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Elven Classification

In Demeteria, and abroad.

I’ve given a bit of info regarding the history of the Elves. And, the history is the same, in the base points, for all worlds within the cosmos of my writing. But, looking between Dorian’s world and Alek’s world, I can’t help but notice a large difference but with no real explanation as to why.

In Demeteria, the Elves thrived and built an empire that rose against the Orcs, fought the Dradar, and crumbled against a demon, then was rebuilt as a Nation, and has been allied with Humans and Dwarves in the past and shall do so again in the near future. In Arvandor, the Elves are either in hiding or in very few numbers, for they are not seen in any large quantities throughout the land and the story. What happened? Why are they so few? This could also play into the why so many people believe that the world of Arvandor is made up of one continent only to be proven wrong at a later time when Li shows up and the events around “Power & Bliss” occur.

Another tidbit of this that has been bugging me is, what sort of elf would those in Arvandor be? There are seas, forests, marshes, deserts, but… Dorian was not born in any march, though he resembles a Marsh Elf from Demeteria. He lives just outside of the Aldeon forest, but he was not born there either. Part of things I wondered about previously was ‘new’ sects of elves, not of the major ‘denominations’ due to different areas in different worlds, or perhaps, cross breeds of others. There isn’t much I can think of, regarding anew unused land features to use for a new sect of Elf, but what if Dorian were the result of a cross breeding between Forest and Marsh elves in the lands of Arvandor? And what became of them all? We know then that the Cavanagh and Blackwood families are elves as well, but what about other Elven families?

I’ve even come up with ideas for Snow and Wild elves, since the whole idea originated for these stories, and they’re again in the Demeteria world, and not in Arvandor. Or perhaps, in Arvandor, one of the other continents they eventually discover is an arctic continent where the Snow Elves reside, and perhaps, various forms of other Elves have taken shelter there, turning them all into part-Snow Elf hybrids. Even if that ends up being the case, there’s still the original point from this post — why? What happened to cause the difference in Elven survival between the two worlds. There’s no evidence of any conflict with other continents, since knowledge of these other continents passed from memory; the rise of the Arvandoran Empire did not have huge conflicts with Elves, as this was after the apparent drop in Elven numbers; and there is nothing, yet, to explain anything that might have chased Elves away to another continent.

On top of which, there’s no mention of the other various races in Arvandor as there is in Demeteria. Where’s the Dradar? Orcs? Trolls? Dwarves? A lot to think about.


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Elves, Elves, Everywhere!

Lately, I have been noticing a web search on “elven culture” linking to another page of mine. Now, I do not know how genuine it is, because I did the search myself and I went through 15 pages of results on google without finding my own page and so gave up. I seriously do not see people going through 15+ pages of results, not finding what they want (i.e. stumbling upon my page) without revising their keywords. And so, I started thinking. As those who know me will figure out, my thoughts travel in nonsensical patterns and I decided to do a bit of writing on Elven Culture again. Now, this is where my two series of story intertwine, as I have stated in previous posts. The stories of Aleksander Zachery (Repeating History) and Dorian Blackwood (What Lies Between…) are in entirely different worlds, or planets. However, they exist within the same universe. Even though neither tale is any way tied to Science Fiction (…yet) I do stress planets, simply to make it clear that their environs are not separate continents in the same world. Arvandor and Demeteria are different planets within the same cosmos.

Anyway, delays aside… I made a post titled “Elven Nation Culture” where I discussed, specifically, the elves of Demeteria. However, the deities that created Demeteria are the same that created Arvandor. I feel, since the same things occurred (regarding the Sylvan) in Demeteria as in Arvandor, then there would be similarities between the species of Elf that Dorian gets classified under and the species of Elf that the Silverleaf, Dusksinger, Sunstorm, etc. families get classified under. Not to say that Dorian would be a Marsh Elf (since he has physical similarities to that of Dinaer Dusksinger and other of the Marsh Elf sect) but that he would have at the very least, some similarities there-in. Afterall, “Aldeon” is the name given to the forests of Higashi due to the color of their leaves. Aldeon is an Elvish word that means “Ever-Autumn;” this is the same dialect of Elvish spoken by the Forest Elves in the Sylvan Woods, Verdania of the Demeterian world. Dorian was born neither in a forest nor a marsh, but the town he lives in is very close to both types of land-mass within the continent of Arvandor. Who is to say which species he is? To be honest, I never really dwelt on a specific sub-species of Elf that he would be classified under. But, in these thoughts of Elven Culture that were brought about by the origin of this post’s creation, I cannot help but feel I now should.

However, just because Arvandor and Demeteria are of the same universe, does not mean that he gets classified by the same sub-species. Not every world would be exactly alike, that is proven simply in the layout of the terrain in both worlds. So, how does Dorian get classified? Despite the idea that the classifications would not be viewed similarly in each world, I cannot help but say that Dorian would not be a wood elf/forest elf because of, perhaps, my love for Tolkein. Dorian looks nothing like Legolas’ style of Mirkwood Elves, nor does he look like Celeborn & Galadriel, the Loth’Lorian style of Elf. Rather, Dorian is more alike Elrond and Arwen. Shorter hair, of course, but still… darker colored eyes and hair, and tanned skin from not having barrier of tree branches over-head. But which is it that made Elrond different? Being Half-Elven or being Half-Maiar? Obviously, the Maiar do not exist within my story and Dorian is not Half-Elven. Anyway, that’s a matter of thought for another time. Either way, Dorian is not Forest Elf or Marsh Elf, alike those in my other series. Nor is he very much in tune with his Elven lineage, for his family did not seem very much attuned with it in the same manners as was found in Tolkein’s work or in Repeating History. The Cavanagh family show a very dark demeanor, and being snakes, perhaps they could be classified as Marsh Elves. As for the Blackwood family, they could very well be considered Forest Elves, but perhaps an example of a sub-sect within the sect? Blackwood; perhaps they lived in a small forest that bordered the marsh, where darker wood trees were found, rather than being from Aldeon itself. In which case, Dorian would be half-Marsh Elf, half-Forest Elf. Making him something unique and without a name of its own. That seems fitting to me.

The Cavanagh and the Blackwood are not the only elves in the story, and I never explored what the others of the Nightmist were. In Rhy’din, in AOL RP, there were many things they were, and that was the splendor while at the same time the curse of being a Rhy’din RPer. Freedom to do as you wish is great, but often times, people do go overboard. Myself included. And to be honest, it was 20 years ago, so I do not recall every detail from back then. So, was Rosa an elf as well? If so which sect? Kain? Vayne? Garr? etc. That will take some time to piece together. To push towards the point where I eventually unite the two series together, I would say that Vayne at least is an elf as well. I am sure there are a few people titillated by the idea of an Elven Vampire. Perhaps even a few that dislike the idea. But, these are my ideas, and the paths my mind takes. I told you I was crazy.

I do not have an area of frigid temperatures in the Arvandor world, yet. I have not defined any such creature as living in such an area, and so, that would mean that Ice Elves do not exist in Arvandor as they do in Demeteria. This does not mean that they cannot, as I have not really mapped out the whole of that world. It may come about in times, and who knows, maybe in time, I will come up with ideas to feature other types of Elves than are listed in the Demeteria world. Though, to be honest, I cannot think of anything else that would seem appropriate at the time. Unlike Elder Scrolls, I cannot feasibly think of creating  an Elven race that lives within the earth. That’s Dwarven territory and I do prefer to keep Dwarves and Elves as separate species/races.

However, while I cannot think of any other sect of elf, in regards to what I already have, I do kind of have ideas stemming from what was stated earlier. If Dorian is half Marsh Elf and half Forest Elf, what if I were to change Forest Elf to Wood Elf (hopefully not stepping on TES’s toes…) and then take into consideration the idea of sub sects. Since Dorian’s split lineage marks him from a forest nearby a marsh, what if within the categorization of Wood Elf there was then Pine Elf and Oak Elf etc. defining the type of wood or forested region they came from? And so on, try to do the same for the other categories as well. Such as River Elf being a cross between a Sea Elf and a Jungle Elf? Something more to think on.

Much to think on, so while I do that, I shall end the post here for now. Hope this equated to something more than textual rambling. =P

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Origins of the Nightmist

Not really sure that I remember how much detail I went into in past; not much I do not think. Since I mentioned in my previous post about explaining more about the other members of the Nightmist in “Power & Bliss” I thought I would post a little here as well, to show what is in store. I do not go very much in detail with their individual backgrounds, as that has little bearing on “Power & Bliss” specifically, so here we go.

Kain Nightmist is the founder of the clan. As said before, the Nightmist Family is not a family related by blood, but instead, a family related by their experiences and tribulations. Kain’s father was a soldier, and Kain’s mother was (as the norm in the continuity of the story) a housekeeper. However, both were killed in a battle during the rise of the Arvandorian Empire. This left Kain an orphan and he was moved to an orphanage. However, he grew to age in the orphanage, never being brought into a new household. He had a brother, named Garr. This is the only true blood relation among the Nightmist. Garr was one year younger than Kain, and when Kain was allowed to leave the orphanage due to coming into adulthood, he brought Garr with him, and went off on their own. During and after the war, there were many groups that opposed the Arvandorian Empire, and since none could do much alone, they formed an alliance to oppose the Empire. However, this Alliance did not get very far over the years, even united. Kain would have supported them, except that he did not see enough differences between the two groups to truly say the Alliance would be able to institute a better system of government throughout Arvandor. This, Kain and Garr initiated the Nightmist Clan, to simply help out those in need, regardless of what government was in control. They had little teaching in the form of acquiring a trade skill, so Kain endeavored to thievery and smuggling. He got weapons and supplies to the Alliance against the Empire just as readily as he moved things throughout the land for the Empire itself. So long as it got them money and the ability to survive, he did not care who the job came from. Of course, this did not mean that Kain and Garr were without scruples. Everyone has their pet peeves, hangups, and fears.

As I have stated in posts about Dorian directly, his chiefest hangup, the one thing he absolutely will not stand for, is the theft of one’s free will. This same hangup is what drew Dorian and Kain to be friends. However, Dorian was not the first to be brought into this newly formed Nightmist Clan/Family. There were many to meet and get to know when Dorian came onto the scene. First of all, there was Rosalinde Nightmist. Like his sister, Rosalinde had been raped when she was younger. While Raina suffered such at the hands of her older brother, Mathias, Rosalinde suffered such at the hands of her father. Unlike Dorian, who killed his own father and brothers, Rosalinde did not. Instead, in a fit of rage, she struck him in the head, and fled her home. She did not go to an orphanage, like Kain, and instead, wandered the streets until she crossed paths with Kain. Kain and Garr took her in, and showed her the love of a family that would never due such things to her. This is what drew Dorian, initially, to Rosalinde. Dorian idolized his sister whom had suffered a similar fate, and so he felt compelled to protect her as he did his sister. From there, it grew to something more. Something astoundingly confusing, but something more nonetheless.

Vayne is the oldest of the crew, of course, being a vampire (though there are other vampires that serve him directly as fellow members of the Nightmist Clan). He is the eldest among his kin who formed a group prior to their union with the Nightmist. He was nicknamed the Black Rose and the living servants that protected him when he was forced to slumber during the day, were called the Black Thorns. Ironically enough, or perhaps simply from a lack of imagination, the person in charge of such protective group was called Thorn. All people had nicknames in their group, to hide their true identities from the Empire or anyone else that opposed them. This tactic was adopted by the Nightmist as well after their union. Kain took the name Knight, Garr took the name Squire, Rosalinde took the name Ivy, and Dorian had many names already from which to choose. Little is known, even among the Nightmist, of Vayne’s life before he was a Vampire, but of what is known, he was turned into a vampire unwillingly, and was not looked after by the one that turned him. He was supposedly hunted by everyone living and undead for some time, before his story could be heard. Even then, it was apparently distrust that followed him. He took it upon himself to shelter vampires of like kind and protect them from the underworld’s menace that would no doubt hunt them down as well.

Raina has not been admitted as a member of the Nightmist Clan, however, with the events that transpire in “Power & Bliss” I forsee it as happening soon. Thus, I have no nickname for her at the moment, though I suppose that Dorian will simply default on the name he gave her when they were still young and dodging the criminal organizations in Kadmos. And then there is also Li Shaoshen, who has not been added to the group as a whole. I am not sure whether or not I shall, or if he’ll even be much of a featured character in the tales unless directly related to Dorian. That will be decided in time.

I am also working on some short stories that I see taking place before and after “Power & Bliss” and there are three newer additions to the Clan amidst these short stories. I cannot give back story on them, as that actually would spoil the short stories at this time. Let us simply say it once more ties in to the unified hangup amidst the various members of the Clan, and that their names are Nibiko, Salera, and Zsa’da. They will not be the last either, I have many others in mind, and I shan’t even mention their names, for their stories are a build up from what is already in the works. (Accurse these plentiful ideas that keep me from finishing a single project in a timely manner!)

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Long Time coming

An update!

I believe I mentioned a while back how Dorian poked a hole in my plot in some dialog while I was writing back in November and that kept me from my ultimate goal of trying to reach 100,000 words during nanowrimo. Well, I was far from 100,000 words, but that aside, I have not shoved this story aside completely. I’ve been working on plugging that hole, but also on fleshing out some of the scenes in what I had written, so that it wasn’t as skimp. Perhaps it’s just personal nitpicking, but the chapters were too short in my POV. Anyway. I’ve gotten through a few chapters, as well as came up with an answer for that annoying question Dorian asked.

I hope to have the chapters posted on wattpad revised soon to fit all the changes I’ve done, but I will not simply leave it at that. If it doesn’t happen soon then oh well, but I want to keep the revisions held back till I have the whole story (though it is still only a rough draft) available to be put up together.

The fleshing out I have done includes: A bit more description of characters and scenery in the individual scenes, and a bit more detail about Dorian’s crew, the Nightmist Clan. I felt in the original writing I did not have much told about Kain, Vayne, and the others. On top of that, I even included some other members of the group along with information about them individually so that their “familial” relations could be better reflected upon. I have also dabbled with the idea of some short story ideas about the Nightmist that might precede or follow “Power & Bliss”. These ideas have come to me while playing these characters in SWTOR. I just have to amend for the right continuity.

I shall decide on that in time, though, so until then, good day all!

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Nano ’13 & Dorian

I have pretty much reasoned out that if I write anything related and yet unrelated to Aleksander Zachery and Repeating History this upcoming Nanowrimo, it would be about my other main character, Dorian. So, I thought I’d so somewhat of a Character Spotlight, and share a little bit about him before I do write about him. Granted, Nanowrimo is still a month away, but why not start now. I also hope to get back into writing this blog, and hope to get more regular with posting. I am by no means going to claim I will write something every day, because I don’t think I could do that when I can’t even stay focused enough to write something for my hopeful novels every day. I do hope to do a day-by-day account, even in small doses, when Nano begins, however.

So, anyway, spotlight. Dorian began on AOL RP as a character named Jett Kuroi. Back in 1993, I joined the large community of RPers on AOL that did everything from fantasy fiction inspired RP in various medieval and anime themed realms to modern, sci fi, and steampunk themes. Still, there was only one world; Rhy’din. I believe Rhy’din still exists in AOL rp, but from my experience, AOL RP is far from what it used to be, so it’s not exactly something I’d try to get back into these days, even with zero cost for AOL.

His name has changed over the years, when I adapted him to many different things, which seems to be a pattern I follow with most of my characters. I play them in many different places/games, and their story, name, and other info gets changed slightly to fit the continuity. In the end,  I’ve basically joined these different continuities into one story, as it still fits with the theme of Rhy’din being an open world with various different levels of technology and themes. In the end, his backstory has become this…

He was born Dorian Blackwood, in a small village within the region known as Kadmos. He was the 5th of 5 children born to Liam Blackwood and Jillian Cavanagh. Jillian died in childbirth, leaving Dorian without a mother. Liam, however, became bitter and blamed Dorian for Jillian’s death. All through Dorian’s life with his father, he was treated like trash, called ‘killer’ and was abused verbally and physically in what equated to a dungeon. Dorian’s four siblings were three brothers; Mathias (12 at Dorian’s birth), Lance (9 at Dorian’s birth), Harald (7 at Dorian’s birth), and one sister; Raina (6 at Dorian’s birth). Raina was the only sibling who treated Dorian well, and did her best to fill in the role of mother by watching after him, feeding him with a bottle, and so on. Without Raina, Dorian would never have survived, for their father refused even to feed him. Because of this, as well as some pre-existing reasons, Raina too was treated poorly by the family. This included whipping, beatings, verbal belittling, and a culmination in rape when she was 14 years old. At this time, Dorian was 8, and seeing his sister raped sent him over the edge. Prior to that time, he had withheld his anger, as his young age and weaker body only resulted in more beatings when he showed his anger. At the age of 8 that released anger manifested in a split personality, and he lashed out at his father and brothers. He and Raina believed he had killed them, till later, when he was 15, and she 21, when their father and brothers reemerged. This time, Dorian finished the job and killed them, but somewhere in the process, Raina disappeared.

When the split personality first made itself known, it spoke in a voice similar to Dorian’s, though deeper and more confident. Dorian, for a long while, believed this voice to belong to someone else entirely. He never saw the owner of the voice, and believed this person was shadowing Dorian throughout his life, and despite being the one to help him kill off his father and brothers, Dorian still views this ‘person’ as nothing more than someone causing him frustration and trauma. This is the cause of a lot of arguing within Dorian’s inner monologue. The voice is never spoken outwardly, only in Dorian’s head, until of course Dorian loses control to that other side of him, and his personality switches. Then, the inner monologue ceases, and the under confident Dorian merely watches as the angry side of him goes about doing whatever he pleases, regardless of who gets in his way. Due to Dorian’s belief that this split personality was really another person entirely, he gave them a name, since no other name was mentioned when asked. Thus, Dorian’s evil half became known as Jinnzou Ningen (Artificial Human).

The many different names that Dorian became known as in other games and RP, became aliases that Dorian used. Without his father and brothers, he and Raina lived a criminal’s life in order to simply survive. They would not let themselves go to an Orphanage and run the risk of being pulled apart from each other. Despite that, Raina disappeared, and even without her, Dorian had to continue living his life as a thief just to get by. He fell into other shameful things as the years passed, and in doing so he would use many aliases, to hide who he was. Thus, Jett Kuroi became one of those aliases. He also joined a crew of other degenerate people of society, many of whom were Faerie, Vampire, and Lycanthropes, among other things, and were known as the Allied Kindred Spirits of the Night, though they also chose a ‘family’ name to use to further unite their numbers into a more, seemingly loving, union. Thus, the name Nightmist was tacked on at times.

From here, Dorian’s story is progression. From the age of 15 on he is searching for his sister. I have played him in various points of his life, always in desperate but ceaselessly futile attempts to find his sister. His condition is ever tormenting him. He shifts back and forth from cold and detached to shy and nervous all the while being chided by his other half, being called weak, stupid, and useless. He chastises himself, urging on the belief that without the angry side of him, he would be dead. A kind of a mix of Hulk and Smeagol/Gollum.

Writing about him, I am unsure if I would ever let him find Raina again, as to do so would end the story, leaving not much else to tell, for I am fully confident that if he ever found Raina again, he would become quite docile and calm, and that second half of him would become quite quiet. But, that I shall explore in the future I suppose.

As for his physical appearance, he has always been a shorter than average man, which has resulted in another weight upon his confidence issues. His height has ranged, again based on continuity, but he has always been short for his species, more often then not shorter than, or as tall as, most women. At times, I’ve even put a bit of Edward Elric in him, where he would occasionally throw a fit over some over-exaggeration, mainly on his part, over how short he is. ( i.e. “My, what a shortie.” “Who are you calling a shrimp so small you could step on him and not even notice!?” “I … didn’t say that…” ) And at other times, I’ve even played him so shy in regards to women that he will simply blurt out unintended and usually self-deprecating, statements that ruin his chances with most women, but for some, wind up finding him cute for it ( c/o Jeff Murdoch – “Coupling” ). I have also written some chapters, titled What Lies Between…, on a tale regarding his past, ending (i.e. as far as I’ve written so far) with him on the search for his sister, even after some interaction with his mother’s side of the family. I do not think I’ll be re-visiting that and finishing it for Nanowrimo, but rather starting over and hopefully taking a better look at it. Also, whether or not I’ll write it as a Dorian self narrative, I am unsure of at the moment.  But there, I went off on a tangent. Again, I tend to do that. Anyway, he has had black hair most of the time, but there have been some instances where he had brown hair. In either case, it’s always been short and spiky, and to some extent looking unkempt, but never dirty. He doesn’t really care about his appearance in the way that pretty boys do, but it’s not as if he doesn’t bathe. He also has green eyes. Inspiration for him has placed him in many outfits with a Japanese theme at times, but other times it’s a simple and almost cliche medieval adventurer look.

As for his origin… Well, as I said, he came from AOL’s Rhy’din realm, and I used that for his back story a good many times, but if I am to put this to writing that may one day see publication, then I feel compelled to change the name at least. I seriously doubt anyone has any copyright privileges over Rhy’din, but I still don’t feel right claiming that as part of my creation when it existed before I even joined that community. I have dabbled with a few alternate ideas for names, and the realm of Kadmos is among those ideas for new names for the world and its inhabitants. I do not wish to reveal any of that right now, because I hope to share this story throughout November, so why spoil the surprise.

Till then…

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Repeating History & Wattpad

I have started posting my story on another site as well, called Wattpad. Mindy, the same person who got me to try out Nanowrimo, told me about it, and I’ve been enjoying it. I met someone on there that was able to make a cover for this story, and so that’s featured on there with the story as well. I haven’t posted up all the chapters there that I have here, but that will be finished in time.

As of right now, I have multiple things going on. I’m working on the final chapters of Repeating History, which details the battle around Havenshire. At the same time I have started writing up the back story, in character narrative form, for the character I have role-played for the longest time. From Rhy’Din rp in the old AOL days(’93-’98) up through to his adaptation into Anita Blake setting, and World of Warcraft setting.(’07-’12). Check it out if you like, I’ll post here as well in time, perhaps, but it is still very much a work in progress, more so than Repeating History.

I haven’t posted much here in a while for Repeating History due to an issue I seem to have commonly. I am having troubles coming up with chapter titles for the last few chapters, and when that eludes me, my mind is distracted from the actual writing, and I cannot concentrate on it. It’s just how I am, I need a title, or else I do not know where to begin or end a chapter. So unfortunately, till I figure that out, chapters 42-45 will not be posted up on either site.



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