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Nano ’13 Day 12

You may be saying “What happened to Day 11?” Well, I did not write on the 11th. For whatever reason. I never got to it, and when I thought of it, I had no idea what to write. I even struggled today to write, but I did eventually get down 3000+ words, for an average day today. But I am off my goal schedule, so I still need to pick some words, so I am still writing, and am not finished for the day, but for now, am at 37,000+ words.

I hope to get back on track, and keep up my goal of reaching 50k before my birthday. I have come to a point in the story, however, where I feel ideas will come with some more difficulty, due to the fact that I never really decided on a clear plot point beforehand. I was just so eager to write for Dorian. I have some things figured out now, but still have a little work to do, so here’s to hoping.


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Nano ’13 Day 10

Dorian’s revelation brought some conflict, and he had calmed down from it. However, with the introduction of another character there is some new conflict to work through. Poor Dorian does not get any down time. Now things are heating up, and the climax of the story may be coming sooner then I thought. I will have to post some new character spotlights soon, to give some insight to the Nightmist characters of the story. Mainly though, I need to discuss Vayne a bit, and give some insight on him, as he represents one of the vampires I had not listed in previous spotlights. I have some updating to do on the main character list here, too.

My word count is near to 34,000, and my goal is still to be finished with the 50,000 by my birthday.

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Nano ’13 Day 9

November 9th is here, and so far, I have continued to follow the pace I set in the first three days of Nano. After reaching 10,000 words by November 3rd, I followed up my inability to write on the 5th, and wrote 7,000 words on the 6th, to reach my 20,000 goal, and now, I have hit 30,000 on the dot on the 9th.  So here we go! By the 12th, I shall shoot for 40,000, and by the 15th, 50,000. My birthday is on the 16th, if this pace keeps up I should have about 53,000 words by the end of my birthday.

I am not setting this as goals, per say however, because I have not once really been writing with a number of words in mind, but I have just been writing what comes to me. In the back of my mind, I have hoped to reach certain numbers at certain points, as I pointed out above, but really, I have just been enjoying the story. Dorian is a character I love, and it is with giddyness that I have given Dorian a SHOCKER of an experience at the end of these 30,000 words and the chapter they finished. What happens next!? How will Dorian respond to this news!? EHRMAGHERD! Let’s find out. =)


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Nano ’13 Day 7 and 8

I forgot to post yesterday, but to be honest there is not much to say. I had a great day yesterday, but today has not been very productive. What I have written I’m not entirely pleased with, and I might start the chapter all over, because of how displeased I am. I know what people will say to. Don’t delete! This is Nano! Just write! Well, that won’t work. If I leave it in, it will continue to bother me, and I’ll be distracted from writing something new. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll delete the whole thing, or just certain parts of it, and rewrite it, but I know I am displeased with how the scene is. Perhaps it is just the being stumped at this point in the scene that is bothering me, but time will tell. I just hope it doesn’t hinder me tomorrow at the write-ins.

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Nano ’13 Day 6

Well, I slept a great deal last night, worked all day, and had no time to write, but now today, I made up for it. I got just over 7,000 words down today and my fingers hurt, but at least now, I’m just over 20,000 total. I am still forecasted on the site to finish by the 15th. I still think I’ll peter out and slow down a bit, but I have no doubts I’ll finish my 50k early. Now, I just wonder how much more than 50 I’ll have in the end. Let’s see, should I try and set a goal? Aim for 60,000? 70,000? Now I feel like I’m getting arrogant, but it is an amusing and humorous idea to dabble with.

However, I will say, my forecast for having vampires in chapter 6 got postponed as some ideas swelled up. So, vampires will appear soon, but it has not happened yet. Soon! I promise! (it kind of ruins the plot if I don’t, so I promise!)


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Nano ’13 Day 5

It is actually now Day 6, but due to the elections on the 5th, I came home around 9:30-10:00, and exhausted. After unsexily stripping, I collapsed in bed, and just fell asleep. So, suffice to say, as I imagined, I got no writing done for the 5th, and shall have to buckle into gear on the 6th : today.

I did have some free time to think on how I was going to progress from the last point, so I hope to have little distractions from the writing for the next few days. Wish me luck.

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Nano ’13 Day 4

I did manage to get some writing down today, and am now at roughly 13,000 words. I am not going to be able to write tomorrow, while I’m at the polls. I will try to get something down though once I’m home, but since that will not be till late at night, I do not forsee much of it getting done. Either way, once the days is over, I will be back on a normal schedule, and between the weekend write-ins, and normal writing at home, I hope to be finished with the 50,000 goal by my birthday. I still hold that it is not likely to happen, but I will try none the less. And no matter if I do get to 50,000 words by then or not, I will still attempt to keep writing till the end of November, and get as much of the story down as I can.

Here’s to hoping. I will not be able to get the finished chapters that have not been posted yet up till I have some free time to do so. When I hit a block or something, I’ll re-read, to check the spelling and such, and try to get my mind back on track. =P I am at a point thought that I shall begin to introduce some of the vampires to the story, so when you see chapter 6 up, expect to see blood suckers!

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