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Elves, Elves, Everywhere!

Lately, I have been noticing a web search on “elven culture” linking to another page of mine. Now, I do not know how genuine it is, because I did the search myself and I went through 15 pages of results on google without finding my own page and so gave up. I seriously do not see people going through 15+ pages of results, not finding what they want (i.e. stumbling upon my page) without revising their keywords. And so, I started thinking. As those who know me will figure out, my thoughts travel in nonsensical patterns and I decided to do a bit of writing on Elven Culture again. Now, this is where my two series of story intertwine, as I have stated in previous posts. The stories of Aleksander Zachery (Repeating History) and Dorian Blackwood (What Lies Between…) are in entirely different worlds, or planets. However, they exist within the same universe. Even though neither tale is any way tied to Science Fiction (…yet) I do stress planets, simply to make it clear that their environs are not separate continents in the same world. Arvandor and Demeteria are different planets within the same cosmos.

Anyway, delays aside… I made a post titled “Elven Nation Culture” where I discussed, specifically, the elves of Demeteria. However, the deities that created Demeteria are the same that created Arvandor. I feel, since the same things occurred (regarding the Sylvan) in Demeteria as in Arvandor, then there would be similarities between the species of Elf that Dorian gets classified under and the species of Elf that the Silverleaf, Dusksinger, Sunstorm, etc. families get classified under. Not to say that Dorian would be a Marsh Elf (since he has physical similarities to that of Dinaer Dusksinger and other of the Marsh Elf sect) but that he would have at the very least, some similarities there-in. Afterall, “Aldeon” is the name given to the forests of Higashi due to the color of their leaves. Aldeon is an Elvish word that means “Ever-Autumn;” this is the same dialect of Elvish spoken by the Forest Elves in the Sylvan Woods, Verdania of the Demeterian world. Dorian was born neither in a forest nor a marsh, but the town he lives in is very close to both types of land-mass within the continent of Arvandor. Who is to say which species he is? To be honest, I never really dwelt on a specific sub-species of Elf that he would be classified under. But, in these thoughts of Elven Culture that were brought about by the origin of this post’s creation, I cannot help but feel I now should.

However, just because Arvandor and Demeteria are of the same universe, does not mean that he gets classified by the same sub-species. Not every world would be exactly alike, that is proven simply in the layout of the terrain in both worlds. So, how does Dorian get classified? Despite the idea that the classifications would not be viewed similarly in each world, I cannot help but say that Dorian would not be a wood elf/forest elf because of, perhaps, my love for Tolkein. Dorian looks nothing like Legolas’ style of Mirkwood Elves, nor does he look like Celeborn & Galadriel, the Loth’Lorian style of Elf. Rather, Dorian is more alike Elrond and Arwen. Shorter hair, of course, but still… darker colored eyes and hair, and tanned skin from not having barrier of tree branches over-head. But which is it that made Elrond different? Being Half-Elven or being Half-Maiar? Obviously, the Maiar do not exist within my story and Dorian is not Half-Elven. Anyway, that’s a matter of thought for another time. Either way, Dorian is not Forest Elf or Marsh Elf, alike those in my other series. Nor is he very much in tune with his Elven lineage, for his family did not seem very much attuned with it in the same manners as was found in Tolkein’s work or in Repeating History. The Cavanagh family show a very dark demeanor, and being snakes, perhaps they could be classified as Marsh Elves. As for the Blackwood family, they could very well be considered Forest Elves, but perhaps an example of a sub-sect within the sect? Blackwood; perhaps they lived in a small forest that bordered the marsh, where darker wood trees were found, rather than being from Aldeon itself. In which case, Dorian would be half-Marsh Elf, half-Forest Elf. Making him something unique and without a name of its own. That seems fitting to me.

The Cavanagh and the Blackwood are not the only elves in the story, and I never explored what the others of the Nightmist were. In Rhy’din, in AOL RP, there were many things they were, and that was the splendor while at the same time the curse of being a Rhy’din RPer. Freedom to do as you wish is great, but often times, people do go overboard. Myself included. And to be honest, it was 20 years ago, so I do not recall every detail from back then. So, was Rosa an elf as well? If so which sect? Kain? Vayne? Garr? etc. That will take some time to piece together. To push towards the point where I eventually unite the two series together, I would say that Vayne at least is an elf as well. I am sure there are a few people titillated by the idea of an Elven Vampire. Perhaps even a few that dislike the idea. But, these are my ideas, and the paths my mind takes. I told you I was crazy.

I do not have an area of frigid temperatures in the Arvandor world, yet. I have not defined any such creature as living in such an area, and so, that would mean that Ice Elves do not exist in Arvandor as they do in Demeteria. This does not mean that they cannot, as I have not really mapped out the whole of that world. It may come about in times, and who knows, maybe in time, I will come up with ideas to feature other types of Elves than are listed in the Demeteria world. Though, to be honest, I cannot think of anything else that would seem appropriate at the time. Unlike Elder Scrolls, I cannot feasibly think of creating  an Elven race that lives within the earth. That’s Dwarven territory and I do prefer to keep Dwarves and Elves as separate species/races.

However, while I cannot think of any other sect of elf, in regards to what I already have, I do kind of have ideas stemming from what was stated earlier. If Dorian is half Marsh Elf and half Forest Elf, what if I were to change Forest Elf to Wood Elf (hopefully not stepping on TES’s toes…) and then take into consideration the idea of sub sects. Since Dorian’s split lineage marks him from a forest nearby a marsh, what if within the categorization of Wood Elf there was then Pine Elf and Oak Elf etc. defining the type of wood or forested region they came from? And so on, try to do the same for the other categories as well. Such as River Elf being a cross between a Sea Elf and a Jungle Elf? Something more to think on.

Much to think on, so while I do that, I shall end the post here for now. Hope this equated to something more than textual rambling. =P


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The Future of the Blackwood family

In World of Warcraft, Dorian had a son. Now, while there were some differences between the Dorian Dawnmist in WoW and the Dorian Nightmist in what I wrote this past November, there is also plenty of similarity. Obviously, the mother is not the same person.

I have randomly begun thinking though of Dorian having a son. What would the relationship be like?

Dorian has big issues when it comes to things like family. In fact, he even hates the term ‘family’ because of his own feelings about his father and brothers. However, would things be different if he were the father? Part of him would wonder if he would turn evil, because of how his father treated him and his becoming a father. However, another part of him is devoutly focused on never being anything like his own father. However, he is still a criminal; dependent on thieving and things of the sort in order to survive.

He has no qualms nor regrets for doing what he had to do in order to get by. He wanted to survive, and therefore, thieved, killed, and many other criminal things, simply for the capability it presented to survival. But he would not want anyone to have to do this. In fact, he has always hoped to find some means to support himself and his sister so that they would not have to resort to such things. Who wants the Arvandorian Empire on his/her ass all his/her life? He would seek to do the same for a son, if he ever had one. He would not want his son, or his daughter whichever the case may be, to grow up having to commit crimes to get by. He has no qualms with doing what he has done, but he did not have a choice. It was thieve or die in a gutter. He would have no plans to abandon or abuse his own children, and therefore, would wish to provide for them. The usual parental mentality; “I want my kids to have all the things I could not have growing up.” However, Dorian does not possess the means to supply his own kids with such things as he still is dependent on criminal activity to get by. Even with the support of the Kindred and the Nightmist, he is still knee-deep in criminal acts in order to survive. They all have their problems, and they support each other, so they are one big family, but no one has the money to support themselves. All jobs bring in money that is used to support everyone.

I do not have a name in mind yet, because Kalline was only a fitting name for Dorian’s son considering related RP going on in WoW. Since both the mother and people Dorian is interacting with in the world of Arvandor are different, then a son’s name would be different too. Since this story is also based in part on RP that took place in AOL decades ago, I also cannot remember the name of his son back then, which merely puts further damper on involving a son in anything in the future.

As a general rundown, however, I see Dorian’s son being given, in time, the two relics of Dorian’s heritage. This would make his son the third of three people possessing their secrets and power, and could make for some interesting story about the son specifically. I see a relationship between Dorian and his son as one of conflict. While Dorian would never treat his son poorly, and do his best to try and lead his son to a respectable profession rather than to the life of a criminal, Dorian’s son might see something in that criminal underworld that might net more money and for less work. He would see that as a more lucrative and more desirable plan of action, and would get into arguments that seem very … mafia-esque, “Analyze This” similar. (in case you did not see, or do not remember, Robert De Niro plays Paul Vitti, a modern times mafioso in NYC who is having psychological trauma over unresolved issues with his father who tried to lead Paul to a better life, and keep him out of the business. As a child Paul witnessed the hitmen approaching them while out at dinner, and did not say anything. Thus, deep inside, Paul feels responsible for his own father’s death.) I’m not saying I am fantasizing about a situation in which I kill off Dorian, because I do not know that I could do that. I love writing about Dorian too much to just kill him off for a story about his son. However, I do see Dorian and his son in similar circumstances as Paul Vitti and his father; at odds about the son’s future.

Anyway, that is my ideas for now. I do not see the son being mentioned in the completion of What Lies Between Power & Bliss but I do hope to bring him up in the next story. And at some point, of course, I am also going to merge the worlds of this story with Aleksander Zachery’s. Of course, I already have, but I mean bringing the main characters into interaction with each other in order to finalize that union of universe.

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Most in-depth Character Development – Day 11-15

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 11): You guessed it, I’m going to breeze through them today.

What were they like as a child? What was their favorite toy? Favorite game? Playmates?
What did they want to be when they grew up?:

Miserable. Dorian’s childhood was hell. He didn’t have toys, play games, have playmates, or anything to be happy about. All he had, was his sister, who he had to share those punishments with. Dorian’s only desire, as a child, was to survive and be free of his father. There was nothing else to want. And he got it when he was eight, but not until after he had to witness something truly painful.

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 12):

Describe their best and worst memories from childhood.:

This is pretty obvious. There were no good memories at all, so to name a best one is impossible. His worst memories were the first eight years of his life. He lived in constant shifts between anger and fear. He wanted to save Raina, at the same time as save himself, and he grew angry not just at how they were treated, but at his inability to do anything about it.

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 13):

Where (and when) did they grow up? How did they view it as a child, and did that change as they matured? How do they feel about the place now?:

Dorian lived the first eight years of his life in his father’s home, in a small village of Kadmos. It was hell on earth. He hated it. Now, the place does not exist. Dorian burned it to the ground. From eight even till now, Dorian has no home, and lives in whatever empty space he can freely occupy just to have shelter from the elements.

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 14):

Do they, or have they in the past, had a mentor? What was their relationship with this person, and how has it changed since then?:


What sort of education have they had? Do they want more?:


Who was their idol growing up? Who was the first person they fantasized about?:

His sister. She was the only one who cared about him. He envisioned her as both a mother and the ideal woman. He never had romantic thoughts about her, but he loved her as both sister and mother, and wanted to protect her from all harm especially after what he had witnessed on the day they escaped their father.

Relationships and history: Part 2(Day 15):

Who is their closest friend, and why? What do they like to do with this person?:

Dorian has no friends. The Nightmist Clan is the closest to it, and even then, he does not know what to call them. He has had no experience otherwise with people who were not out to benefit themselves in everything they do. People who care for anyone other than themselves is limited, in his point of view, and so it is difficult to convince him you are among the exception to the rule. Kain Nightmist would be the closest thing to a friend, but Dorian views him merely as a business associate that is easy to get along with.

Do they have any rivals? Who and why?:

No. To have a rival one must be seeking a similar goal. Dorian has yet to find someone who is truly seeking something similar that he feels he must compete with. Dorian does not care about competition.

Have they ever been betrayed? By who, and how did it affect them?:

Dorian has never really trusted anyone other than his sister. I do not think he would consider his father’s actions a betrayal, because Dorian was too young to have trusted yet. He kept his distance all through his life, and so no one has given him a means to be betrayed. That does not make him any more trusting however. I suppose though, from a larger perspective, it could be considered a betrayal.


Be prepared for other group postings. I may actually get this finished before November because of that. The rest of the questions are in small numbers for each day, so depending on how much there is to answer, I may get this done in the next ten days. Of course, then I’ll have to post about other characters, like Li Shaoshen and perhaps Aleksander Zachery from my Repeating History stories.

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Most in-depth Character Development – Day 10

I am getting more and more anxious by the day to write Dorian’s story. It is now October 21. 10 more days to the month, and then … it’s November, and I can begin! I’m spinning in circles in anticipation! Till then, on with the Dorian development posts.

Relationships and history: The next five days worth of posts all relate to the same topic, so … guess what?

Day 10: What is their family history like? How does it affect them? How do they feel about their family? How does their family feel about them?:

Well, again, this is something I’ve clued in on all throughout these posts so far. A little more detail perhaps.

Liam Blackwood is the sole son of his parents, and is the head of the Blackwood family. With Jillian Cavanagh, he fathered five children : four boys and one girl. Dorian does not know whether or not there was true love between Liam and Jillian, but when Jillian died in childbirth with her fifth and last child, he became … crazy. He was obsessed with her, perhaps. One might even want to feel sympathy for him under the pretense that he did not know how to live his life without Jillian. Dorian never saw it that way. Sure, he was able to comprehend some sense of obsession on Liam’s part, but he would never find himself feeling sympathy for his own father. Pity, at best. Liam was not as skilled in the Blackwood family talents as his predecessors were, and having been too focused on other things, such as his cruel treatment of Dorian, and his deception involving the Cavanagh family, he was too busy to actually teach his own sons.

Mathias Blackwood is the eldest son, and he was skilled with fire. Like his younger brothers –except for Dorian– he learned from Liam’s parents. He was the spitting image of Liam, and did all he could to emulate his father. His skill in magic was the only difference between them.

Lance Blackwood is the second son, and he was skilled with earth. He tried to emulate father, but did not have the same looks as Mathias or Liam. He served his father, and earned a high place in his father’s standing.

Harald Blackwood is the third son, and he was skilled with water. He was nothing more than a puppy. He did not have the looks or the drive to emulate as his older brothers had. He simply did whatever father told him to do, and he did it without debate or an appearance of his own mind. He was Igor. “Yes, master!”

Jillian Cavanagh was never known to Dorian, and Raina was very young when she died, so she remembers very little, and none of it significant. Whether or not Jillian was nicer than anyone else in the family, they do not know. What is known, is that Jillian was supposedly better skilled at her use of her abilities than Liam was at his.

Raina Blackwood is the only daughter of Liam and Jillian, and is Dorian’s older sister. After Jillian’s death, Raina did what she could to provide the care for Dorian that would otherwise be given by Jillian. She earned herself punishment from Liam for that fact, though she was already earning punishment because of her inability to grasp the magical skills that Liam and his side of the family specialized in. She took after her mother more, and though she eventually learned wind magic, she was more adept with the Cavanagh’s magical talents.

Logan Cavanagh was Jillian’s brother, and is only seen as someone attempting to follow through on his mother’s orders, and retrieve some object that Jillian had. It was a family heirloom, and in Jillian’s death, was to be passed on down to her younger sister. Logan does not possess the magical skills that is common in the Cavanagh family –in fact, it seems as if he possesses no magical skills at all– and fights merely through stealth and hand-to-hand combat.

Kara Cavanagh is Jillian and Logan’s mother, and is seen from time to time by Dorian. He called her grandmother, though he never believes she is really his grandmother because of the fact that she looks to be barely older, or as old as, than himself. This is due to one of her personal skills.

Kiyomi Cavanagh is a female operative of the family, always wearing a pink cloak and a white mask painted to have a serpent’s face. She never takes it off, so Dorian does not even know what she looks like. He has run into her often, as she seems to be one of the people specifically chasing Dorian for the heirloom. Dorian assumes she is Logan’s daughter, but nothing has been stated by anyone for the validity –or lack thereof– of that assumption.

Jillian and Logan’s younger sister is not named, or shown, in my writing yet. But, she may have an appearance. For the time, I cannot really describe anything about her as I don’t have a real clear image of her in my mind. Till then, this will have to suffice.

Dorian holds no desire to get to know his father’s family, convinced they are no better than him. Whether or not they’re no worse is of no concern, for he is sure they’re no better. The Cavanagh family, he has had more interaction with than he cares for. His grandmother is convinced that he possesses the item that she originally sent Logan after Liam to get. Dorian denies he has it, even though he does. He however, is unaware that he has it. Their descriptions of the item never take in the physical appearance of it, and so he merely denies, vehemently, that he has it. Dorian does not know how either side feels about him –especially the Blackwood side, since he’s had no interaction with them– but knows that he does not care how they feel, for he does not want to know any of them any better. He just wants Raina safe again, and to be off with her in peace and quiet.

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