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The Blogging Game

Anyone who still, or ever did, read this is most likely aware that I lack … well, something, in keeping up. I have never been one to talk much, in person, unless it specifically related to something I was interested in. i.e. my nerdy desires. Even with that being the topic, I have never been one that easily initiates conversation. I keep a lot of what I want to say in even among fellow nerds because of insecurities. I don’t think that comes as a surprise either. I have more ease talking to myself, and I do it a lot. It’s like I have no inner monologue, and so I just start talking to myself about an idea that pops into my head. I delineate through multiple tangents that spawn off that original idea. And then, I forget it all. I have, in the past taken to recording myself when I do talk to myself, but I tend to get some thoughts out before I remember to start recording, and then once I do record, I notice that my thoughts become slower and that I don’t go through as much tangent as I would have done otherwise. I can’t explain it.

Anyway, as I have said before, I’m going to try and get back into this, and keep updates on my ideas, on my work, and hope that one day, I’ll have the motivation and energy to finally finish one of my millions of story ideas. I hope to include the notes I’ve been making towards my world building ideas and hope to include some of the recordings, perhaps, of myself talking to myself. Doubt it will be interesting, but I feel I need feedback. I need someone’s comments, ideas on my ideas, compliment or criticism, because I want to get something published eventually. Even if it doesn’t rake in tons of money, I want to get something published.

So, this is one post, and I’m going to be looking into putting together some sort of … queue, or schedule of posts for the blog, and hopefully get this working towards a positive result.

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