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Nano and WDC

Nanowrimo is around the corner, and I shall indeed be taking part again. Not sure exactly what I’m going to work on this time, but, I would like to take the time to expound upon my recent endeavors towards urging my writing along.

I signed up on Writing.com a year ago, but never really looked at it beyond the first few visits. I forget what caused me to drift from it, but I did. Recently, I looked back, and got involved with a group on the site called World In Progress. They have these little courses designed to help a writer work on their characters, world, and other related topics towards strengthening their writing’s background. i.e. all that unwritten stuff that pretty much just exists in the writer’s head so they can write the story itself and make it more believable.

Well, I took their Character Creative, Timeline Technique, and Wonders of World Building classes. I’m going to look into the Ethnicity as well, just for the hell of it, but the point I wanted to make was…. I ventured away from using Fractal Mapper, and other programs, and looked into a video about building a map on Photoshop. I don’t have photoshop, but used gimp, and used what is available there to emulate what was done with the video, and I think I like how it came out there MUCH more than how it came out in the other programs. Not only did I make Verdania look better than on previous images, but I mapped out the other continents of the world of Demeteria, and am in the process of working on Arvandor as well. So, here we are, my map of Demeteria’s land masses.







My only dislike for this image, is the lack of ability to zoom in on specific regions of the map and put in more detail. It only comes up with a blurred, larger form of the area when I zoom in, even while I was working on it. So, even though I like how this turned out, I am still thinking of trying again if I ever get Campaign Cartographer 3.

This was not all I worked on, I made character sheets for a couple characters, and will continue to do others for other characters, but more importantly, I started work on a time line. I’ve hit a snag around the year 640, for the kingdom of Haven, not liking how I haven’t reached the year 1000 yet, and have already gotten certain events into the timeline. I’m going to switch my focus to the Elves, and work on their portion of the timeline, and see if I can stretch things out so that it at least exceeds 1,000 years, because I do have bits in the story already that refer to an event having happened 1,000 years ago, so the timeline won’t be complete anytime soon, but it is at least started and I’m working on it, which I had no idea how to start prior to this class. All thanks to Minara, GoldenAmber, and Robyn Sparks, the teachers & leaders of this group on Writing.Com.

My name on Writing.Com is the same as my Nano name, in case anyone wants to check me out: VerdaniaMan.

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Long Time coming

An update!

I believe I mentioned a while back how Dorian poked a hole in my plot in some dialog while I was writing back in November and that kept me from my ultimate goal of trying to reach 100,000 words during nanowrimo. Well, I was far from 100,000 words, but that aside, I have not shoved this story aside completely. I’ve been working on plugging that hole, but also on fleshing out some of the scenes in what I had written, so that it wasn’t as skimp. Perhaps it’s just personal nitpicking, but the chapters were too short in my POV. Anyway. I’ve gotten through a few chapters, as well as came up with an answer for that annoying question Dorian asked.

I hope to have the chapters posted on wattpad revised soon to fit all the changes I’ve done, but I will not simply leave it at that. If it doesn’t happen soon then oh well, but I want to keep the revisions held back till I have the whole story (though it is still only a rough draft) available to be put up together.

The fleshing out I have done includes: A bit more description of characters and scenery in the individual scenes, and a bit more detail about Dorian’s crew, the Nightmist Clan. I felt in the original writing I did not have much told about Kain, Vayne, and the others. On top of that, I even included some other members of the group along with information about them individually so that their “familial” relations could be better reflected upon. I have also dabbled with the idea of some short story ideas about the Nightmist that might precede or follow “Power & Bliss”. These ideas have come to me while playing these characters in SWTOR. I just have to amend for the right continuity.

I shall decide on that in time, though, so until then, good day all!

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The Future of the Blackwood family

In World of Warcraft, Dorian had a son. Now, while there were some differences between the Dorian Dawnmist in WoW and the Dorian Nightmist in what I wrote this past November, there is also plenty of similarity. Obviously, the mother is not the same person.

I have randomly begun thinking though of Dorian having a son. What would the relationship be like?

Dorian has big issues when it comes to things like family. In fact, he even hates the term ‘family’ because of his own feelings about his father and brothers. However, would things be different if he were the father? Part of him would wonder if he would turn evil, because of how his father treated him and his becoming a father. However, another part of him is devoutly focused on never being anything like his own father. However, he is still a criminal; dependent on thieving and things of the sort in order to survive.

He has no qualms nor regrets for doing what he had to do in order to get by. He wanted to survive, and therefore, thieved, killed, and many other criminal things, simply for the capability it presented to survival. But he would not want anyone to have to do this. In fact, he has always hoped to find some means to support himself and his sister so that they would not have to resort to such things. Who wants the Arvandorian Empire on his/her ass all his/her life? He would seek to do the same for a son, if he ever had one. He would not want his son, or his daughter whichever the case may be, to grow up having to commit crimes to get by. He has no qualms with doing what he has done, but he did not have a choice. It was thieve or die in a gutter. He would have no plans to abandon or abuse his own children, and therefore, would wish to provide for them. The usual parental mentality; “I want my kids to have all the things I could not have growing up.” However, Dorian does not possess the means to supply his own kids with such things as he still is dependent on criminal activity to get by. Even with the support of the Kindred and the Nightmist, he is still knee-deep in criminal acts in order to survive. They all have their problems, and they support each other, so they are one big family, but no one has the money to support themselves. All jobs bring in money that is used to support everyone.

I do not have a name in mind yet, because Kalline was only a fitting name for Dorian’s son considering related RP going on in WoW. Since both the mother and people Dorian is interacting with in the world of Arvandor are different, then a son’s name would be different too. Since this story is also based in part on RP that took place in AOL decades ago, I also cannot remember the name of his son back then, which merely puts further damper on involving a son in anything in the future.

As a general rundown, however, I see Dorian’s son being given, in time, the two relics of Dorian’s heritage. This would make his son the third of three people possessing their secrets and power, and could make for some interesting story about the son specifically. I see a relationship between Dorian and his son as one of conflict. While Dorian would never treat his son poorly, and do his best to try and lead his son to a respectable profession rather than to the life of a criminal, Dorian’s son might see something in that criminal underworld that might net more money and for less work. He would see that as a more lucrative and more desirable plan of action, and would get into arguments that seem very … mafia-esque, “Analyze This” similar. (in case you did not see, or do not remember, Robert De Niro plays Paul Vitti, a modern times mafioso in NYC who is having psychological trauma over unresolved issues with his father who tried to lead Paul to a better life, and keep him out of the business. As a child Paul witnessed the hitmen approaching them while out at dinner, and did not say anything. Thus, deep inside, Paul feels responsible for his own father’s death.) I’m not saying I am fantasizing about a situation in which I kill off Dorian, because I do not know that I could do that. I love writing about Dorian too much to just kill him off for a story about his son. However, I do see Dorian and his son in similar circumstances as Paul Vitti and his father; at odds about the son’s future.

Anyway, that is my ideas for now. I do not see the son being mentioned in the completion of What Lies Between Power & Bliss but I do hope to bring him up in the next story. And at some point, of course, I am also going to merge the worlds of this story with Aleksander Zachery’s. Of course, I already have, but I mean bringing the main characters into interaction with each other in order to finalize that union of universe.

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Nano ’13 The End

Ok, so in the end, I wound up not posting about the last half of the month, pretty much.

I got back into playing SWTOR a bit, and that distracted me from this page, but I was also distracted by a scene I wrote in which Dorian himself poked a hole into my plot through a conversation with another character. So, I got no where near 100,000 words in the end, and ended the month with just over 60,000. I still reached the goal in the first 15 days, but after that day 15, I only wrote another 10,000 in the last 15 days, which accumulated to … 2 or 3 chapters I believe.

I still have more to write, I have to bring the story to a conclusion, and I will be focusing on that still. The writing will not be done as quickly as it was in November, because it seriously cut into doing other things in that time. Anyway, I shall finish this part of the story of Dorian and share it in time.

For now,that is that. Nanowrimo is finished, but that is the second our of three years where I met the goal. I look forward to finishing this story as I really see this one at least being a fun project to finish. Hopefully, I can get it published in time. Here’s to hoping.


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Nano ’13 Day 16

Yesterday was a busy day. On top of it being my birthday, it had two write ins, one of which was a mid-month special write-in/snack-in at the Morris County Library. It was my first time at that particular library, and I was stressing over being able to find it without difficulty, but I got there. Then, at the end of the day, my parents took me out to dinner, so I was not home much yesterday.

Nevertheless, in two write ins, I got down just about 3300 more words. I have no idea how far I have till I am “done” with the story but as I said before, it feels like it is close. I feel like there is going to be one final battle coming up soon, but at the same time, I feel like there is still more I have to explain. I know I’ll have a lot to do in editting and proofreading, so who knows. I will keep you posted even after Nano about the progress of this story!

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Nano ’13 Day 15

Another inadvertently skipped day. Day 14 was a busy day that for the most part kept me from writing. I wrote some, but not a whole lot. Just enough to meet the daily 1667 to reach for a casual coast to 50k. Today, however, I buckled down, and I got just over 50k by the end of the day. Behold!









Things are really heated up in the story, and I forsee an ending nearby. So I’m not certain I’ll reach 100,000 words during November, but perhaps I’ll get there before it is officially finished, after proofreading and editing and all. However, what number I get to now is less important for me now. I have reached the goal, and I am happy! Woooo!

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Nano ’13 Day 13

Forgot to post this up, but I got to my 40k goal on the 13th, only a day late, but I still wish to strive and have the 50k done before my birthday. So, two days to get my last 10k words. Things are starting to really heat up for Dorian. Secrets are unraveling, and his days are growing ragged.

Let’s all cheer him on!

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Nano ’13 Day 12

You may be saying “What happened to Day 11?” Well, I did not write on the 11th. For whatever reason. I never got to it, and when I thought of it, I had no idea what to write. I even struggled today to write, but I did eventually get down 3000+ words, for an average day today. But I am off my goal schedule, so I still need to pick some words, so I am still writing, and am not finished for the day, but for now, am at 37,000+ words.

I hope to get back on track, and keep up my goal of reaching 50k before my birthday. I have come to a point in the story, however, where I feel ideas will come with some more difficulty, due to the fact that I never really decided on a clear plot point beforehand. I was just so eager to write for Dorian. I have some things figured out now, but still have a little work to do, so here’s to hoping.

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Nano ’13 Day 10

Dorian’s revelation brought some conflict, and he had calmed down from it. However, with the introduction of another character there is some new conflict to work through. Poor Dorian does not get any down time. Now things are heating up, and the climax of the story may be coming sooner then I thought. I will have to post some new character spotlights soon, to give some insight to the Nightmist characters of the story. Mainly though, I need to discuss Vayne a bit, and give some insight on him, as he represents one of the vampires I had not listed in previous spotlights. I have some updating to do on the main character list here, too.

My word count is near to 34,000, and my goal is still to be finished with the 50,000 by my birthday.

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Nano ’13 Day 9

November 9th is here, and so far, I have continued to follow the pace I set in the first three days of Nano. After reaching 10,000 words by November 3rd, I followed up my inability to write on the 5th, and wrote 7,000 words on the 6th, to reach my 20,000 goal, and now, I have hit 30,000 on the dot on the 9th.  So here we go! By the 12th, I shall shoot for 40,000, and by the 15th, 50,000. My birthday is on the 16th, if this pace keeps up I should have about 53,000 words by the end of my birthday.

I am not setting this as goals, per say however, because I have not once really been writing with a number of words in mind, but I have just been writing what comes to me. In the back of my mind, I have hoped to reach certain numbers at certain points, as I pointed out above, but really, I have just been enjoying the story. Dorian is a character I love, and it is with giddyness that I have given Dorian a SHOCKER of an experience at the end of these 30,000 words and the chapter they finished. What happens next!? How will Dorian respond to this news!? EHRMAGHERD! Let’s find out. =)


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