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Elves, Elves, Everywhere!

Lately, I have been noticing a web search on “elven culture” linking to another page of mine. Now, I do not know how genuine it is, because I did the search myself and I went through 15 pages of results on google without finding my own page and so gave up. I seriously do not see people going through 15+ pages of results, not finding what they want (i.e. stumbling upon my page) without revising their keywords. And so, I started thinking. As those who know me will figure out, my thoughts travel in nonsensical patterns and I decided to do a bit of writing on Elven Culture again. Now, this is where my two series of story intertwine, as I have stated in previous posts. The stories of Aleksander Zachery (Repeating History) and Dorian Blackwood (What Lies Between…) are in entirely different worlds, or planets. However, they exist within the same universe. Even though neither tale is any way tied to Science Fiction (…yet) I do stress planets, simply to make it clear that their environs are not separate continents in the same world. Arvandor and Demeteria are different planets within the same cosmos.

Anyway, delays aside… I made a post titled “Elven Nation Culture” where I discussed, specifically, the elves of Demeteria. However, the deities that created Demeteria are the same that created Arvandor. I feel, since the same things occurred (regarding the Sylvan) in Demeteria as in Arvandor, then there would be similarities between the species of Elf that Dorian gets classified under and the species of Elf that the Silverleaf, Dusksinger, Sunstorm, etc. families get classified under. Not to say that Dorian would be a Marsh Elf (since he has physical similarities to that of Dinaer Dusksinger and other of the Marsh Elf sect) but that he would have at the very least, some similarities there-in. Afterall, “Aldeon” is the name given to the forests of Higashi due to the color of their leaves. Aldeon is an Elvish word that means “Ever-Autumn;” this is the same dialect of Elvish spoken by the Forest Elves in the Sylvan Woods, Verdania of the Demeterian world. Dorian was born neither in a forest nor a marsh, but the town he lives in is very close to both types of land-mass within the continent of Arvandor. Who is to say which species he is? To be honest, I never really dwelt on a specific sub-species of Elf that he would be classified under. But, in these thoughts of Elven Culture that were brought about by the origin of this post’s creation, I cannot help but feel I now should.

However, just because Arvandor and Demeteria are of the same universe, does not mean that he gets classified by the same sub-species. Not every world would be exactly alike, that is proven simply in the layout of the terrain in both worlds. So, how does Dorian get classified? Despite the idea that the classifications would not be viewed similarly in each world, I cannot help but say that Dorian would not be a wood elf/forest elf because of, perhaps, my love for Tolkein. Dorian looks nothing like Legolas’ style of Mirkwood Elves, nor does he look like Celeborn & Galadriel, the Loth’Lorian style of Elf. Rather, Dorian is more alike Elrond and Arwen. Shorter hair, of course, but still… darker colored eyes and hair, and tanned skin from not having barrier of tree branches over-head. But which is it that made Elrond different? Being Half-Elven or being Half-Maiar? Obviously, the Maiar do not exist within my story and Dorian is not Half-Elven. Anyway, that’s a matter of thought for another time. Either way, Dorian is not Forest Elf or Marsh Elf, alike those in my other series. Nor is he very much in tune with his Elven lineage, for his family did not seem very much attuned with it in the same manners as was found in Tolkein’s work or in Repeating History. The Cavanagh family show a very dark demeanor, and being snakes, perhaps they could be classified as Marsh Elves. As for the Blackwood family, they could very well be considered Forest Elves, but perhaps an example of a sub-sect within the sect? Blackwood; perhaps they lived in a small forest that bordered the marsh, where darker wood trees were found, rather than being from Aldeon itself. In which case, Dorian would be half-Marsh Elf, half-Forest Elf. Making him something unique and without a name of its own. That seems fitting to me.

The Cavanagh and the Blackwood are not the only elves in the story, and I never explored what the others of the Nightmist were. In Rhy’din, in AOL RP, there were many things they were, and that was the splendor while at the same time the curse of being a Rhy’din RPer. Freedom to do as you wish is great, but often times, people do go overboard. Myself included. And to be honest, it was 20 years ago, so I do not recall every detail from back then. So, was Rosa an elf as well? If so which sect? Kain? Vayne? Garr? etc. That will take some time to piece together. To push towards the point where I eventually unite the two series together, I would say that Vayne at least is an elf as well. I am sure there are a few people titillated by the idea of an Elven Vampire. Perhaps even a few that dislike the idea. But, these are my ideas, and the paths my mind takes. I told you I was crazy.

I do not have an area of frigid temperatures in the Arvandor world, yet. I have not defined any such creature as living in such an area, and so, that would mean that Ice Elves do not exist in Arvandor as they do in Demeteria. This does not mean that they cannot, as I have not really mapped out the whole of that world. It may come about in times, and who knows, maybe in time, I will come up with ideas to feature other types of Elves than are listed in the Demeteria world. Though, to be honest, I cannot think of anything else that would seem appropriate at the time. Unlike Elder Scrolls, I cannot feasibly think of creating  an Elven race that lives within the earth. That’s Dwarven territory and I do prefer to keep Dwarves and Elves as separate species/races.

However, while I cannot think of any other sect of elf, in regards to what I already have, I do kind of have ideas stemming from what was stated earlier. If Dorian is half Marsh Elf and half Forest Elf, what if I were to change Forest Elf to Wood Elf (hopefully not stepping on TES’s toes…) and then take into consideration the idea of sub sects. Since Dorian’s split lineage marks him from a forest nearby a marsh, what if within the categorization of Wood Elf there was then Pine Elf and Oak Elf etc. defining the type of wood or forested region they came from? And so on, try to do the same for the other categories as well. Such as River Elf being a cross between a Sea Elf and a Jungle Elf? Something more to think on.

Much to think on, so while I do that, I shall end the post here for now. Hope this equated to something more than textual rambling. =P


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Character Spotlight – Special: Li Shaoshen

Li Shaoshen is one of the youngest of my characters. In fact, I believe he is the newest to my collection if I’m not forgetting anyone. I created Li Shaoshen within World of Warcraft, as a Pandaren Monk when the Mists of Pandaria expansion came out. I had no real idea how to role-play a Pandaren, but after trying him out, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed playing a happy-go-lucky character and did not seem to have any difficulty with him despite a general lack of planning since I had no idea what to plan. Now, I am posting this as a general view of what Li is like, because I am debating bringing him into one of my stories. Obviously, he won’t be a Pandaren, but I am sure I can find some other means to bring him into one of the stories. The only question is … which. I definitely do not see him as a part of Magnian’s story, but if I do pull Magnian into the same universe as the other stories, who knows, Magnian might meet Li eventually.

cao-caoLi is 6 foot 6 inches tall (height might alter, since Pandaren were generally a taller race), and has black hair, with a pointed beard. The picture to the left is of Cao Cao, ruler of the Wei Kingdom during a pre-AD time period of Chinese history. That specific picture is inspired by Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a historic novel of that same time period. Either way, this fits more than just Li’s beard, for the moment. Though the facial features here are a bit more firm than I envision for Li. Li is a wanderer and a brewer (yes, Pandaren are generally wandering brewmasters, but as that is the only other version of Li, I do not see it changing), and has a son named Hao. Li’s backstory I also see remaining the same, though with a few slight alterations to at least separate from the story line of Mists of Pandaria.

In a battle of some sort, Li’s wife passed away. She, like Li, was a martial artist, and they were fighting to protect their home, people, and son. Lao Mei, however, died in the fight, and so from that point on, Li and Hao journeyed onward by themselves. They left their home to explore the rest of the world, bringing their teachings to other lands, sharing Li’s brews, and seeing the wonders of the other cultures. Li is proud of Hao for his excellent progression in learning the martial arts, even though the boy is only 10 years old, and is rewarding his son with this grand vacation of journeying the world, but at the same time, is using this trip to distance himself from his home, so as to not dwell too much on the loss of his wife. He is usually a happy person, and the sort that would share ancient proverbs to help people look on the brighter side of things, but it is now that he could use the same insight for himself, and seems unable to work it out in his own life. Despite his loss, he still keeps himself merry, though at holiday times, he often secludes himself, because it is at those times where the sorrow is strongest, even during holidays he’s had no experience celebrating.

He befriends animals (and people) easily, and has a menagerie of animal companions for him and his son, whom he has named after the religious culture of his people (a turtle named Zhi Ming was his mount in WoW, and I aim to try and mimic/continue this into whatever writing he becomes a part of). I definitely see him being very chummy with Istalindir’s daughter, Neenuvar (Valya in WoW) because of their shared cheerfulness and love of animals and nature.

Hao is also an energetic character. Since he is a child, this is less creative in my mind, but either way, he is always practicing his martial arts, also leaping around and ‘showing off.’ However, not because he is arrogant or sure of himself, but he does so to show his dad what he can do. He is ever wanting his dad’s approval and exceedingly happy when his father shows how proud he is. (This was of course inspired by the fact that I used the Pandaren Monk companion pet in game to symbolize Li’s son when I walked around the towns. And the companion was literally always doing some monk posing and stances which easily showed Hao’s energy.)

I have no idea if this character fits into Dorian’s world or Alek’s world better, though whichever world he winds up in ‘originally’ I also imagine what it might be like for either of those main characters to interact with Li and Hao. I’m anxious to see what people think, especially the people I rp’d Li with back in WoW. I hope this is something I can experiment with during NaNo, but I’m not sure if that’s the way to go just yet.

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Human Culture

With multiple stories brought into one universe, there is a larger community of humans now. More so in Dorian’s story than in Alek’s, as there is a lot of focus on the people of the Kingdom of Haven in Verdania. There is, no doubt, more humans in Telluria, but after that, the other continents are filled out with other civilizations. However, Dorian’s world is less filled out, having left more to conjecture than in Alek’s story. With a larger land mass –I presume, based simply upon how many regions there are– there is more room for humans to exist. There are few mountains in his world, leaving less space for the Dwarves to exist, and Dorian has in some instances been an Elf, himself.

In Haven the people are, in the majority, farmers. All over the kingdom are farming towns producing a great variety of fruits and vegetables. Their culture treasures nature almost as much as the Elves, as is evidenced in the names of the towns coming from the terrain around them (i.e. Oakridge, Riverside, Plainview, Cyprus Hills, etc.). They built up their capital in Havenshire after the first conflict against the Undead forces of prophecy. The Tome of Truth has been a gift from the Sylvan that has saved the humans of Haven many times over. I use a Celtic and Old English inspiration when I present the humans of Haven as a whole, even as far as giving the main character a typical Celtic appearance –red hair and green eyes– and decorating his armor in Celtic knots and other embroidery.

They worship Danu, like the Elves, but regard her when it comes to planting and harvesting. They hold more than just a ‘thanksgiving’ feast in honor of that. Within the story, Alek will bring about a bit of Seraphim worship as well, but I’ll leave that somewhat in secret, to not ruin the surprise.

In Telluria, there will be some mountain dwelling humans that I have not really spent much time developing just yet, since they are a long way off from introduction into the story. However, also in Telluria, there will be some humans that are with Kyo. They are of Japanese descent as well, and so they shall differ from both other sets of humans.

There is the matter of custom still to work out, and study of the Shinto religion, to portray these other two forms of humans in my story, so there is not much more I can really discuss here. Holidays has been something I’ve not had much success with either, since it is hard to come up with Christmas alternatives, and the like, to substitute in place of our own holidays.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy — The past and the future.

I haven’t written here in a while, and I had stopped coming here because I had not received much in the way of views or response. I’m not sure if it will be any different this time, but I am giving it another try. Who knows what will happen.

Anyway, as an update, I am working on Repeating History still. From a mix of procrastination and my over imaginative mind, I have been distracted repeatedly from completing this. Another Nanowrimo is coming up, and I plan to take part in it, but I shall not work on Repeating History this year as my Nanowrimo work. I am tossing around the idea of submitting a short story to a magazine, to try and get my feet wet, and possibly in the door for some future possibilities. I’m walking into a pool behind a door, I hope. *snerk* While Repeating History is clearly a Fantasy work, I am attempting to do a Sci Fi work for the magazine entry. While dwelling on that idea, I was also drawn back to my Dorian back story –You see now, my over active mind– and contemplated working it and the sci fi short story into the same universe as Repeating History. I hoped that if either became a success I could then do some cross-overs of all my own work, to show Dorian and Alek together, or even Magnian (the main protagonist for the sci fi idea) involved with either or both characters/worlds.

I’ve also been continuing reading the Wheel of Time series, when I’ve had the time, and been playing both Skyrim and FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, and have been messing around with the idea of expanding on my info/ideas about the culture and religion of the world/cosmos in Repeating History, especially if I’m going to include other worlds in that universe. I wish I had someone to speak to with these ideas, because it would help me sort them out having someone to listen and respond. I don’t want to seem like I’m begging for a response though. It’s just  a general desire for online and offline interaction. Not many of my friends though are equally into the same genres of nerd-dom as I.

Another issue I’ve been dealing with for a while is a title name. Repeating History would be the title of the first story in the series involving Alek and his world, but the united title, Segregation Eras, makes less sense now than it did when I first started. The original idea was that the people Alek interacted with were from different worlds, but as I wrote the story, it fit better that they were simply in different kingdoms or regions of the same world, and so now there is less separation between them and thus the title makes less sense. Once again, some input from other people would more than likely aide me in coming up with a new title, but this carries onward slowly.

Backstory. I have histories of dozens of people and numerous races in my mind, and I draw on that when I write, but at times, I am also compelled to write out this back story, either for further clarity when writing the official story, or in the hopes of later publishing that too, as ‘prequels’ much like Tolkien’s Silmarillion and Robert Jordan’s New Spring. Writing up Dorian’s back story has always been something I enjoyed, because showing the back and forth of emotion in his mind has always been more enjoyable than anything else I’ve written. Perhaps it is simply the fact that I have written for, and as, Dorian for twenty years that makes it so simple for me. Maybe in another ten years I’ll enjoy writing for Alek that much more, thus making it easier. Also, unlike many people who disliked Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3, simply because they didn’t care about how Anakin became Darth Vader, and simply liked Darth Vader, I find the character all the more enjoyable when I can see why it is they are the way they are. Character development in progress interests me more than simply seeing the result of that development. That being said, I think episodes 2 and 3 were rushed, and Anakin’s journey to the Dark Side was too quick and lacking real proof of his emotion, but that is a tangent I won’t go off onto at this time.

I have also made a few map images for the world of Demeteria, but they are crappy and I don’t feel like sharing them. I hope to some day find a better program for making maps. I am not so skilled with art by hand that I could do it that way. I have tried, on paper, and it doesn’t really look any better. There’s always something, in the end, that I dislike, and wish I could change, so it would be more prudent to have something on the computer where I could more easily and readily change it to my tastes. Alas, I am still no where near as good as some of my friends –Jill, Nic, or Fish– who excel at visual art.


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