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The Blogging Game

Anyone who still, or ever did, read this is most likely aware that I lack … well, something, in keeping up. I have never been one to talk much, in person, unless it specifically related to something I was interested in. i.e. my nerdy desires. Even with that being the topic, I have never been one that easily initiates conversation. I keep a lot of what I want to say in even among fellow nerds because of insecurities. I don’t think that comes as a surprise either. I have more ease talking to myself, and I do it a lot. It’s like I have no inner monologue, and so I just start talking to myself about an idea that pops into my head. I delineate through multiple tangents that spawn off that original idea. And then, I forget it all. I have, in the past taken to recording myself when I do talk to myself, but I tend to get some thoughts out before I remember to start recording, and then once I do record, I notice that my thoughts become slower and that I don’t go through as much tangent as I would have done otherwise. I can’t explain it.

Anyway, as I have said before, I’m going to try and get back into this, and keep updates on my ideas, on my work, and hope that one day, I’ll have the motivation and energy to finally finish one of my millions of story ideas. I hope to include the notes I’ve been making towards my world building ideas and hope to include some of the recordings, perhaps, of myself talking to myself. Doubt it will be interesting, but I feel I need feedback. I need someone’s comments, ideas on my ideas, compliment or criticism, because I want to get something published eventually. Even if it doesn’t rake in tons of money, I want to get something published.

So, this is one post, and I’m going to be looking into putting together some sort of … queue, or schedule of posts for the blog, and hopefully get this working towards a positive result.

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Bear with me…

As I clean away the dust…

Well, it’s been a grand long time since I’ve last posted here. A lot has gone on. I am unemployed again, have cancelled my WoW account. I still have time on the account, paid off for a little while, so I still play from time to time, but I’ve also lost a lot of interest in the game. I won’t say it has anything directly to do with changes to the game, I’ve simply not felt like playing as much. On top of that, due to my lack of money, I am not stuck to simply using a laptop, and while it is better than my old computer, it’s processor is lacking, and I don’t think I’d be able to handle raids anymore.

I have been looking into various other games, I picked up Starcraft 2 again, somewhat, and have been playing that and League of Legends in what free time I have. I have also been looking forward to the releases of Diablo 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. If I have the money come January, I might pick up TOR rather than renew WoW. But I more than likely won’t have the money, so who knows where I’ll be in the future.

I have also been doing a little reading. I was introduced to the Dresden Files series of books. For some reason, my library classifies this as Science Fiction when it is so clearly not. It’s Fantasy first and foremost. There’s nothing science fiction about it. Anyway, I’ve read the first two books of the series ( Storm Front and Fool Moon ) and have started on the third, Grave Peril. I’m half way through it, and am loving the series, even though I disagree with a lot of what the author states for vampires. The rest of it is fascinating though, so I stick to it. It, along with other things, has inspired me to get back into my own writing.

Era of Unification has not been scrapped, but I pretty much have shoved it to the side, and use it merely as notes now, as I have begun writing up, in more detail, the Segregation Eras, so that I can more appropriately portray the story in chronological order. I have started with the short story I had posted here, which was titled Fighting the Apocalypse. So far I haven’t written up any chapters, but I’ve been working on reorganizing and planning out the order of events in my mind. I hope to have it fleshed out soon. I decided on changing some of what was in the original writing, and if you read the original Era of Unification chapters, then you’ll recognize a few scenes, and see the little bit of change once I get it written up and posted here.

With that, I plan to re-focus the blog once more on my writing, rather than WoW, since I won’t be playing it much any longer. So, I’ll go back to the Silvercrest name and try once more to dedicate this to my writing. In time, I’ll resume posting chapters, but for now I’ll keep my focus on some of the writing before I start posting them again.

Till then, see ya.

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Nerd vs. …

I picked up a couple books at the Library the other day. The supposed three books called The War of the Rose trilogy, by Kathleen Bryan. Never heard of it before, but there was a special drawing at the library, for anyone who rented three books, they could put their name in for the drawing. I chose these books because they seemed interesting.

As I have seen in other books, there was a little thing on the first few pages. “A Tor Book”. I’ve always wondered if that was supposed to be a world that many authors took part in writing about, but was never certain. Then, I decided to look it up today. There’s a website! http://www.tor.com. On that site, I saw a blog and the first post on the blog caught my attention. A Response to the NY Times Game of Thrones Review. The comment from this article that caught my attention was, “Why did the article get my geek girl knickers in a twist? “ I literally laughed out loud at that comment. I absolutely HAD to read further.

I’ve never heard of, much less read or seen Game of Thrones, but after reading this article, I positively have to take a look. I am interested in anything that involved medieval time periods, which is probably why I was interested in reading the War of the Rose trilogy. Hope it turns out better than The Awakened Mage. It still will be some time before I do so, having to wait to finish reading the books I got from the library, and the free time to look into Game of Thrones. In time though, it will get done.

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Update on the Era of Unification

A new page of my Segregation Eras pre-story has been posted. Check it out at Segregation Eras: For Blood and Victory. This time, it discusses the Orcs in general, and the races involved in their history prior to the events of the Era of Unification. I still have a few other races not included, such as the Dwarves, Gnomes, and a few other minor races, but I think the only one left for me to really delve into history wise is the Dwarves, as the minor races don’t play a big enough role to formulate a past for them. Maybe in time, however, once I get the Dwarves page posted, I’ll start posting the Era of Unification story. I don’t want to clutter the site with endless pages though, so I may have to post elsewhere and merely share a link here to that.

Anyway, with that aside, check out the Orcs history and let me know what you think, especially those following along on Twitter and Facebook!

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First Month’s Post

On January 9th I started this blog. I had for some time debated doing it, because of what I heard from my father.  A friend of his had used WordPress to blog about career and job hunting advice, and eventually made money off of it. Now, she doesn’t use WordPress anymore, and I really have no aspirations, at this point in time, to make money off my blog, but I have felt the desire to post my writing on this blog to share it with the world, as I work on it to get it publish-worthy. Along the way, I decided to mention other things of my interest, like the authors I like, and the gaming addictions I deal with. =P

Well, since January 9th, I have received 319 views. The day isn’t over yet, but at this point, I don’t see it getting many more views today. However, 319 is pretty good, or so I feel, for one month of activity. However, I’m a bit dissatisfied, since I haven’t had much of any responses to it. People view, but they don’t comment. Is my blog interesting? Is it droll? I don’t know. Let me know! I would like to keep discussing what interests me, yet in a way that interests you readers. Let me know what you think, what you want to see, or perhaps what you don’t want to see. Especially when it comes to t he writing I’ve posted on extra pages of my blog, let me know what you think.

If you want, you can even tell me which of my posts you liked the most when/if you leave a comment. Please do though, feedback is desired!


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The Continuing Story

A new page has been posted on the pre-story to the Era of Unification. The more I write, the more I think this shall end up as a series of stories, because the ideas seem to amount to too much to be within one story. The same happened for J.R.R. Tolkien, though I believe the REAL reason that The Lord of the Rings was separated into three books was so the publishers could make more money off of it.

Anyway, some of the back-story to the Elves has been posted as Segregation Eras: The Ages of the Ageless. Read, enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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The Thin Line Between Worlds

So I came up with a name, as can be seen on the page Segregation Eras: Fighting the Apocalypse, for the region of the world that my human race lives. It might attribute it to the whole continent, I might not. Coming up for names has always been hard for me, especially for regions.

However, thinking about some of my characters in WoW has made me think about their counterparts in my writing. I changed their history around from my story, so that they could fit into the world of Azeroth. In both realms they are High Elves. In both realms, the parents of the main family are dead.

In Azeroth, there is no King for the High Elves, in Verdania, Astalder, the eldest Silverleaf brother is the King. In Azeroth, Astalder is a Death Knight, in Verdania, Astalder is a Rune Warden.

In both realms, Istalindir is a Mage. In Azeroth, Istalindir was turned into a Wretched due to the Sunwell’s destruction.

In Azeroth, Dorenduil is the lone survivor of the siege of Quel’thalas among the Silverleaf family, and is a Paladin. In Verdania, his family is the ruling family, and houses the largest number of Elves among all Elven kind. In Verdania, Dorenduil is a Wizard.

In Azeroth, Valaya is the daughter of Istalindir, named after her dead mother. In Verdania, Valya is Istalindir’s wife, and they have not had a child yet. In both realms, she is a Paladin. (In WoW there is an extra a in her name because the original name was unavailable to me. I have yet to meet the person who took that spelling before me.)

In Azeroth, Elvulith is a Druid, and is a Night Elf. He dabbles between the teachings of Restoration and the Feral. In Verdania, Elvulith is a Ranger and married to a Druidess named Arinai.

And the list goes on, but not all the characters from my writing are in WoW. Some I made in other games. Such as the Hogosha Clan. They are from Guild Wars. Kenji Hogosha is an Assassin/Monk, Kosuke Hogosha is a Ranger/Ritualist, Keiko Hogosha is a Elementalist/Ritualist, and Kusuya Hogosha is a Mesmer/Necromancer. I also had versions of Aleksander and Mikael Zachery in Guild Wars, who were a Warrior/Paragon and a Dervish/Elementalist respectively. And, I would continue to make versions of these, and other, characters, in the game Rift.

My point, however, is I still struggle for names of the world my story takes part in, and not just that but the name of the continents within the world, and the regions within the continents. I come up with names slowly, depending on the mood I’m in, or something that comes to mind when I work on this. For instance, one of my ideas for a name for the world as a whole has been to  use another name for Rebirth or Renewal, since that pertains to what happens at the start of the story. I chose the name Verdania for the area the Humans live in because it’s supposed to be a lush green expanse of land. Verdant. I chose The Sylvan Wood for the Elves because of the rich connection between the fairy and the Elves not only in my story, but in other literature and Celtic legend. I have even thought of using the Celtic words for North, South, East, and West, for the names of the four continents in my story.

Lastly, I shall soon be posting another page to my Segregation Eras grouping, to go back and look at the Elves. I shall branch to many different groups of Elves, thus sighting different time lines within the one. I shall touch on the High Elves and the Grey Elves mainly (whom shall make an appearance in my story, even though Yami destroyed them in his own past, between the years of 1600 and 1616 in the already posted Face of Evil page) to give further info on their histories. I hope you all enjoy reading it when it’s there.

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Pointing Out Some Facts

I’m going back and forth with post topics, but I feel the need to point out something here.

I have read many things involving Japanese history, and spoken with many people about Japanese history as well. I made a post before, discussing the Wolves of Mibu. The Wolves of Mibu was a name for the Shinsengumi, during the Meiji Revolution (i.e. Meiji Reformation). I made reference to a single person, whom I called “The First Wolf of Mibu”.

I want to stress again that this person is fictional, and only exists in my writing. His name is Kyo Aramaki, and while his name is taken from two different anime, he is still completely fictionally based.

The Wolves of Mibu were based out of Mibu Village, and were comprised of many Ronin (Master-less Samurai) who were originally part of a group called the Roshigumi. The Rōshigumi (“Kyoto Defenders”) was originally founded to be defenders of the Shogunate in Kyoto. However, the leader of the group announced this as pretext, and worked truthfully to support the Imperial Patriots. These intentions were eventually found out, and two groups, that became truthfully loyal to the Shogunate, were formed. They were the Shinsengumi, and the Shinchōgumi (Shinsen working in Kyoto, Shinchō working in Edo). They did not exist in the Sengoku Era, the Sengoku Era ended in the year 1600, after the end of Ieyasu Tokugawa’s Sekigahara Campaign. From 1601 to 1868, Tokugawa and his descendants ruled the Shogunate. Though there was a war (The Boshin War) fought immediately following the “fall of Edo”, the Emperor was officially restored to power, and the end of the Edo Period, and the beginning of the Meiji Period, was proclaimed. Notice, the years of the Shogunate’s life. From many sources, I have seen the proclamation of the Tokugawa Shogunate bringing “300 years of peace” to Japan. The Shogunate did not last for 300 years, and it was far from peaceful.

From what I’ve read on Japanese history, since long before the Tokugawa Shogunate, the leaders, and most powerful military leaders, of the country, have always gone back and forth with their beliefs around Japanese Isolation and the use of European technologies, chiefest of which being trade and gunpowder weapons. Nobunaga Oda proposed the use, and even traded for it, of gunpowder weapons. This was disliked, and so his castle in Kyoto was attacked, and he was forced into seppuku. Hideyoshi returned to take over Kyoto, and take revenge for Nobunaga’s death. Tokugawa later did the same, and used gunpowder weapons in his Sekigahara Campaign. Later on in the years though, his descendants shied away from it, and back towards isolation. The Imperial Patriots wished to reinstate the emperor to power over the Shoguns, and at the same time, reopen world-wide trade to European countries, rather than live in isolation. The people of Japan could not make up their minds, but this is truely nothing more then an example of human nature, for all over the world people have had differing views on issues in their world, and fought over such beliefs. The Bloodshed throughout Japan has always been high, and to think that the Tokugawa Shogunate brought 300 years of peace is just ridiculous. Between 1868 and 1900, there was a lot of fighting, of course over the same issues. The Imperialists wanting to keep trade and communication to the rest of the world fought against the Isolationists who felt opening Japan up to the rest of the world would merely corrupt them. Perhaps this is true? Who knows.

So, to conclude my rambling… Kyo Aramaki is a fictional character, proposed to be from Mibu Village in Japan, and to be the basis behind why the Shinsengumi were called the Wolves of Mibu. They share a place of origin, and a ferocity in combat. Yami is fictional as well, and is a foe of Kyo even in the past. Neither are aligned with the ideas of the Imperialists, for they both pre-existed that time period, coming from the Sengoku, into Edo, time periods.

To close, a few translations.:

Roshi – Kyoto Defenders
Shinsen – newly-formed
Shinchō – not sure
gumi – group/squad
Sengoku – Warring-States
Kyoto – Capital of Japan during the Sengoku Era.
Osaka – Hideyoshi’s home and capital. Claimed as the “Throne of the King” during Tokugawa’s campaign to reunify Japan.
Edo – Capital of Japan during the Tokugawa Shogunate (renamed Tokyo during Meiji)
Meiji – Enlightened Rule

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The First Wolf of Mibu

One of my favorite times of history to learn about is the time periods of the Sengoku through Meiji of Japanese history. During the Edo and Meiji periods, there was a group of swordsmen called the Shinsengumi. The name translates to newly-formed group, but they had a nickname due to their style of combat during the ending years of the Tokugawa Shogunate. It was, The Wolves of Mibu. They were given this name because of their fighting style, and because the group was formed in Mibu village.

My idea about the “First Wolf of Mibu” is that Kyo Aramaki comes from Mibu village (Assuming of course that it’s length of existence reaches back to the Sengoku period. I’m not 100% sure about that.)

Kyo served Nobunaga, during the Sengoku Era, till he was seduced by a vampire. At his awakening, he felt the spirit of a wolf within him, which he accredited to the swordsmanship excellence of those from his village. He eventually gained a mental connection to the wolf, which led him to his association with werewolves. I reference the Shinsengumi with him, with him being the first of them, and perhaps being an influence to the nickname the group would receive later in history, but I in no way claim his story to be factual or historical, just historically themed or based.

Ai Mayoko, Kyo’s wife later on in his story has a similar experience, though instead of being tied to wolves, she is tied to felines, and not just a loan breed, but various cat breeds. I accredit this idea to the writings of Laurel K. Hamilton, who wrote a series of books around a character named Anita Blake. In these stories, vampires that become powerful enough, gain the ability to command lycanthropes of varying breeds. And perhaps, because these two have gotten to a higher level of power among vampire kind, they have aquired some new ability based around this connection.

More to come, as it develops in my mind, but for now, that’s it.

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