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Nano and WDC

Nanowrimo is around the corner, and I shall indeed be taking part again. Not sure exactly what I’m going to work on this time, but, I would like to take the time to expound upon my recent endeavors towards urging my writing along.

I signed up on Writing.com a year ago, but never really looked at it beyond the first few visits. I forget what caused me to drift from it, but I did. Recently, I looked back, and got involved with a group on the site called World In Progress. They have these little courses designed to help a writer work on their characters, world, and other related topics towards strengthening their writing’s background. i.e. all that unwritten stuff that pretty much just exists in the writer’s head so they can write the story itself and make it more believable.

Well, I took their Character Creative, Timeline Technique, and Wonders of World Building classes. I’m going to look into the Ethnicity as well, just for the hell of it, but the point I wanted to make was…. I ventured away from using Fractal Mapper, and other programs, and looked into a video about building a map on Photoshop. I don’t have photoshop, but used gimp, and used what is available there to emulate what was done with the video, and I think I like how it came out there MUCH more than how it came out in the other programs. Not only did I make Verdania look better than on previous images, but I mapped out the other continents of the world of Demeteria, and am in the process of working on Arvandor as well. So, here we are, my map of Demeteria’s land masses.







My only dislike for this image, is the lack of ability to zoom in on specific regions of the map and put in more detail. It only comes up with a blurred, larger form of the area when I zoom in, even while I was working on it. So, even though I like how this turned out, I am still thinking of trying again if I ever get Campaign Cartographer 3.

This was not all I worked on, I made character sheets for a couple characters, and will continue to do others for other characters, but more importantly, I started work on a time line. I’ve hit a snag around the year 640, for the kingdom of Haven, not liking how I haven’t reached the year 1000 yet, and have already gotten certain events into the timeline. I’m going to switch my focus to the Elves, and work on their portion of the timeline, and see if I can stretch things out so that it at least exceeds 1,000 years, because I do have bits in the story already that refer to an event having happened 1,000 years ago, so the timeline won’t be complete anytime soon, but it is at least started and I’m working on it, which I had no idea how to start prior to this class. All thanks to Minara, GoldenAmber, and Robyn Sparks, the teachers & leaders of this group on Writing.Com.

My name on Writing.Com is the same as my Nano name, in case anyone wants to check me out: VerdaniaMan.

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In the wake of character development i.e. Day 31

All the while posting about Dorian Blackwood, I have gotten many likes and follows from people that had not otherwise been following my blog, so now, I wish to bring attention to those people. I’d like to hear from you all.

The story that I will be writing during this years NaNoWriMo, about Dorian, will be following him during a certain set of events that I plan to be the link between his story and my other work in progress, Repeating History. This story will not only feature him, but Li Shaoshen, the other character I wrote a spotlight on somewhat recently, and will feature some interaction with some of the protagonists of the Repeating History series.

Titled What Lies Between Power and Bliss, this story will be narrated by Dorian following imprisonment. He has been a criminal, as means to support his life in the absence of having any skill to use in a profession, for most of his life, and being arrested is not a surprise to him, nor is it something new to experience. This time it is different however, and he must find out what is going on in his life now, to bring on this change. Along the way he meets his polar opposite, in a man that comes from a land apart from Arvandor, yet all his life, Dorian has believed the continent of Arvandor to be the only one on his 75% water filled home. What does this mysterious man and this odd change to his life have in common? The answer lies in between Power and Bliss.

What have you all thought of these character development questions? What do you think of Dorian from what you have learned? And do you plan to read the story as it is posted here? Let me know what you think, please, for I thrive on feedback.

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Most in-depth Character Development – Day 24-30

Morality — Here we go… be prepared to be scarred for life.

Day 24:

Describe one fight they have had in the past (physical or otherwise).:

Dorian’s fights have been plentiful. I have a feeling I’ve answered this one already before as well, so I’m starting to have second thoughts about this questionnaire. Anyway, the final fight with Dorian’s father was an intense one, that also included fighting against his brothers, and pitting his knowledge of magic against theirs. While they had training, he had only self-practice to pit against their official training. He had to be careful, yet at the same time, the brother’s did not seem to be very skilled at all, attacking him one at a time, and in less than intelligent means. It was also the first time in his life when he lost control of his anger, yet remained completely aware of what transpired during such a time, when previously he’d lose ‘consciousness’ when Jinnzou took over.

Day 25:

What is one thing they feel strongly about?:

Well, aside from the previous question about pet peeves, and his adamant dislike of someone who steals another’s free will, he cares about his sister. Since that is something more frequently stated throughout this questionnaire, there isn’t really much to state here. Dorian has a general lack of care of anything that does not directly relate to him or his sister. If it doesn’t effect him, he doesn’t care what happens in the world. His dislike for robbing someone’s free will relates to his dislike for what his family did to Raina and him as well. No one would give permission to abuse them, really, but the idea of deciding someone’s life links up with the mentality he witnessed in his father and brothers. Not to mention that he is seeing such similarity in his mother’s family.

One trait they admire?:

There isn’t really anything Dorian admires, because he has it pretty much set in his mind that anything that is worthy of admiration is only ever shown by people when they wish to get something in return, thus making it not admirable. In short, it is all a lie. The fact that the Nightmist clan does everything they do in order to benefit the members of the clan is only slightly better therefore simply because it is not entirely selfish, but part of a group benefit.

What disturbs them?:


Day 26:

Do the ends justify the means in their eyes?:

Such is a very loaded question. He despises a lot of people for doing whatever they do for their own benefits, but at the same time, would more than likely not find any fault with hurting whoever he hurts if it means that he’d wind up finding and rescuing Raina. At the same time,  he will NOT rob someone of their free will. He simply won’t do it, and would go out of his way to pay someone back for doing such, even if the person who’s will they robbed had nothing to do with him. In fact, I am sure Dorian would step up to get in someone’s way even if they intended to rob the will of his family despite not caring for any of them, save Raina.

Are they a leader or a follower? Why?:

Dorian is Kirito. For those that do not watch anime, or do not like it, or whatever reason you have for not being familiar with the character Kirito, Kirito is a solo person who does not wish to be around people for the sole fact that he likes to get involved in deep and dangerous things. For Kirito it is in a desire to not cause anyone to become harmed in the fact that they would more than likely be involved in something way out of their league. Not out of a sense of superiority, but simply to not have the guilt associated with feeling responsible for their harm. For Dorian, his reasons are less noble. Sure, he doesn’t really wish to hurt anyone. If his dreams were to ever be realized, he would live with Raina in some far off and secluded place where he would never have to fight again. However, he simply does not care enough about anything or anyone to want to be associated with them unless of course their goals sync up with his. He would not submit to authority however, and would at best simply be an associate, not a follower or leader. That is how people are treated within the Nightmist Clan. Brothers and sisters, companions, not leaders and followers.

What do they feel responsible for? (Ex. I owe it to the world to do this.):

Raina’s security.

Day 27:

Do they believe that a person can redeem themselves from mistakes of the past?:

He can only hope. That decision lies in the person that has been wronged. If Raina can forgive him, then he’ll be relieved beyond description.

What scares them?:

The prospect of finding all he’s done to have been for nothing. Failing in his search for Raina, finding his father to still be alive and to be still under his grip, or to simply be transitioned into the abusive control of his mother’s family.

How do they feel about death? Have they been significantly affected by it?:

Dorian does not fear death. He strives to survive, merely to find and rescue Raina, but his own well being is hardly a concern of his. If he manages to rescue Raina, and get her somewhere safe, he does not care if he winds up dying in the process or after.

Day 28:

Do they value faith over reason or vice versa?:

Dorian holds no faith in … faith.

Do they believe in an afterlife?:

Heaven forbid. (pun most definitely intended)

Do they have any habits that reflect their beliefs? (Ex. regular prayer, vegetarianism, etc.):


Do they respect the beliefs of others?:

They are mocked.

Day 29:

Would they be more likely to act for the good of one or the good of many?:

If it benefits his goals of finding Raina, sure, he’ll act. Otherwise, he’ll act for no one.

Are they manipulative?:

Quite honest and outright about his ways.

Choose a holiday and come up with a potential scenario involving your character and that holiday.:

Oktoberfest. Dorian drinks himself into a stupor.

Day 30:

Is the character religious? What are their views, and why or why not?:

Their views are that the gods don’t really care, or do not possess as much power as they purport themselves to have. Because why else would so much suffering exist in this world with benevolent gods watching over us?

How would they like to die?:

Anyway, after Raina is safe.

Choose a person, historical or fictional, and write about a meeting between them and your character.:

I sat upon a rock outcropping, spilling down from the foothills, down to the river. It was a rare moment, where I got to just sit, feel the wind, and not worry about someone disturbing me and stirring up anger. A moment of peace. The gods must have fallen asleep.

As I sat there, staring at the rippling water of the river as it traveled downstream towards the falls in the distance, I heard a voice. Someone muttering, to himself, about something. When I looked to see who it was, I saw the hunched figure of a nearly naked male crawling, as if he were some four-legged animal down alongside the river. His mutterings were discernible after a moment.

“They stoles it from us. We must gets it back, but how precious? Wrings their neck, smash their faces against the rocks, we must. That is how we do’s it.”

Is that how I sounded when I argued with Jinnzou? As if on que…

“He sounds crazier than you do, Dorian,” Jinnzou chuckled in my head. I grumbled and the sound of such seemed to grasp the others attention. He silenced, and turned himself towards me, a look of frustration on his face as if he had found me snooping and spying on him.

“Who is it precious? Who is the filthy sneaker?”

“Well, I just took a bath this morning. You however look like you reek. I can smell your stench with my eyes,” I said.

“Nasty thing! It speaks ill of us, it does. Smash its faces in with the rocks it sits on!”

“And here I thought I had a poor grasp on my anger..” I muttered, lowly.

“We’ll silence him, precious!” He declared, as he turned himself and started crawling towards me, faster than anyone should be able to when using their knees as if they were hind legs. “We’ll shuts him up with rock and strangles the breath outs of him!”

Now, I have no idea what happened in this guy’s life, but I wasn’t about to feel sympathy for being in a similar state of mind as I. I would like to think that I had more clarity of mind than he. I leaned back, and before he could reach my hand with those boney fingers of his, I shoved my foot against his chest, and shoved him away, kicking his nearly nonexistent weight nearly into the river itself. He fell with a thud at the river’s edge.

With a lofted brow, I got to my feet casually, taking my time. He, on the other hand, scrambled, and perhaps did himself more harm than good, getting back to his … feet? No, he remained in that ‘four-legged’ posture.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“It asks us who we are. How dare he ask us. He who snuck up on us.”

“I was just sitting on the rock when you came upon me, fool. It’s not my fault if you were too busy talking with yourself to notice me.”

He squealed out of anger, I presume, and launched himself at me again. He clung to me, using my upper body as leverage to keep himself there, and tried to strangle me again. He was so light-weighted and small enough that he could have been a bag I carried. I staggered back, but swung a fist into his side, which made him wail. However, he clung to me still with his legs around my body. I turned as I continued to stumble, and used such as momentum in shoving him right into the rocks I had been sitting on. He let go then, and backing away, I withdrew the sword at my hip, and pointed the blade right to his face. When he regained his composure, he finally had the sense to look worried and scared. He rose both his arms in front of him, and withered against the rock.

“Now, tell me your name, you pathetic little rat.”

His body continued to wither from me, curling up into a ball. Did he think that would protect him? Whether he did or not, it at least made me pause. He began to shake, as if he were suddenly ill, coughing with such vigorousness that I thought he was dry heaving. As he did however, I eventually noticed, he was answering me.

“Gollum! Gollum!”

“Gollum? What an odd… well, whatever. Gollum, you are delusional.” I lofted my brow at him. He was still trying to curl himself up, as if he could make himself smaller before the blade I still had pointed at him. Was I doomed to this state? Would I one day be as pathetic if I could not learn to control Jinnzou? I lowered my sword, and with a huff, slipped it back into its scabbard. “I pity you, and I pity myself…” I walked off.

“So pathetic,” Jinnzou said in my mind.

“He is,” I muttered softly.

“You, not him.” I snarled. Jinnzou laughed. “I am pathetic for staying my hand?”

“Staying your hand? Is that it? It looked to me like you chickened out. Not even able to kill a weakling.”

“Contrary to your belief, I need not kill everything that crosses my path.”

“If you want to live, you should discard that belief. No one cares about you, they never have. They only wish to use you; to abuse you. If you wish to live, you must dispose of them.”

“Gollum cannot hurt me.”

“You misinterpret what he is capable. He is crazed, he is wild. Were you not deemed weak in your father’s eyes?”

I hesitated a step and nearly tripped over a rock. As I regained my footing, I snarled again. “Be silent, Jinn.” I could feel the heat from inside me. He hated that name.

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Most in-depth Character Development – Day 19-23

Day 19: Future:

What are their dreams? What do they want to do someday?:

I’m beginning to think this character development questionnaire is just repetitive, and not really more in depth. 1: To find his sister 2: Live peacefully with said sister.

Are there places they want to go? Where and why?:

Somewhere safe. Because it’s safe.

Day 20:

If these don’t apply already: do they want to get married? Have kids?

Maybe. No. He doesn’t trust marriage, because it involves an emotion that Dorian does not believe exists. And he wouldn’t want kids, not wanting to put them through hell because he could never give them a stable life. He lives on the streets, and steals. A parent shouldn’t be teaching their kid how to steal, so no.

Would they ever consider adopting a child? Why or why not?

No. See previous answer.

Do they have any prominent sensory associations? (Ex. the smell of their mother’s perfume, the sound of ice cracking under their feet as a child, etc.)

The crack of a whip will ring bells.

Day 21:

Who do they want to meet?:

Nice people. He won’t hold his breath.

What about them is heroic?


What would the character be like in their old age?

Wrapped in a white coat, hugging himself.

Day 22:

Describe one (or more) plots you would like to do.

Dorian has been involved in a lot, but there is much of his back story that was left blank; despite what I’ve described so far. When I first played him in AOL, he was over 300 years old, and there was not a whole lot of history described for those years between his separation from his sister, and that point in the RP. I’m basically bringing what happened in AOL to an earlier point in his life, so that I don’t linger with a large gap of time with no events having occurred.

Dorian’s story, his life, has only really had one major plot, and other than his search for finding his sister, I never really had any major plots in mind. He underwent minor plots with other role-players that I rp’d with over the years, from drug smuggling story lines with some friends in the WoW version of Dorian to a war against a super powerful undead leader. There were also versions of his story where instead of turning solely to a life of crime, he managed to forge his father’s handwriting –in a modern age story line– and use his father’s money to support himself and get himself a real job. In which case, he actually became a cop, and had some interesting story situations where he was actually doing drug busts instead of drug smuggling. This was also in a paranormal story line, so on top of drug busts, there was dealings with ultra-violent vampires and lycanthropes in a Anita Blake inspired RP group. He dealt with vampires and werewolves as his friends in AOL, so in the end it’s different, yet still the same.

Since Rhy’din was a hodge podge of genres of fiction, I think I wouldn’t mind taking a look at Dorian from a futuristic view point, and putting him in a world where technology has reached a space age. It won’t see publication though, as I’d like to stick with Dorian’s original story and setting as the published version. But writing about Dorian as if he were in the Star Wars universe would be fun for some personal freelance fun. ((Hell, I played Star Wars: The Old Republic and had a Jedi Consular named Dorian Nightmist.))

Day 23:

The Day 23 question is not answerable, as it does not pertain to the time frame in which Dorian’s story takes place.

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Most in-depth Character Development – Day 16-18

I skipped a day inadvertantly, I was busy, and almost skipped another. I couldn’t sleep, so I got back on, and realized I hadn’t done yesterday’s post, so here’s another group, of three days. 12 days are left in this list, and I think I’ll finish it very soon if the rest of them are in small groups like this.

Day 16: Sex and Romance

What is their sexual orientation? Do they ever question it?:

Dorian is so straight, it hurts to turn corners. There has never been an instance where he would question it.

When did they lose their virginity? Who to? Where? What was it like?:

I believe I’ve stated before that Dorian had only one love in his life, and that was quite literal, to a point. Rosalinde Bloodrose was his first love, his first lover, his first everything to a large degree. Not that he’s had any shortage since then, but she still remains to be the only person he’s truly loved. He wasn’t an impressionable youth when he was with her for the first time either, though that doesn’t necessarily make it better. I never put much thought into what it was like for either of them in their first time together, but what I can say is that after that first time, they were like wild cats in heat. Dorian’s relationship with Rosa was entirely played out in role-play on AOL, but I am not sure if we really specified anything about their physical relationship. They could barely keep their hands off each other even in situations where clothes were kept on, so I can only imagine it was good if they couldn’t refrain from touching so much. Even with the heated arguments they were prone to. Make up sex must have been a doosy.

What is their favorite sexual fantasy?:

What I can say is that Dorian is a bit spontaneous in the physical aspects of his love life. So, I would have to say, his biggest fantasy lies in exhibitionist tendencies.

Day 17: More Sex and Romance

Do they have any particular fetishes or kinks?:

Dorian isn’t exactly shy when he is in the mood. He’s shy in other regards, but it is simply not often that he gets to experiment in this field. It is a weird mixture, I must admit. He’ll try things, and then there are things he won’t. But it is difficult to introduce something to try that will put him out of the mood.

What’s the strangest thing they’ve ever done in bed?:

Wake up in it the next morning.

Is there anything in particular that they won’t do?:

Anal. Just… no. Scat… ugh.

What are they attracted to in a partner?:


Day 18: Chafing yet?

If applicable: who is their current partner, and what attracted the character to them? How did they meet? How long have they been together? What kind of a relationship is it? Do they have any plans for the future?:

For the purposes of the story being written in November, Dorian is with Rosalinde. Rosalinde reminds him of her sister, she suffered the same pains both emotionally and physically. However, Rosalinde was not affected by such things as he was, so she represents a strength he searches for. Her parents were not the abusive force in her life, but her pain was identical to Raina’s the day Dorian originally snapped. So, she cannot 100% relate to Dorian’s pain, but it is the closest to it that he had seen at that point. Because of these differences, they get into arguments over how Dorian is dealing with it. Rosa attempted to help Dorian with a firm hand, which does work for some people, but it wasn’t for him. Nevertheless she tried. In the end, they always found means to make up and be happy, but Rosalinde and Dorian’s love life is –as I’ve stated in another post– the perfect image of the lyrics to “I love the way you lie.” The relationship is rocky, and they have their moments of hostility, but in the end, they always know that they’ll have each other’s back, and help each other through anything. They have a future, and they don’t. It is hard to describe since their relationship has been played out in AOL, but I’m telling the story in the middle in what I’ll be writing.

What would be their perfect date?:

Dorian is not the sort of person to go out on a date. He has issues with confidence without that kind of pressure. But to simply drop the name, and look at it from a contextual point of view, the best times Rosa and Dorian have together are when they just spend time alone, outside at night under a tree or something to that effect. Going to an inn for dinner never turns out well, because they are both members of the Nightmist clan, and there is a very clear illegality to what they do.

Describe one of the character’s past relationships and what was significant about it.:

In the writing, there are none. Rosa was his first. Aside from Rosa, all his relationships have never been more than physical.

Have they ever hurt someone they loved?:

Dorian and Rosa hurt each other on a daily basis, pretty much. Remember, love-hate. I love the way you lie. Physically and emotionally they hurt each other constantly, and mended each other’s wounds the best they could. It is almost as if they were holding a competition and comparing scars.

Do they fall in love easily?:

Trust and Love are very similar. One must trust in order to love, and Dorian does not trust very many people. Less people than he has fingers. And he isn’t missing any fingers.

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Most in-depth Character Development – Day 11-15

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 11): You guessed it, I’m going to breeze through them today.

What were they like as a child? What was their favorite toy? Favorite game? Playmates?
What did they want to be when they grew up?:

Miserable. Dorian’s childhood was hell. He didn’t have toys, play games, have playmates, or anything to be happy about. All he had, was his sister, who he had to share those punishments with. Dorian’s only desire, as a child, was to survive and be free of his father. There was nothing else to want. And he got it when he was eight, but not until after he had to witness something truly painful.

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 12):

Describe their best and worst memories from childhood.:

This is pretty obvious. There were no good memories at all, so to name a best one is impossible. His worst memories were the first eight years of his life. He lived in constant shifts between anger and fear. He wanted to save Raina, at the same time as save himself, and he grew angry not just at how they were treated, but at his inability to do anything about it.

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 13):

Where (and when) did they grow up? How did they view it as a child, and did that change as they matured? How do they feel about the place now?:

Dorian lived the first eight years of his life in his father’s home, in a small village of Kadmos. It was hell on earth. He hated it. Now, the place does not exist. Dorian burned it to the ground. From eight even till now, Dorian has no home, and lives in whatever empty space he can freely occupy just to have shelter from the elements.

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 14):

Do they, or have they in the past, had a mentor? What was their relationship with this person, and how has it changed since then?:


What sort of education have they had? Do they want more?:


Who was their idol growing up? Who was the first person they fantasized about?:

His sister. She was the only one who cared about him. He envisioned her as both a mother and the ideal woman. He never had romantic thoughts about her, but he loved her as both sister and mother, and wanted to protect her from all harm especially after what he had witnessed on the day they escaped their father.

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 15):

Who is their closest friend, and why? What do they like to do with this person?:

Dorian has no friends. The Nightmist Clan is the closest to it, and even then, he does not know what to call them. He has had no experience otherwise with people who were not out to benefit themselves in everything they do. People who care for anyone other than themselves is limited, in his point of view, and so it is difficult to convince him you are among the exception to the rule. Kain Nightmist would be the closest thing to a friend, but Dorian views him merely as a business associate that is easy to get along with.

Do they have any rivals? Who and why?:

No. To have a rival one must be seeking a similar goal. Dorian has yet to find someone who is truly seeking something similar that he feels he must compete with. Dorian does not care about competition.

Have they ever been betrayed? By who, and how did it affect them?:

Dorian has never really trusted anyone other than his sister. I do not think he would consider his father’s actions a betrayal, because Dorian was too young to have trusted yet. He kept his distance all through his life, and so no one has given him a means to be betrayed. That does not make him any more trusting however. I suppose though, from a larger perspective, it could be considered a betrayal.


Be prepared for other group postings. I may actually get this finished before November because of that. The rest of the questions are in small numbers for each day, so depending on how much there is to answer, I may get this done in the next ten days. Of course, then I’ll have to post about other characters, like Li Shaoshen and perhaps Aleksander Zachery from my Repeating History stories.

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Most in-depth Character Development – Day 10

I am getting more and more anxious by the day to write Dorian’s story. It is now October 21. 10 more days to the month, and then … it’s November, and I can begin! I’m spinning in circles in anticipation! Till then, on with the Dorian development posts.

Relationships and history: The next five days worth of posts all relate to the same topic, so … guess what?

Day 10: What is their family history like? How does it affect them? How do they feel about their family? How does their family feel about them?:

Well, again, this is something I’ve clued in on all throughout these posts so far. A little more detail perhaps.

Liam Blackwood is the sole son of his parents, and is the head of the Blackwood family. With Jillian Cavanagh, he fathered five children : four boys and one girl. Dorian does not know whether or not there was true love between Liam and Jillian, but when Jillian died in childbirth with her fifth and last child, he became … crazy. He was obsessed with her, perhaps. One might even want to feel sympathy for him under the pretense that he did not know how to live his life without Jillian. Dorian never saw it that way. Sure, he was able to comprehend some sense of obsession on Liam’s part, but he would never find himself feeling sympathy for his own father. Pity, at best. Liam was not as skilled in the Blackwood family talents as his predecessors were, and having been too focused on other things, such as his cruel treatment of Dorian, and his deception involving the Cavanagh family, he was too busy to actually teach his own sons.

Mathias Blackwood is the eldest son, and he was skilled with fire. Like his younger brothers –except for Dorian– he learned from Liam’s parents. He was the spitting image of Liam, and did all he could to emulate his father. His skill in magic was the only difference between them.

Lance Blackwood is the second son, and he was skilled with earth. He tried to emulate father, but did not have the same looks as Mathias or Liam. He served his father, and earned a high place in his father’s standing.

Harald Blackwood is the third son, and he was skilled with water. He was nothing more than a puppy. He did not have the looks or the drive to emulate as his older brothers had. He simply did whatever father told him to do, and he did it without debate or an appearance of his own mind. He was Igor. “Yes, master!”

Jillian Cavanagh was never known to Dorian, and Raina was very young when she died, so she remembers very little, and none of it significant. Whether or not Jillian was nicer than anyone else in the family, they do not know. What is known, is that Jillian was supposedly better skilled at her use of her abilities than Liam was at his.

Raina Blackwood is the only daughter of Liam and Jillian, and is Dorian’s older sister. After Jillian’s death, Raina did what she could to provide the care for Dorian that would otherwise be given by Jillian. She earned herself punishment from Liam for that fact, though she was already earning punishment because of her inability to grasp the magical skills that Liam and his side of the family specialized in. She took after her mother more, and though she eventually learned wind magic, she was more adept with the Cavanagh’s magical talents.

Logan Cavanagh was Jillian’s brother, and is only seen as someone attempting to follow through on his mother’s orders, and retrieve some object that Jillian had. It was a family heirloom, and in Jillian’s death, was to be passed on down to her younger sister. Logan does not possess the magical skills that is common in the Cavanagh family –in fact, it seems as if he possesses no magical skills at all– and fights merely through stealth and hand-to-hand combat.

Kara Cavanagh is Jillian and Logan’s mother, and is seen from time to time by Dorian. He called her grandmother, though he never believes she is really his grandmother because of the fact that she looks to be barely older, or as old as, than himself. This is due to one of her personal skills.

Kiyomi Cavanagh is a female operative of the family, always wearing a pink cloak and a white mask painted to have a serpent’s face. She never takes it off, so Dorian does not even know what she looks like. He has run into her often, as she seems to be one of the people specifically chasing Dorian for the heirloom. Dorian assumes she is Logan’s daughter, but nothing has been stated by anyone for the validity –or lack thereof– of that assumption.

Jillian and Logan’s younger sister is not named, or shown, in my writing yet. But, she may have an appearance. For the time, I cannot really describe anything about her as I don’t have a real clear image of her in my mind. Till then, this will have to suffice.

Dorian holds no desire to get to know his father’s family, convinced they are no better than him. Whether or not they’re no worse is of no concern, for he is sure they’re no better. The Cavanagh family, he has had more interaction with than he cares for. His grandmother is convinced that he possesses the item that she originally sent Logan after Liam to get. Dorian denies he has it, even though he does. He however, is unaware that he has it. Their descriptions of the item never take in the physical appearance of it, and so he merely denies, vehemently, that he has it. Dorian does not know how either side feels about him –especially the Blackwood side, since he’s had no interaction with them– but knows that he does not care how they feel, for he does not want to know any of them any better. He just wants Raina safe again, and to be off with her in peace and quiet.

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Most in-depth Character Development – Day 9

I fast-forwarded through days in the last post, but I’m not skipping days, I’m continuing on!

Day 9:  More skills and knowledge

How are they with technology?:

I wouldn’t say Dorian is terrible with technology. His original creation, in the world of Rhy’din, put him in a world where all levels of technology –or lack thereof– was available, but in Arvandor, I do not plan to really show any great usage of technology. I’m not one for modern writing, and sci fi is a challenge for me. Contrary to some other characters of mine, however, he does not struggle with technology nor does he excel with it. He does not work with it in the design field either, but uses it where it is necessary, I’d say.

Are they specially qualified in any particular field? Would they be considered at the top of the field?:

Magic and Stealth operations are his field. He’s not as good as those among his mother’s side of the family in stealth, but he has gotten quite good at not being heard or seen. At the same time, he has developed some quite flashy skills in the magical area. Of course, while Jinnzou is in control, he does even better. Without Jinnzou, he isn’t really as skilled as anyone from his father’s side of the family (and even less skilled in the stealth area than normal).

Have they ever been publicly acknowledged for anything? (Ex. Nobel Prize)

The Nobel Prize does not exist in this world, but even by a different name, no. Dorian has never received any public prizes. However, acknowledgements in the more negative sense… Yes, he’s had a price on his head, wanted posters spread around; of course.

Is there anything they’ve deliberately sought to improve at?

Everything. Dorian suffers from a low self confidence. So, he’s always trying to better himself. However, Jinnzou doesn’t make it easy and is always putting him down. He’s even known to put himself down without Jinnzou a few times. It is a constant struggle; one he’ll likely never overcome.

Do they speak more than one language?

He can speak Elvish (somewhat different from the Tolkien Elvish I use for other characters), Common, Draconic (no, not D&D Draconic), and a form of Serpent language (somewhat similar to parsel tongue from Harry Potter, but come on folks, this character existed long before the name Harry Potter was breathed in America).

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Most in-depth character development – Day 6-8

I’m anxious and not a cheater. The next three are also even shorter posts than the Day 5 post, so I’m speeding through them. Don’t hate me! Why would you hate me for this? Well, even if you do… =Þ Phbbbt!

Day 6: Resources and abilities continued.

Why do they have their resources? How long have they had them, and how have they served the character over time? (Ex. Contacts, money, political power, fame, etc.):

Money is not something Dorian has. He steals so that he can sell and get money, or steals money outright. This money is to be able to pay for food, clothing (if he needs new clothes), and shelter (if he must pay for it). There is no other need for money. Political power he could care less for. He wants no part of the corruption of the Empire’s royalty and nobility, and has no desire to twist them even simply to meet his own ends. Especially not to meet his own ends. As for fame, he has it, but does not want it. Truthfully, he is not famous, he is infamous, and his name is known among many circles in the criminal world as well as among the soldiers of the empire. He craves for his name to not be known, so he could bask in the quiet of not being known. His contacts are among the Nightmist Clan. They are the only people –aside from Raina– that he cares about. And he has his cares for them as well. So he does not see them as his contacts, but as his family (again though, he’ll never use the term family, since he views family as just a corrupt concept as the empire’s royalty and nobility).

The story I’ll be writing for NaNo begins when he’s in his late 20’s. Dorian met the Nightmist Clan roughly when he was about 17 or 18 years old, shortly after his final confrontation with his father, only a couple years into his search for Raina. So he is coming close to a 10 year association with the Nightmist.

Dorian has danced between various aliases to dodge being known, but even as a young child people knew who he was. This knowledge altered over time, but people always knew “Dorian Blackwood is the son of Liam Blackwood and Jillian Cavanagh.” Then, they came to know “Jett Kuroi and Reiku Kuroi are two children putting the older criminals in Kadmos to shame.” And on that day, when Dorian was 15, and he faced off against his father in the market, they learned “Jett Kuroi is Dorian Blackwood.” Since then, Dorian has always been in hiding, doing his best to be unseen. His face was known since that day, his appearance would identify him no matter what name he gave to people, so that was why he adopted to wearing more concealing clothes. He also pretty much abandoned the Jett Kuroi name as well. After associating with the Nightmist Clan he alternated between using Jett Nightmist and Dorian Nightmist, and when he ventured into Higashi and Minami, he adopted the name Daisuke Yogiri. No one has seemingly identified Daisuke Yogiri to any of the other names, and seems to be his safest name at the time. People are aware of the Nightmist clan, not necessarily that Dorian Nightmist is Dorian Blackwood, or that Jett Nightmist is Jett Kuroi, but simple knowledge of what the Nightmist do makes him less anxious to even use those names.

Day 7: Residence

Where does your character live? Why did they choose it, and how did they acquire it? How do they handle intruders (graciously? violently?)? Describe the space.

Dorian does not have a home. Dorian has lived in many places in his life, but none of them could be considered a home. His first residence, his father’s home, was a place of torture. The ‘basement’ was literally nothing more than a dungeon, and he had spent much time in there. Since his escape from that place, Dorian and Raina took up residence in more than one abandoned apartments within the slums of Kadmos, using them merely as temporary hide-outs. They abandoned them if the location grew too dangerous. After he and his sister were separated, Dorian continued to use whatever space he could find. Abandoned apartments were simply the easiest to move in to. He didn’t have a whole lot of personal possessions, so all he had to do was slip in, sleep for the night, and see in the morning, if he would be lingering there for long. After his association with the Nightmist, his home became more stable, though it was still never a home. Doing jobs for the Nightmist Clan he would, from time to time, be able to get a room at a tavern/inn to stay for the night, or for a few days, whatever the case may be. Either way, when he was not on the road, with a delivery, he would be hiding out in a run down place where no one would look into because that was usually where the criminals hung out.

Dorian did not greet unexpected ‘guests.’ If he did not expect anyone to be near, he would be wielding his arms quickly, and would chase anyone away. He prefers not to kill, so he would not go so far as to kill anyone that happened upon him, but he would scare them off to the best of his ability. If the intruder happened to be someone seeking him specifically, however, then it would more than likely turn into a fight for his life. In which case, once the fight was over, he would be on his way again to somewhere new.

Day 8: Personality/Traits

What are some of your character’s more notable merits and flaws (including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.)? How did they develop? How has this helped or hindered them in the past?:

I have more than likely answered this throughout the other posts, but just to recap, here we go…

Dorian has no merits.

When he is ‘himself’, when he is Jett, he is a shy, nervous, unconfident person. He does not desire to cause any harm to anyone. He wants to live peacefully with his sister and not be bothered by anyone. He was a secluded life where he doesn’t even have to interact with other people. A life where he can just be happy and his sister can be happy. He does not believe in any religion, despite having had interaction with deities and other religious figures in the past. He feels that if these people are really gods, then why do they permit such strife in the world? If they were really benevolent beings, they would have wiped the strife from existence. He isn’t agnostic or atheistic, he despises the idea of religion.

When he is Jinn, when his anger is unchecked, he has no restraints. He will attack anyone who hinders him from doing what he wishes to do. He has no qualms with letting who he is from being known, and will destroy anything in his path if he feels the whim to do so. The matter of religion is now a moot point, because in this state, he feels he has the power to contend, and lacks the desire to care how people feel regarding such. Woe be to any who get in his way. Jinn is the one responsible for freeing Jett from his horrible family, in both instances of contention between him and his father.

Physically, Dorian is short and scrawny. He is not weak, but toned and agile. However, you won’t see him performing any great feats of strength. He can handle himself, but if he is forced into a place where speed and the element of surprise do not aide him, he may be pressed to find a way out of his situation.

He is also self-conscious about his short stature. His angered half could care less, and will just kill anyone who jokes about it, but in a calmer state of mind, he will become frustrated and depressed over comments about such. This self-consciousness also plays into his inability to do well with women. His lack of confidence makes him worry more and more about what to say or do, and thus ends up saying completely untrue and stupid things, leading himself into a web of lies that he can’t find a way out of, nor remember how it began. This of course, leads to Jinn ridiculing him as well, which eventually leads to anger, outrage, and outburst.

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Most in-depth character development – Day 5

Back on track now, so Day 5 here we are. Another short one.

Day 5 – Resources and abilities

Where did they learn their abilities?:

Dorian’s father and brothers clearly did not want to and would not ever teach Dorian anything about the magical style that was prevalent in the Blackwood family. Raina was receiving very little training as it was, since she was not progressing with what teaching she did get. They were giving up on her. Dorian learned through watching his older brothers be taught, reading books in secret, when his father or brothers were not watching him, and then self practice. He wasn’t fond of learning from Blackwood family texts, but he had to learn something if he hoped to one day fight back. The situation he was in put a kind of block on what he learned though. Just as he tried to suppress his anger, so did some of what he learned get repressed as well. Not consciously, it just happened. When his anger took control, so was that learning released when he lashed out against his father. Nevertheless, the majority of his learning was self-taught. After he and his sister were free, they practiced together, but that would be the extent of what could be considered formal training.

If they have an income, where does it come from?:

Other people’s pockets.

Do they have a job? Do they like it? How do they feel about their co-workers?:

He’s a criminal! Thief, Pickpocket, Assassin, you name it, he’s done it, just so he could get by. He’s never liked it, because his family were criminals. They did it out of desire. He does it out of necessity. His only ‘co-workers’ ever, was Raina and then the Nightmist clan, which specialized in smuggling and trade. The Nightmist clan was the only group of people Dorian had come to trust alike his sister. He never referenced them as a family, but that was how the Nightmist clan worked. They were a ‘family’ of cast offs, supporting each other. Dorian does not put much weight in the idea of a family, and so he has no other word to call them. They’re simply with him. They are the Nightmist clan.

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