall indeed be taking part again. Not sure exactly what I’m going to work on this time, but, I would like to take the time to expound upon my recent endeavors towards urging my writing along.

I signed up on Writing.com a year ago, but never really looked at it beyond the first few visits. I forget what caused me to drift from it, but I did. Recently, I looked back, and got involved with a group on the site called World In Progress. They have these little courses designed to help a writer work on their characters, world, and other related topics towards strengthening their writing’s background. i.e. all that unwritten stuff that pretty much just exists in the writer’s head so they can write the story itself and make it more believable.

Well, I took their Character Creative, Timeline Technique, and Wonders of World Building classes. I’m going to look into the Ethnicity as well, just for the hell of it, but the point I wanted to make was…. I ventured away from using Fractal Mapper, and other programs, and looked into a video about building a map on Photoshop. I don’t have photoshop, but used gimp, and used what is available there to emulate what was done with the video, and I think I like how it came out there MUCH more than how it came out in the other programs. Not only did I make Verdania look better than on previous images, but I mapped out the other continents of the world of Demeteria, and am in the process of working on Arvandor as well. So, here we are, my map of Demeteria’s land masses.







My only dislike for this image, is the lack of ability to zoom in on specific regions of the map and put in more detail. It only comes up with a blurred, larger form of the area when I zoom in, even while I was working on it. So, even though I like how this turned out, I am still thinking of trying again if I ever get Campaign Cartographer 3.

This was not all I worked on, I made character sheets for a couple characters, and will continue to do others for other characters, but more importantly, I started work on a time line. I’ve hit a snag around the year 640, for the kingdom of Haven, not liking how I haven’t reached the year 1000 yet, and have already gotten certain events into the timeline. I’m going to switch my focus to the Elves, and work on their portion of the timeline, and see if I can stretch things out so that it at least exceeds 1,000 years, because I do have bits in the story already that refer to an event having happened 1,000 years ago, so the timeline won’t be complete anytime soon, but it is at least started and I’m working on it, which I had no idea how to start prior to this class. All thanks to Minara, GoldenAmber, and Robyn Sparks, the teachers & leaders of this group on Writing.Com.

My name on Writing.Com is the same as my Nano name, in case anyone wants to check me out: VerdaniaMan.


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Demeterian Elven Culture

It’s been a while since I posted…. well, anything here. I’ve been working lately on a bit of culture and calendar stuff. It’s been a while since I looked at holidays/festivals/cultural common events for any of the people in my writing, and I revisited it after playing a lil Skyrim, watching the first season of Game of Thrones, and reading some Wheel of Time stuff. All the inspirational stoofs, you know?

Anyway… Days of the week —
Anar’re – Sun Day
Amrun’re – Morn Day
Nelde’re – Third Day
Ened’re – Mid Day
Elena’re – Star Day
Dome’re – Eve Day
Ithil’re – Moon Day

Some not-so-well known calender facts —

Once upon a time (I don’t know when) the month of March was actually regarded as the beginning of the year. September, October, November, and December are the only number named months, from the latin. Septem-7, Octem-8, etc. I decided with the calendar for my writing, I’d try to emulate this. It amounts, simply, to starting the year with the end of Winter and beginning of Spring, rather than partway through Winter. The names of months are being changed for my writing, but there is also a similar theme that comes from the origins of the names of the months of July and August. (hint, Julius and Augustus Caesar.)

Gregorian Calendar Month  –  Elven Calendar Month  –  Meaning/Origin:

March  –  Eldarime  –  From the children of the 8 Prime Fae, one of Danu and Thanatos’s children, Eldarie was a female Fae that was regarded as one of the many Fae that made up the stars, or created the stars. Though still below the Prime Fae, she was regarded as the embodiment of the Morning Star.

April  –  Ataranime  –  From the phrase, Atara nie, meaning “Mother’s Weeping,” this month is named for the month long tears shed by Danu. In an age long past, the war between the Sylvan and the Sidhe brought about the extinction of both races. The death of the Sylvan, Danu’s first children within the many worlds of the cosmos, brought Danu intense sorrow and grief.

May  –  Anorime  –  Anorious was one of the Fae children of Danu and Ignis, and is regarded as one of the Fae spirits over the Dawn and Birth. It is during this month, after Danu’s month long lament, that her tears, and the magic released into the cosmos from the death of the Sylvan, that the Elven race was born. And with them, Danu let new flowers and trees and other plant-life blossom to welcome them into the worlds of the cosmos.

June  –  Ohtarime  –  Ohtaer was one of the Fae children of Ignis and Ventanis and is regarded by some to be the ‘god of war.’ His symbol is a forge fire with bellows blowing.

July  –  Nominime  –  Nominmele was one of the Fae children of  Danu and Seraphim, and is regarded as a spirit of passion and wisdom.

August  –  Hyandime  –  This month was named for Hyandur Silverleaf who, during this month many years ago, reunited the different sub-species of Elves into a singular nation long after the Grey Elf Empire crumbled at the hands of the demon-possessed Dradar (Half-Dragon).

September  –  Raenime  –  Raenir ael’Sylvere was the first Emperor of the Grey Elf Empire. During this month, many years ago, he was responsible for pushing the Orcs off the sub-continent of Silveria for the first time, chasing them to the continent of Telluria.

October  –  Wendime  –  Wendelin is one of the Fae children of Danu and Terranis and is regarded as the spirit of fertility and growth.

November  –  Viresime  –  Viresse is one of the Fae children of Terranis and Ventanis and is regarded as the spirit of the hearth fire and harvest.

December  –  Losime  –  Losien is one of the Fae children of Aquanis and Thanatos and is regarded as the spirit of winter’s early frost.

January  –  Mirilime  –  Mirilien is one of the Fae children of Aquanis and Seraphim and is regarded as the spirit of winter’s replenishment of the soil for next year’s crops.

February  –  Ilmenime  –  Ilmenie was one of the Fae children of Danu and Thanatos. Ilmenie was a female Fae that was regarded as one of the many Fae that made up the stars, or created the stars. Though still below the Prime Fae, she was regarded as the embodiment of the Evening Star.

Elven Holidays, with dates from the previously mentioned calendar.

Dawn of the Morning Star – (Eldarime 1st-7th) Celebration of the new year. (Eldarime, however, corresponds with the month of March, as the end of winter and the beginning of spring.) Crop planting begins.

Rin tel’fealant – (To remember the spirit’s fall) A day of remembrance, with festivities, held to pay respect to the fallen Sylvan and offer condolences and love to the Prime Fae Danu. (Ataranime 14th)

Niireyave – (Tear’s End) The shed tears of Danu, the mother-of-all, brings forth the birth of the Elves. This festival rings out the joy that came from the end of Danu’s sorrow. (Communities celebrate all throughout the month, but its technical observance is Anorime, 16th-30th)

Sylvan Vineleaf Festival – (Ohtarime, 23rd-30th) The first seeds come to maturity early in the summer in the warm forests near to Demeteria’s equator on the continent of Verdania. A festival is held to honor the first crop to come in the year, and to share in the sweet wines made in the Vineyards of the western Sylvan Wood.

Lindanaur – (Nominime 8th-22nd) Meaning “Song of Fire,” Lindanaur is a two-week celebration of mid-summer. In origin, it celebrated the end of conflicts between the Gray Elves and the Dradar, even though their demonic corruption destroyed the Empire years later.

Sea Scout Games – (Hyandime 8th-14th) A week-long tournament of beach and sea-faring contests started by the Sea Elves. Since its inception, it has extended invitations to the other Elves as well as other races abroad.

Unification Day – (Hyandime 17th) The official date Hyandur Silverleaf finished negotiations and efforts with the various Elven races and formed the United Elven Nation that exists today.

Dawn of the Evening Star – (Raenime 1st-7th) Celebration of the mid-year. It is at this time that memory is given to the end of things; memorials decorated with the samples of the year’s flowers as the years final crops are brought in to store for the winter ahead.

Founding Day – (Raenime 9th) Long-since out of observation, this was the day that Raenir ael’Sylvere declared the Gray Elf Nation an empire, after the final battle that chased the Orcs to Telluria.

Duskpine Vineleaf Festival – (Raenime 23rd-30th) The second seeds come to maturity in the late summer and early autumn in the colder forests in the south of Verdania. A festival is held to honor the second crop of the year and to share in the wine made of their fruits. Not as sweet as those of the Sylvan Wood forest vineyards, but still sweeter than anything the Dwarves or Humans make.

Frostfield Vineleaf Festival – (Losime 8th-14th) Though a smaller celebration at first, with materials coming from the northern Dwarven mountains, after the discovery of the Snow Elves a boost in the celebration created this new festival. It is held to celebrate the growth of crops that grow better in the colder climates and colder months of the year. Planted at the beginning of autumn and picked in the early to middle winter, the wines and fruits this crop bears tend to be perpetually cold and refreshing.

After making a calendar, days of the week, and holidays for the elves, I was in a kick for searching through and coming up with elvish words for things. So I came up with the names of the elves in Elvish. o.o

Shaelea – Sea Elves
Ornlea – Forest Elves
Nandalea – Marsh Elves
Fauglea – Desert Elves
Coralea – High Elves
Mithlea – Gray Elves
Losalea – Snow Elves
Hostarlea – Jungle Elves
Rhovalea – Wild Elves
Nos’templea – The Sylvan (according to the High Elves)
Sylvelea – The Elves (according to the Gray Elves)

After I did that, inspired from watching the first season of Game of Thrones, I came up with some terms for the society of the newly added Wild Elves sect.

khila – follower (general citizens)
tuar – servant (craftsmen)
osta – defender (soldiers)
Khilasa – title, one of the circle of advisors to the Calarim.
Khilwen – wife of the Khilasa.
Tuarasa – title, one of the circle of advisors to the Calarim.
Tuarwen – wife of the Tuarasa.
Ostarasa – title, one of the circle of advisors to the Calarim.
Ostarwen – wife of the Ostarasa.
Calarim – title, Chief/Leader
Calarwen – title, Lead Lady/wife of the Calarim

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Repeating History & Wattpad

I have started posting my story on another site as well, called Wattpad. Mindy, the same person who got me to try out Nanowrimo, told me about it, and I’ve been enjoying it. I met someone on there that was able to make a cover for this story, and so that’s featured on there with the story as well. I haven’t posted up all the chapters there that I have here, but that will be finished in time.

As of right now, I have multiple things going on. I’m working on the final chapters of Repeating History, which details the battle around Havenshire. At the same time I have started writing up the back story, in character narrative form, for the character I have role-played for the longest time. From Rhy’Din rp in the old AOL days(’93-’98) up through to his adaptation into Anita Blake setting, and World of Warcraft setting.(’07-’12). Check it out if you like, I’ll post here as well in time, perhaps, but it is still very much a work in progress, more so than Repeating History.

I haven’t posted much here in a while for Repeating History due to an issue I seem to have commonly. I am having troubles coming up with chapter titles for the last few chapters, and when that eludes me, my mind is distracted from the actual writing, and I cannot concentrate on it. It’s just how I am, I need a title, or else I do not know where to begin or end a chapter. So unfortunately, till I figure that out, chapters 42-45 will not be posted up on either site.



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AC, the heat, and writing

So, for the past couple weeks, the temperature where I live has been ranging from 90 to 100. At this time, of course, because the gods of Kharma hate me, my AC has been failing. As of yesterday, I have had a maintenance person over for the third time. The first time he said simply that the filters were too dirty, and were blocking the air flow. He put in new filters, and left. This did not even solve the problem for a few hours, much less a day. So, he came back the next day, and this time, put in a new thermostat. This solved the problem for about two or three days, before the AC started malfunctioning again. The third time, a new person from the company came by, and actually spent some time trying to work on the problem. He spent about 2 hours at the house, instead of the needed amount of time to do what he thought would fix the problem. In fact, he actually said “I am not leaving till I can confirm there is nothing more I can do.” Amazing ‘eh? Well, he pumped up the Freon, and monitored it’s level for at least an hour before leaving. His conclusion is that there is a small leak, somewhere, causing the lack of Freon to shut the fan down in the attic when it got too hot. What he cannot confirm though is how slow the leak is. Was it so slow that it took 5 years (coil was replaced back in 2007) to drop the Freon level to the point it was at now and caused the fan to shut down, or did the leak only develop recently, and shut the AC down between June and now?

The past two nights I was in a hotel, because after the second ‘fix’ didn’t work, it became hotter in the house than it was outside. Beautifully cool and relaxing in the hotel, though the bed was horrendous, and I got no sleep the past two days. Probably would not have been able to sleep at home either though.

All things considered, I did some writing on chapters 38 and 39 while in the hotel, got a big chunk of it done, but I might re-write a lot of it, because I do not believe I was thinking all that well, given the lack of sleep in the hotel, and the AC issues at home. Got 38 posted on Saturday, just as I was in the hotel, and I am satisfied with it, but 39 is still looking a bit wonky. It is still unfinished though, so that is alright. However, I am home now, and the week’s forecast provides a break in the heat, bringing temps down to 80 to 85 in the next week or so. Perhaps after I have had some actual sleep, I can revisit chapter 39, and get it finished.

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The past few weeks

So yea, it took me a while to get chapter 37 posted, because I sat there staring for the longest time at the end of a scene, unsure of how to progress from there to the end of the chapter, to connect it to what I have in my mind for the next scenes.  However, it is figured out now, written out and posted. It took me the longest time though, and I would just like to take this time to raise my fist to the air and shake it at the damned Mr. Writer’s Block.

It is cleared now, I hope though, and I shall get started on chapter 38 as soon as possible. I have an ending to this portion of the story in sight, and I think I shall have such finished in the next few chapters, so around 45 chapters in the end, maybe. Somewhere around there. Then I can move on to the next story, and start writing down the other ideas I have, before I forget them.

To those that are following, feel free to comment here as to what you feel on what you have read so far. I do not care where the comments are left, in fact, they can be in response to individual chapters if you like, but I am curious to hear what people think so I can eventually get to finalizing the story from a rough draft point of view to a final draft and get it ready for possible publication.

Anyway, later all, have a nice day.

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The end is near

Repeating History is coming to a close. I am not sure how many chapters it will end up being, but currently, I am working on chapter 37. Unfortunately, I am at a bit of a bind, held up at the end of one scene, where I wonder how to proceed from there. I hope to get out of this bind soon though, for in November, I wish to begin working on The Face of Evil which will take a closer look at the Yami character and his past. Whether it reveals any further activity with the character or not, I shall not reveal at this time.

I shall be working on random scenes from chapter 37 to the end of the tale, and seeking out how to bridge these scenes, and hopefully have this stuff posted soon. But in the mean time, all you followers and likers, please let me know what you think. Be as descriptive as you wish with what you think of the story so far, I am eager for some feedback, so I can begin working on the second draft, and finalizing this story so it can be ready for an attempt at publication. Just comment below, and let me know.

I also already have plans for the story following The Face of Evil, though I have not yet come up with a title. That too is far in the future, and yet, I hope to be working on it for Nanowrimo 2013. It shall focus more so on the Elves than on the Humans as is the case in Repeating History.

Well, that is all for now, I go back to doing some brainstorming, and RPing a little in WoW to try and get the juices flowing.

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Finishing the tale

So, yesterday I posted chapters 34 and 35 of Repeating History. I have added things in between chapters since November, but with the posting of chapter 35 I have finished posting all I had written back in November during the Nanowrimo challenge. So, now I return to writing whole chapters again, and push to bring the story to an end. I know how I wish to bring Repeating History to a conclusion, I just need to figure out how to bridge it to that end. I am half-way finished with chapter 36 at the moment, but have also managed to finish putting together a new version of the map for the world in my story. I am still not completely satisfied with how it came out, but it is at least better than the original attempt. I need to find a way to test out some other programs to see if I can do better at all. Until then, here are the divided files of the map of the Continent of Verdania.

As one can see, the second image is at a different scale then the top and bottom one, it is a larger area in the end, so even with this better version of the map, there is still an error and something needing to be fixed. However, there is also more to the world. There are some islands off to the east of the Duskpine Forests. This area has not been explored in Repeating History but shall be explored in another tale of the Segregation Eras series. There will also be other worlds discussed in future stories, but I won’t discuss that in any depth as I prefer to keep it as a surprise for the readers. However, do look forward to another map posted sometime soon, to display the little area to the east of the Duskpine Forests.

Anyway, I hope to have Chapter 36 posted tomorrow, as I have spent much of this day, and the rest of it will be as well, on finishing it. After that, keep an eye out for all new content to the Repeating History tale. It will be a little more slowly posted since it shall be written from scratch from here on out. Wish me luck!


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