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Timey Whimy Liney Whiny

Here comes the shocker, I know nothing about Dr. Who. Just have friends who say Timey Whimy a lot, so I’ve picked it up.

Anyway, onto seriousness. As I’ve mentioned, I worked on some World Building stuff through Writing.com, and of that stuff, a Timeline was a part of it. I had always wanted to build up a time line, to show specifically the past events I mention of the history of Haven in my writing. However, with working on the timeline I looked, of course, at things that also pre-date Haven and things that have nothing to do with the Human’s regions of the worlds. However, I did work on Haven’s history mostly for the purposes of the Writing.com class and preparation in world building.

I got 640 years into the history of Haven, when I stared at a single line of the timeline and my jaw dropped. The line was simply … “Elena Outridge is born.” Now, why is that a problem. Well, I mentioned this on my tumblr site, so those that watch there are going to see it again, but now that I’m trying to force myself to be more adamant about blogging, I have this site and tumblr linked up so that both display the same post as I make them, mainly to reach more people, but also to see just how many people see it. Is my tumblr site getting more attention or this one?

Well, anyway, another character in my story mentions that a specific empire lasted for 1,000 years. So, not reaching 1,000 years yet was one problem. The other problem was that Elena is in the same story. She’s of a long-living race, so it’s not an issue if she lives to be 400+ years old, but she’s supposed to still be young when she meets Alek, the main character of that story where it is mentioned the empire lasted for 1,000 years. With that being said, it is not just a matter of reaching the year 1,000, because obviously, the world was not created with an empire in power, not the empire had to rise to power. And how long does that take? How long does it take for the people placed on the world in the moment of creation to reach a population capable of waging war on each other? So it’s possible I’m looking at not just reaching 1,000, but adding 1,000 years to the timeline. With the thought of adding 1,000 years in between what I already had for Haven came to me, I had a moment of lost enthusiasm and motivation to continue.

However, I’m still at it. I have taken my focus off of Haven though. The Empire in question is an Empire forged by a group of Elves. It does not have any baring on the history of Haven, and the Elves were not at odds with the humans of Haven, but simply, one characters tells Alek, a human of Haven, about the empire the Elves had. It is part of his education and training to be a soldier, so it is something I need to flesh out since he will be learning about it. The first thing I did was look at creation and that question I asked just a moment ago. How long would it take for the people of creation to grow into civilizations large enough to wage war upon each other? This is not an Adam & Eve style creation, because there are more than just humans in my worlds. There’s Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Dragons, and various other minor races. More importantly, the Elves and Dwarves are divided into subcategories or subspecies based upon certain things. For the Dwarves, they are divided among the different forms of stone and mineral that they come from. Elves are divided among the different terrain styles or terrain fixtures where they live. Thus, there are Iron Dwarves, Stone Dwarves, Obsidian Dwarves, etc. and Forest Elves, Sand Elves, Snow Elves, etc. So, these worlds follow a multiple Adam & Eve style of creation. There are multiple locations, or centers of civilization, where two of each are placed. Even without only two people being the beginning, there was still the wonder of how fast these groups could grow. I wagered 100 years, and pushed that first war back an extra 100 years than I had previously. Then, from the end of that war, I followed from there and began the history of the Elves and the Ageless Empire.

It is going slowly, as coming up with 1,000+ years of history is daunting to say the least. Especially about a group I had never made any specifics about except in regards to their fall. However, I did add a couple facts to work with when I made the calendar I mentioned in a previous post. Two of the months are, like in the Gregorian Calendar, named for two figures in regards to Elven History. Where in the Gregorian it is July named for Julius Caesar and August named for Augustus Caesar, I have Hyandime and Raenime named for Raenir ael’Sylvere, the man who led the Gray Elf Nation that would become the Ageless Empire when he finally drove the Orcs away, and Hyandur Silverleaf, the man who had united the various Elven sub-races into a unified nation after the Ageless Empire’s fall had scattered them. For now, I focus on the Empire’s rise, as I have not even reached that point yet.

In the next post about timelines, I will share some screenshots of what I’m working on, as I fill my head up with names that will live and die in the space of 20 lines of text, perhaps.

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AC, the heat, and writing

So, for the past couple weeks, the temperature where I live has been ranging from 90 to 100. At this time, of course, because the gods of Kharma hate me, my AC has been failing. As of yesterday, I have had a maintenance person over for the third time. The first time he said simply that the filters were too dirty, and were blocking the air flow. He put in new filters, and left. This did not even solve the problem for a few hours, much less a day. So, he came back the next day, and this time, put in a new thermostat. This solved the problem for about two or three days, before the AC started malfunctioning again. The third time, a new person from the company came by, and actually spent some time trying to work on the problem. He spent about 2 hours at the house, instead of the needed amount of time to do what he thought would fix the problem. In fact, he actually said “I am not leaving till I can confirm there is nothing more I can do.” Amazing ‘eh? Well, he pumped up the Freon, and monitored it’s level for at least an hour before leaving. His conclusion is that there is a small leak, somewhere, causing the lack of Freon to shut the fan down in the attic when it got too hot. What he cannot confirm though is how slow the leak is. Was it so slow that it took 5 years (coil was replaced back in 2007) to drop the Freon level to the point it was at now and caused the fan to shut down, or did the leak only develop recently, and shut the AC down between June and now?

The past two nights I was in a hotel, because after the second ‘fix’ didn’t work, it became hotter in the house than it was outside. Beautifully cool and relaxing in the hotel, though the bed was horrendous, and I got no sleep the past two days. Probably would not have been able to sleep at home either though.

All things considered, I did some writing on chapters 38 and 39 while in the hotel, got a big chunk of it done, but I might re-write a lot of it, because I do not believe I was thinking all that well, given the lack of sleep in the hotel, and the AC issues at home. Got 38 posted on Saturday, just as I was in the hotel, and I am satisfied with it, but 39 is still looking a bit wonky. It is still unfinished though, so that is alright. However, I am home now, and the week’s forecast provides a break in the heat, bringing temps down to 80 to 85 in the next week or so. Perhaps after I have had some actual sleep, I can revisit chapter 39, and get it finished.

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The end is near

Repeating History is coming to a close. I am not sure how many chapters it will end up being, but currently, I am working on chapter 37. Unfortunately, I am at a bit of a bind, held up at the end of one scene, where I wonder how to proceed from there. I hope to get out of this bind soon though, for in November, I wish to begin working on The Face of Evil which will take a closer look at the Yami character and his past. Whether it reveals any further activity with the character or not, I shall not reveal at this time.

I shall be working on random scenes from chapter 37 to the end of the tale, and seeking out how to bridge these scenes, and hopefully have this stuff posted soon. But in the mean time, all you followers and likers, please let me know what you think. Be as descriptive as you wish with what you think of the story so far, I am eager for some feedback, so I can begin working on the second draft, and finalizing this story so it can be ready for an attempt at publication. Just comment below, and let me know.

I also already have plans for the story following The Face of Evil, though I have not yet come up with a title. That too is far in the future, and yet, I hope to be working on it for Nanowrimo 2013. It shall focus more so on the Elves than on the Humans as is the case in Repeating History.

Well, that is all for now, I go back to doing some brainstorming, and RPing a little in WoW to try and get the juices flowing.

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Finishing the tale

So, yesterday I posted chapters 34 and 35 of Repeating History. I have added things in between chapters since November, but with the posting of chapter 35 I have finished posting all I had written back in November during the Nanowrimo challenge. So, now I return to writing whole chapters again, and push to bring the story to an end. I know how I wish to bring Repeating History to a conclusion, I just need to figure out how to bridge it to that end. I am half-way finished with chapter 36 at the moment, but have also managed to finish putting together a new version of the map for the world in my story. I am still not completely satisfied with how it came out, but it is at least better than the original attempt. I need to find a way to test out some other programs to see if I can do better at all. Until then, here are the divided files of the map of the Continent of Verdania.

As one can see, the second image is at a different scale then the top and bottom one, it is a larger area in the end, so even with this better version of the map, there is still an error and something needing to be fixed. However, there is also more to the world. There are some islands off to the east of the Duskpine Forests. This area has not been explored in Repeating History but shall be explored in another tale of the Segregation Eras series. There will also be other worlds discussed in future stories, but I won’t discuss that in any depth as I prefer to keep it as a surprise for the readers. However, do look forward to another map posted sometime soon, to display the little area to the east of the Duskpine Forests.

Anyway, I hope to have Chapter 36 posted tomorrow, as I have spent much of this day, and the rest of it will be as well, on finishing it. After that, keep an eye out for all new content to the Repeating History tale. It will be a little more slowly posted since it shall be written from scratch from here on out. Wish me luck!


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The Continent of Verdania

For a while now I have been searching through various different kinds of programs to try and create a map for the world in my story. I have never been all that concerned with quality when it came to many things in the world of graphic design, despite the fact that such was the basis of a couple of courses I took in college. When it comes to online games at least, I don’t care about the quality of graphics, because I’d rather be able to play, and have fun, than worry about the realistic look of things, because the closer and closer things get to looking real, the harder and harder it is for my computer to handle it. When it came to making this map, much was the same in my view of things. I didn’t care how good it looked, so long as I could clearly and cleanly show where the places in my story are on a map. Tolkein put a very simple looking group of maps in his books, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and The Lord of the Rings, and that was all I was really looking to accomplish.

I, however, suck at drawing, and attempting to make such a map by hand, or in programs that require full control of the drawing tools like MS Paint, did not turn out well in the end.

Most recently, I’ve been looking at a couple programs that have a lot of cool features. First of them was Campaign Cartographer 3. This program does not have a trial version of such, and so I could not get a hands-on feel for how things worked, and merely watched all the tutorials I could on the program. However, I found a similar program, Fractal Mapper v.8, and it does have a demo version. I tried it out, and I think I did horribly.

Right away, I noticed I did not have enough space to map out the whole continent and what was in it. First of all, beyond the Garnet Mountains is the land of the Elves, and it is an expansive region all its own. Second, because of the lack of space, I scrunched up what is in between the two major mountain chains on this continent, thus leaving little space unused. This unused space actually needs to be filled, but there is simply not enough unused space to map out what was left out. In the long run, this map simply shows the major areas of the Kingdom of Haven, and its two bordering mountain chains, and that is all. Due to the sheer size of this continent, I may have to divide the continent into three files, to show the entirety of the continent. That won’t be such an easy task though since I’m not exactly sure how much more space I need to map out all the left out areas.

In time I shall attempt to do this with the trial version of Fractal Mapper, and if it doesn’t work, I will continue the search for another program. I hope it works however, I seek to one day have this novel published, and I hope to do as much of the work on my own as I can, to wittle down the costs of getting it put together.

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About Chapter 18 and more

My original chapter written for what would now be chapter 18 (since I’ve added in some chapters amidst posting the story as it was written back in November) takes place four years from the end of chapter 17. I don’t wish to make this jump just yet, so a new chapter 18 will be written in time, however that is on hold for now. I spent a few days after posting chapter 17 debating what to include in a new chapter 18, but got sidetracked by a few things. One of which was my purchasing Diablo III when it came out. I have also been looking around for a program to help me make a map for the world in this story. I was referred to Campaign Cartographer 3, and through watching tutorials on such a program, also looked into Fractal Terrains. I’ve been debating getting these programs to see if I can make a map for the world in my story, but I still have questions about the use of these programs in the efforts of creating Verdania and the other continents of my world.

Watching the video for how to make a map in Campaign Cartographer, the guy used his whole screen to map out a pirate island, an island that was like 300 miles in diameter. This will not work for me. I’m trying to map out a whole continent; something along the lines of mapping out the tip of the Aleutian Islands to the Straits of Magellan. It’s a daunting task when you think about it, but it’s something I want to do for the point of my story. I will more than likely do this in more than one map, connecting the maps together via key landmarks, but still, it’s something that will require more space than a digital 300 miles. However, with Fractal Terrains, the video only showed a random selection of terrain layout. You put in settings for climate, altitude, and such, and the program randomizes how the world looks. I don’t want something random, I know how the world will look, so I’m still looking into these programs, and will have to find someone who has used these programs before to answer some questions perhaps. If anyone out there has, let me know, otherwise, I’ll hunt through the forums for someone who can answer my questions.

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Upcoming Chapter & other info

I have been struggling with getting Chapter 9 reorganized based on the changes I’ve made with previous chapters that have been posted here. I’m still working on chapter 9, and hope to have it up soon. However, I felt like sharing a little something with what I have been doing while brainstorming for chapter 9.

I have been focused on a single character for what seems like the first time ever. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, last night, I hit level 50, and finished my main class quests on my Twi’lek Sith Inquisitor Assassin on the Shadowlands server. Because I hit level 50, I can now make other classes with Twi’lek, since they are previously not allowed on the Dark Side. I felt like I’d share a few screen shots taken in the last few quests. Spoiler Alert!!

So, in the end, after Thanaton challenged me to a Kaggath (Sith duel of honor) on Corellia, he fled from me to go back to Korriban and plea to the Dark Council that I, as a corrupt Sith who served under another corrupt Sith, should be killed. I return to Korriban, call him a coward for fleeing from the Kaggath, and kill him before the entire Dark Council, then get appointed to his position on the Council.

Thus, Lord Kenji Hogosha, descendant of Tulak Hord and Lord Kallig,  is now Darth Nox, member of the Dark Council, and Dark Lord of the Sith. (Click the pictures for full sized view, as some of them include dialogue from the ending cinematics.) With Twi’lek unlocked, I immediately made a Twi’lek Sith Warrior, but haven’t played him any yet. He is Kenshin Hogosha, the son of Kenji.

Screenshots: — #1- Kenji and his Apprentice Xalek standing outside the phase door to the Dark Council. #2 & #3 – The Dark Council in the background, as Kenji and Apprentice stand over a nearly dead Darth Thanaton.(killed in Cinematic) #4 & #5 – Close-up on Kenji in cinematic as he is awarded the title of Darth, and seat in the Dark Council. #6 – Close up on Kenji as Khem Val declares Kenji’s success and reward to all of his followers, after having returned to Dromund Kaas.

Some will notice the name Hogosha and see that I’ve mentioned it for an upcoming Character Spotlight. The Hogosha are a key family in my story in the future, but they also have history like the others. I shall soon post a spotlight on the Hogosha family as well.

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Character Spotlight – Silverleaf

The Silverleaf family is the largest family I have ever created for RP and for my writing. It began in Shadowbane, with an Elf Ranger Blade Weaver named Elvulith Silverleaf. He went on to become a Ranger in Guild Wars, and then a Night Elf Druid in World of Warcraft. Throughout such I created other members of the family. At first, there wasn’t much thought in it, I just decided on a relation to Elvulith, made the character, and came up with some minor unique story to differentiate them from Elvulith. There was Amcar Silverleaf, a Bow wielding Rogue Bard in Shadowbane, Dorenduil Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Paladin in World of Warcraft, Istalindir Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Mage, Valaya Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Priestess, and Astalder Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Death Knight.

Since I started playing them in gaming in Shadowbane, and sometime amidst bringing them into the world of WoW, I started writing this story, and in the world of my own story, I have now compounded upon many other members of the family. I even took a bit of inspiration from Tolkien, and started thinking about the culture of the race, and came up with a naming scheme, which helped me compose numerous generations of the Silverleaf line. This in turn helped me decide on the backstory of not only the Silverleaf’s line, but the whole of the High Elf species, and their fellow kin (Forest Elves, Sand Elves, Dark Elves, Grey Elves, Sea Elves, etc.)

In the story, as shall be revealed soon (somewhere around chapter 14-20) the Silverleaf family is the ruling family of the High Elf kin, and in turn, rulers of the union of the Elven species, called the United Elven Nation. Grouping the numerous sects into an alliance also in turn helped me brainstorm on names and story for the other species of Elves. Such include Dinaer Dusksinger, Lord of the Dark Elves, and his wife Arauka Silverleaf-Dusksinger, Vasz’araen and Val’araen Sunstorm, Lord and Lady of the Sand Elves, Isilme and Silma Starhaven, High Priest and Arch Druid of the Forest Elves, and then their daughter, Arinai Starhaven, who married Elvulith Silverleaf.

And yet! The Silverleaf were not the first royal family of the Elven nation, nor were the High Elves always at the head of the Nation. Using a Tolkien Elvish naming style, and the naming scheme I mentioned earlier, I traced the Silverleaf family back to when they took control of the Nation after the Grey Elves were destroyed nigh to extinction.

Currently, the United Elven Nation is led by the three brothers, Astalder is the eldest, and sits upon the throne as High King. His brothers, Istalindir and Dorenduil, function as next in command, while also sitting at the head of the Magical community of Magi and Wizards. Elvulith, Astalder’s son, is the Ranger General, and along with one of Astalder’s childhood friends, Astar Goldhaven, leads the entire Elven Military. Despite the vast age difference, Elvulith also becomes a very close friend to Alek Zachery as he grows up through the story. The Silverleaf family as a whole form close ties with Alek Zachery, and in the future of the tale, play pivotal roles in the future of Verdania and the Sylvan Forest.

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Repeating Updates

See what I did there? har har har. Anyway, I am posting this to give a little update on what’s going on with my story, Repeating History.

As many who have read my previous posts may be aware, I took part in the Nanowrimo challenge back in November of 2011. I managed to succeed, and write 50,000 words for this story, however, for some reason I was under the impression that the 50,000 words was supposed to be the whole story. When I decided to take part, my concern was not with “Will I manage to write 50,000 words by the end of November” it was “Will I be able to tell the whole story in ONLY 50,000 words.” Well, the answer was no. I tried, and could not. I wrote 50,000 words, and even with summarizing the story, was only about half-way finished at best. So, since then I have been …. well, first, I took like 3 months off from writing. It was actually kind of stressful getting that many words down, even though I was summarizing and not really trying to elaborate.

Now, I’m trying to stretch it out. So, in a moment I shall post chapter 7 of my story. I wrote this all today. It is a chapter that I am putting in, to tell a little bit of what is going on between two other points in my story. This will also not be the only chapter like that. I have already done a little mapping out of the next few chapters as well, so there will be some new stuff added to what I already have written for chapters 8-14, so do not expect prompt posting of these chapters, as it will take some effort to get back into the “I will not summarize” wavelength.

Anyway, following this post will be chapter 7, and I hope you all are enjoying the story so far. I hope I am reaching my goal of telling a compelling story as well, as I hope to emulate Bleach in how I write. Please, let me know what you guys think.

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Character Spotlight – Zachery

As stated elsewhere, the first Massively Multiplayer Online game I ever played was Shadowbane, back in 2001. This was a completly pvp game, however there was, on the Mourning server, a massive RP community. I was not a fan of pvp, and took part in as little of it as I could manage, but after about a year of playing the game began to wonder “why do I play this game?” There was no Player vs Environment content to inspire me to level up a character. There were no special events to take part in like Raids or Dungeons. Granted, at the time I had never played a game that had raids or dungeons, so I did not know of their existence, which in the end is why I think City of Heroes so easily pulled me away from Shadowbane.

But, back to the point. My first character on the Mourning Server was inspired by a couple things. I was unaware at first that people RP’d within Shadowbane, and so I had logged some time on another server, which I can’t recall the name. While playing on the test server, I met someone who told me of the RP on Mourning, and so I made a Human Ranger character named Barbarosa the Judicator. Now, my reasons behind that name differ now than they did at the time. Originally, he had been called that simply because I was a history buff, and felt like adding a little history into the RP. Nevertheless, I named him such in honor of Frederick Barbarosa, the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (which was neither holy, nor roman, nor an empire, discuss.) The group of people I RP’d with in Shadowbane are actually some of the best I have ever had the delight of RPing with. Aleksander Zachery was born of this RP, and that was the name I gave the character, eventually, designating “Barbarosa the Judicator” as a title earned through his deeds. At one point, I was poised to join these same people as we planned to bring our Shadowbane characters into the world of Age of Conan. Age of Conan however required a ridiculous assortment of computer specs that my computer was lacking, I could not play the game, and simply did a little RP with them on the guild forums they made. The story behind Barbarosa in Shadowbane became adapted in every game I played him in after that, altered slightly to fit the different continuity. Eventually, this happened as well as I added him as one of the main characters in Repeating History.

Warwick Zachery was another soldier in the same time as William and Daniel Bennett. Warwick helped the brothers fight against the Undead, and rebuild their kingdom in the founding of Havenshire. Every notable point in the history of Haven has always had a descendant of the Bennett family working alongside with a descendant of the Zachery family. They are seemingly destined to be eternal friends and comrades. In fact, it was one Edmund Zachery that retrieved the book during a second war against the Undead, when the Crimson Consortium failed to protect the kingdom from the combined forces of Half-Giants and Undead soldiers.

Mikael Zachery is a war hero, who has proved himself in many skirmishes against the Half-Giants in his time, and now his son, Alek, is the next in the Zachery line. Yet their destined comrades, the Bennett’s, seem to be extinct as the bloodline has been diluted through many marriages with other families.

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