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Origins of the Nightmist

Not really sure that I remember how much detail I went into in past; not much I do not think. Since I mentioned in my previous post about explaining more about the other members of the Nightmist in “Power & Bliss” I thought I would post a little here as well, to show what is in store. I do not go very much in detail with their individual backgrounds, as that has little bearing on “Power & Bliss” specifically, so here we go.

Kain Nightmist is the founder of the clan. As said before, the Nightmist Family is not a family related by blood, but instead, a family related by their experiences and tribulations. Kain’s father was a soldier, and Kain’s mother was (as the norm in the continuity of the story) a housekeeper. However, both were killed in a battle during the rise of the Arvandorian Empire. This left Kain an orphan and he was moved to an orphanage. However, he grew to age in the orphanage, never being brought into a new household. He had a brother, named Garr. This is the only true blood relation among the Nightmist. Garr was one year younger than Kain, and when Kain was allowed to leave the orphanage due to coming into adulthood, he brought Garr with him, and went off on their own. During and after the war, there were many groups that opposed the Arvandorian Empire, and since none could do much alone, they formed an alliance to oppose the Empire. However, this Alliance did not get very far over the years, even united. Kain would have supported them, except that he did not see enough differences between the two groups to truly say the Alliance would be able to institute a better system of government throughout Arvandor. This, Kain and Garr initiated the Nightmist Clan, to simply help out those in need, regardless of what government was in control. They had little teaching in the form of acquiring a trade skill, so Kain endeavored to thievery and smuggling. He got weapons and supplies to the Alliance against the Empire just as readily as he moved things throughout the land for the Empire itself. So long as it got them money and the ability to survive, he did not care who the job came from. Of course, this did not mean that Kain and Garr were without scruples. Everyone has their pet peeves, hangups, and fears.

As I have stated in posts about Dorian directly, his chiefest hangup, the one thing he absolutely will not stand for, is the theft of one’s free will. This same hangup is what drew Dorian and Kain to be friends. However, Dorian was not the first to be brought into this newly formed Nightmist Clan/Family. There were many to meet and get to know when Dorian came onto the scene. First of all, there was Rosalinde Nightmist. Like his sister, Rosalinde had been raped when she was younger. While Raina suffered such at the hands of her older brother, Mathias, Rosalinde suffered such at the hands of her father. Unlike Dorian, who killed his own father and brothers, Rosalinde did not. Instead, in a fit of rage, she struck him in the head, and fled her home. She did not go to an orphanage, like Kain, and instead, wandered the streets until she crossed paths with Kain. Kain and Garr took her in, and showed her the love of a family that would never due such things to her. This is what drew Dorian, initially, to Rosalinde. Dorian idolized his sister whom had suffered a similar fate, and so he felt compelled to protect her as he did his sister. From there, it grew to something more. Something astoundingly confusing, but something more nonetheless.

Vayne is the oldest of the crew, of course, being a vampire (though there are other vampires that serve him directly as fellow members of the Nightmist Clan). He is the eldest among his kin who formed a group prior to their union with the Nightmist. He was nicknamed the Black Rose and the living servants that protected him when he was forced to slumber during the day, were called the Black Thorns. Ironically enough, or perhaps simply from a lack of imagination, the person in charge of such protective group was called Thorn. All people had nicknames in their group, to hide their true identities from the Empire or anyone else that opposed them. This tactic was adopted by the Nightmist as well after their union. Kain took the name Knight, Garr took the name Squire, Rosalinde took the name Ivy, and Dorian had many names already from which to choose. Little is known, even among the Nightmist, of Vayne’s life before he was a Vampire, but of what is known, he was turned into a vampire unwillingly, and was not looked after by the one that turned him. He was supposedly hunted by everyone living and undead for some time, before his story could be heard. Even then, it was apparently distrust that followed him. He took it upon himself to shelter vampires of like kind and protect them from the underworld’s menace that would no doubt hunt them down as well.

Raina has not been admitted as a member of the Nightmist Clan, however, with the events that transpire in “Power & Bliss” I forsee it as happening soon. Thus, I have no nickname for her at the moment, though I suppose that Dorian will simply default on the name he gave her when they were still young and dodging the criminal organizations in Kadmos. And then there is also Li Shaoshen, who has not been added to the group as a whole. I am not sure whether or not I shall, or if he’ll even be much of a featured character in the tales unless directly related to Dorian. That will be decided in time.

I am also working on some short stories that I see taking place before and after “Power & Bliss” and there are three newer additions to the Clan amidst these short stories. I cannot give back story on them, as that actually would spoil the short stories at this time. Let us simply say it once more ties in to the unified hangup amidst the various members of the Clan, and that their names are Nibiko, Salera, and Zsa’da. They will not be the last either, I have many others in mind, and I shan’t even mention their names, for their stories are a build up from what is already in the works. (Accurse these plentiful ideas that keep me from finishing a single project in a timely manner!)


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Nano ’13 The End

Ok, so in the end, I wound up not posting about the last half of the month, pretty much.

I got back into playing SWTOR a bit, and that distracted me from this page, but I was also distracted by a scene I wrote in which Dorian himself poked a hole into my plot through a conversation with another character. So, I got no where near 100,000 words in the end, and ended the month with just over 60,000. I still reached the goal in the first 15 days, but after that day 15, I only wrote another 10,000 in the last 15 days, which accumulated to … 2 or 3 chapters I believe.

I still have more to write, I have to bring the story to a conclusion, and I will be focusing on that still. The writing will not be done as quickly as it was in November, because it seriously cut into doing other things in that time. Anyway, I shall finish this part of the story of Dorian and share it in time.

For now,that is that. Nanowrimo is finished, but that is the second our of three years where I met the goal. I look forward to finishing this story as I really see this one at least being a fun project to finish. Hopefully, I can get it published in time. Here’s to hoping.


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Nano ’13 Day 16

Yesterday was a busy day. On top of it being my birthday, it had two write ins, one of which was a mid-month special write-in/snack-in at the Morris County Library. It was my first time at that particular library, and I was stressing over being able to find it without difficulty, but I got there. Then, at the end of the day, my parents took me out to dinner, so I was not home much yesterday.

Nevertheless, in two write ins, I got down just about 3300 more words. I have no idea how far I have till I am “done” with the story but as I said before, it feels like it is close. I feel like there is going to be one final battle coming up soon, but at the same time, I feel like there is still more I have to explain. I know I’ll have a lot to do in editting and proofreading, so who knows. I will keep you posted even after Nano about the progress of this story!

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Nano ’13 Day 15

Another inadvertently skipped day. Day 14 was a busy day that for the most part kept me from writing. I wrote some, but not a whole lot. Just enough to meet the daily 1667 to reach for a casual coast to 50k. Today, however, I buckled down, and I got just over 50k by the end of the day. Behold!









Things are really heated up in the story, and I forsee an ending nearby. So I’m not certain I’ll reach 100,000 words during November, but perhaps I’ll get there before it is officially finished, after proofreading and editing and all. However, what number I get to now is less important for me now. I have reached the goal, and I am happy! Woooo!

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Nano ’13 Day 13

Forgot to post this up, but I got to my 40k goal on the 13th, only a day late, but I still wish to strive and have the 50k done before my birthday. So, two days to get my last 10k words. Things are starting to really heat up for Dorian. Secrets are unraveling, and his days are growing ragged.

Let’s all cheer him on!

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Nano ’13 Day 12

You may be saying “What happened to Day 11?” Well, I did not write on the 11th. For whatever reason. I never got to it, and when I thought of it, I had no idea what to write. I even struggled today to write, but I did eventually get down 3000+ words, for an average day today. But I am off my goal schedule, so I still need to pick some words, so I am still writing, and am not finished for the day, but for now, am at 37,000+ words.

I hope to get back on track, and keep up my goal of reaching 50k before my birthday. I have come to a point in the story, however, where I feel ideas will come with some more difficulty, due to the fact that I never really decided on a clear plot point beforehand. I was just so eager to write for Dorian. I have some things figured out now, but still have a little work to do, so here’s to hoping.

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Nano ’13 Day 10

Dorian’s revelation brought some conflict, and he had calmed down from it. However, with the introduction of another character there is some new conflict to work through. Poor Dorian does not get any down time. Now things are heating up, and the climax of the story may be coming sooner then I thought. I will have to post some new character spotlights soon, to give some insight to the Nightmist characters of the story. Mainly though, I need to discuss Vayne a bit, and give some insight on him, as he represents one of the vampires I had not listed in previous spotlights. I have some updating to do on the main character list here, too.

My word count is near to 34,000, and my goal is still to be finished with the 50,000 by my birthday.

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