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Character Spotlight

I came up with this idea rather on the ball today, as I was thinking last night upon how to progress with my story. So, to kick off this idea, I felt I’d share on one of my older characters. Now mind you, I don’t mean older in character age, but rather a character who has lived longer within my mind. So, spotlight #1!

Aleksander Zachery the Judicator:

This character was born in my first online RP experience within a game I played. As I’ve stated in a previous post, my first RP experience came from AOL Chat-room based RP, however, my first experience in a game with RP was in Shadowbane, around 2001, or so. I played him there as a Human Ranger Blademaster. He wielded a two-handed sword with expertise. I had been playing Shadowbane for a little while before I discovered RP existed there. I learned about it while on the test server, from someone who normally played on the Mourning server. He told me there was a trend with a lot of role players on Mourning, naming their characters in the style of ancient Europe’s titling systems. (i.e. Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Edward Longshanks the Avaricious) so I decided to try out that trend, and check out the RP. With my love of history in mind, I went with Barbarosa the Judicator. I gave him a red beard, and originally played him with a german accent. I ended up not lingering in Shadowbane for long, and after Shadowbane I played City of Heroes. The lore and continuity of CoH couldn’t support the character being role-played, but I did make a character themed after him, which was a Broadsword/Super Reflexes scrapper with green and brown leathers for his costume. There, he was named simply, Justicar. After issue 5 in CoH, I stopped playing, mainly due to frustration over how they were repeatedly killing off my favorite character’s capabilities. I played Guild Wars for a short while after that, and there I had a Ranger/Warrior named Justicar Barbarosa. There was never any RP in Guild Wars, but I still played him, for myself, as if it were RP with the NPCs. I didn’t go around talking to the NPCs, that would just be creepy, but in my mind, it felt alive.

It was at this point that I decided upon a real name for him, rather than simply a title. I got rid of the german accent, and made him more English/British in nature. Barbarosa the Judicator, or Justicar Barbarosa was a title based off his appearance and demeanor/personality. I drew back to the lore of Shadowbane for his history, and the in game events to fill out his growth. Eventually, I saw a trend…

In Shadowbane, the main RP for my guild (Guardians of Aerynth) was in contention with another guild (The Undead Lords). The leader for their guild was referred to as The Lich. Alek’s nickname came from another area however. There was a church group called The Order of the Cleansing Flame, they were humans, with a hatred for all things not human. Basically… the KKK of the fantasy world. Well, I played Barbarosa as a half-elf, half-human*. His father was a priest of the Order, and his mother an elf mage. He was in love with her, and so he overlooked her not being human, but did his best to hide such things from the Order. When it was found out, his father and mother were burned to death. He was hunted for the rest of his life. His skills earned some fear, however, and he was called Barbarosa the Judicator because of the red beard that stuck out of his ranger hood, and his method of killing members of the Order in a way as if he were judging them all. Which, he was. In Guild Wars, the main villain of the whole story is a person referred to as The Arch-Lich (this was before the first expansion, Factions, came out). This allowed me to write his story out as if he went to another country in further pursuit of the Lich that led The Undead Lords in Aerynth.

After Guild Wars I went back to City of Heroes for a short while, played City of Villains and got back into it for some time, but once more got bored with the monotony of the game, and the general lack of endgame content. When I got bored with CoH, I then turned to World of Warcraft. A friend from CoH pulled me over, and I got to see first hand the craze about WoW. Not only was there a lot of content in the game, but there was a lot of content at all level ranges. This was what I was looking for in City of Heroes. To this day, if CoH had the amount of content that WoW has, I’d be playing CoH instead. Currently, Alek is a Worgen Warrior in WoW, and in ForsakenWorld (a free to play game a friend of mine told me about) he is a Human Warrior.

His story has gone through many revisions due to the continuity of the games I play him in. For the purposes of my story, I revert mainly to what I had in Shadowbane however.

Aleksander Zachery is the son of a Pious soldier of the Royal Guard of the Kingdom of Haven. The capital city is Havenshire, a city built near an old, abandoned church within a forest they named The Havenwood. The church had served as a bastion for those who had to flee the destruction of a rampaging Undead army. A soldier guarding the refugees read the texts in that church and came a realization. There was a sword within the church, and armed with it and the teachings of the books, he rejoined the ranks to fight back against the undead. When the undead were beaten back, the church was restored, and a city constructed near it. Alek’s father was Mikael Zachery, an honorable war hero who aided in the formation of The Onyx Guard, a military formed within the Kingdom of Haven in order to fight back against another upsurge of undead attacks. However, there were people cautious about the formation of this new military. Eventually, Yami would poison the minds of those within the Onyx Guard, and had them turn against the Royal Guard. This revolt resulted in Mikael’s death. Aleksander took up the sword, and trained to be a soldier in order to fight back against the Onyx Guard. Aleksander formed a militia of his own once he had grown up, and matured as a swordsman, naming it The Guardians of the Oaken Crest. Alek had the uncanny ability to unite the forlorn citizens of the kingdom, and bring them together as a military to oppose the Onyx Guard’s takeover of the kingdom. Alek held other special traits. His mother was a woman by the name of Myst. She was not human, nor elf, nor anything many of those around them knew of. She was a Fae. A lesser fairy though she was, she possessed magic  unrivaled by any of the mortal races. She however forsook her magic, in order to live a normal life with the man she had fallen in love with.  Her powers brings some suspicion on them, and after his rebellion against the corrupted guard, he becomes a hunted man. Due to his heritage, Alek possesses a unique form of magic all his own, which aided in his struggles against the Onyx Guard and their demon corrupter. He eventually inspects the old church that was the origin of Haven, and studies the same books that the founder of the kingdom read. Through magic, he looks into the events of the founder’s journeys. In time, his militia eventually forms an alliance, through the brewing friendship between him and the Prince of the Elves, Elvulith Silverleaf.


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WoW RP Servers – Take 2

Good RP servers are few and far between. Many people, more than most would assume, enjoy RP. However, finding the good RPers is the foot of the problem.

My first experience with Role-Play dates back to Rhy’Din RP in AOL chat rooms. (Props to those who know it) After that, the RP I got involved in took place in other online venues,  before I even started playing multiplayer online games. Shadowbane would be the first, and I hadn’t even been looking for it at the time. I was playing on the test realm one day, trying out a Confessor. Another player told me about the fun they had with RP on the Mourning server of Shadowbane, which he told me had been dubbed the unofficial RP server of the game. I joined the Mourning server, and that is where most of my characters in my story, and in WoW, began.

The first RP experience I had in WoW was on the Moon Guard server, even though I played on Shadow Council before that. The RP community on Shadow Council however was very inactive, if existent at all. On Moon Guard however there was always RP happening, in Stormwind, in Silvermoon, in Brill, all over the place. I also learned very quickly to avoid Goldshire at all costs… Enough said.

However, the problem with Moon Guard RP was that it was all group based. If you were not in a guild taking part in the Story Line, you were basically ignored. I played a Death Knight who would openly go to the Cathedral and pray… right in front of an order of Paladin, and I was not acknowledged. The same issue was true on Horde side as well.

On Wyrmrest Accord, there is a larger community of role-players, as well as more people welcome to random, and walk-up RP. This allows for a much nicer RP experience, or so I feel.

I don’t have any experience with other RP servers in WoW, but have taken peeks at others. Never anything ample enough to form an opinion that would be valid, due to my focus on my main characters on  Wyrmrest Accord. However, my desire to play Alliance again has made me make a character on Ravenholdt. I plan to follow through a bit more this time, and find out what the RP there is like, since I’ve seen some posts about the RP there.

If anyone has any info, opinions, or questions on the matter, please, feel free to ask via a comment or email.

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20 Days of WoW: Day 1

So, it was Francine the introduced me to this, and in turn, she was introduced by Erinia. I had never even heard of 20 days of any thing else posts, much less WoW, but looking over what she’s posted so far, I guess I will give it a whirl and see if I can get into it. If anything, it should give me something to talk about. So, here it is…

Day 1:  Introduce yourself.

Well, my name is Ken. I was born in Manhassett, Long Island, NY. I lived in New York for a short time before the family moved off to New Jersey due to returning home one day to find a basketball sized hole in our front door. We moved to Landing, NJ which is a small town in Roxbury. Lived there for about 10 years before we moved out to Rockaway due to medical reasons.

I’ve always had a good memory. Ask friends of mine and they’ll say I have an iron trap for a memory, but this is only partially true. My short term memory sucks, but if I do things often enough in a short period of time, I remember it forever. Contrary to that explanation, I remember the day we moved out of New York, when I was only 4 years old. Can’t repeat that over and over in a short time, but there you go.

I’m usually a quiet and reserved person, I don’t drink or smoke, and just like to have fun. My motto, or personal philosophy on life is Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional. Many complaints I’ve heard is that I don’t talk much, but get someone who has similar interests, and we can talk on and on … about those interests. If it doesn’t interest me, I don’t have much to say on it.

Irony alert. Every job I’ve had has been involved with some form of Customer Service. My first job ever was at an AMC Cinema, and I worked there for about a year and a half before I left due to academic reasons. After I finished High School I went on to work at a Toys R Us, Office Max, Wendy’s, and a Cracker Barrel. Now, I work at Safety First, which is  monitoring service for companies that have a need to monitor the safety of their drivers.

My personal interests have always been regarded as childish. I am a die hard anime fan, and a PC Gamer. The second of which is pretty obvious, given the title of this post. Other than WoW, though, I’ve played online games ranging from RTS to RPG genres such as Starcraft, Age of Empires, Shadowbane, Ultima Online, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Diablo II, Gates of Andaron, League of Legends, Rift, and a few various other less known games. I love fantasy story involving not just a medieval theme, but space-aged and even some modern. However, primarily medieval themes interest me the most. Aside from playing the games, I enjoy Role-play because behind it all, I enjoy the story of the games, and of the books I read and movies/TV I watch. I write my own stuff, but like to also get together with friends and make up our own story through creative writing play in a text based environment. The characters I play tend to show up in every game I play, and so you’ll find the characters I play in WoW are also included in a story that I am writing myself. Such story can be found on my site, at Era of Unification.

My inspirations for my writing have been numerous, but the prime ones are C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Laurel K. Hamilton, and my own father. Aside from my likes on the fantasy, I’m also fond of history, and as such, Tolkien’s writing and inspirations to his writing thrill me. I also enjoy delving into history on a regular basis, and tend to do so before I write in depth about something that isn’t common knowledge to me, like the history of Japan.

Contrary to other kids, when I was younger I didn’t go around exclaiming about what I wanted to be when I grew up,  because I didn’t care about growing up. I just wanted to keep up with what I enjoyed as a kid, and there were no professions I knew of that involved watching anime and reading endlessly about history and fantasy. I guess when it came down to it, I wanted to be a writer, though I was never good with grammar. I’m still not. I correct people endlessly now, because I can see the errors made more clearly, but I’m still by far, no expert. Yet at the same time, I’ve been told my writing is very good, and people want to role-play with me because of how well I write. I don’t quite understand how I can write well and still suck at grammar.

Well, that’s me, in a nutshell. If I ever get out of this nutshell, there might be more to tell. Till then, arivaderci.

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First Month’s Post

On January 9th I started this blog. I had for some time debated doing it, because of what I heard from my father.  A friend of his had used WordPress to blog about career and job hunting advice, and eventually made money off of it. Now, she doesn’t use WordPress anymore, and I really have no aspirations, at this point in time, to make money off my blog, but I have felt the desire to post my writing on this blog to share it with the world, as I work on it to get it publish-worthy. Along the way, I decided to mention other things of my interest, like the authors I like, and the gaming addictions I deal with. =P

Well, since January 9th, I have received 319 views. The day isn’t over yet, but at this point, I don’t see it getting many more views today. However, 319 is pretty good, or so I feel, for one month of activity. However, I’m a bit dissatisfied, since I haven’t had much of any responses to it. People view, but they don’t comment. Is my blog interesting? Is it droll? I don’t know. Let me know! I would like to keep discussing what interests me, yet in a way that interests you readers. Let me know what you think, what you want to see, or perhaps what you don’t want to see. Especially when it comes to t he writing I’ve posted on extra pages of my blog, let me know what you think.

If you want, you can even tell me which of my posts you liked the most when/if you leave a comment. Please do though, feedback is desired!


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Hello, my name is Ken. (*fanfare* Hi Ken!) And I’m an Altaholic.

This has been true for as long as I can remember. Even in the first MMO I ever played this was true, even when I had no idea what an Alt was. I can easily find characters I like and play them and level them up. But I still feel the desire now and again to try out other options and see what I think of them.

The first character I made in Shadowbane (incidentally the same character I made first in WoW) was an Elf Ranger named Elvulith. I made him an archer, and leveled him up, but I was always curious about the other possibilities. Soon, I made a Human Ranger Blademaster, a Dwarf Crusader, a Dwarf Warrior, and a Minotaur Barbarian. Others followed.

In City of Heroes, my first character was a Martial Arts / Regeneration Scrapper, and before he reached 50, I had the entire Liberty Server filled with characters. Of course, in City of Heroes, my SuperGroup were all Altaholics, and we would eventually have characters in every level range, just so we could always have a character to play with someone else in the SG.

In Guild Wars there was less room for making characters. So I got another account, and soon had 8 characters.

In the Rift Alpha Testing, everyone in the guild I was testing with had characters in the 30s, while I was working on my third character in the starting area.

Long story short (TOO LATE!!!) I have always enjoyed playing out all the options, and seeing what I like best before devoting myself to a character. In the end, I have found that I have a common link between the characters I have liked the most in each game. Someone that can take a lot of enemies at once, shell out tons of damage, and not work all that hard to do it.

Back in Wrath of the Lich King, Paladin were the top tank, and they excelled at it without much effort. Numerous AoE abilities that, when timed correctly, could keep any number of enemies focused on you, no matter how much threat/damage the damage dealers put out. (a whole one person on all of Moon Guard could pull threat off of me…. Caell *shake fist*)

Diablo II, I had an army of minions as a Necromancer, and the combination of Skeletal Soldiers, Skeletal Mages, a Golem, and a Lightning casting mercenary, were capable of dealing with any number of foes, as I sat in the back, and hurled curses and a few AoE attacks.

In City of Heroes, more specifically, City of Villains, I enjoyed to no end, the overwhelming power of my Robotics / Force Field Mastermind. I had less minions then the Necromancer, only 6, but it was still enough, granted all the buffs I could put on my own pets, and the different crowd control options I had for use against my enemies. I could lock them in place, as my robots went ‘Firing Squad’ on them.

And that’s what I like. I never saw anything to that extent in Guild Wars or Rift, so maybe that’s why they weren’t as fun, and I have yet to see anything like it in the ads for DCUO. Diablo III has me itching to play a Witch Doctor, because I want to see if it’s anything like the Necro from Diablo II.

Yet, still, in every game I play, I test the waters, looking for a character I can enjoy, even if they don’t have these specific aspects. For I have still enjoyed one man killing machines, like the Death Knight used to be when they first came out.

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The Thin Line Between Worlds

So I came up with a name, as can be seen on the page Segregation Eras: Fighting the Apocalypse, for the region of the world that my human race lives. It might attribute it to the whole continent, I might not. Coming up for names has always been hard for me, especially for regions.

However, thinking about some of my characters in WoW has made me think about their counterparts in my writing. I changed their history around from my story, so that they could fit into the world of Azeroth. In both realms they are High Elves. In both realms, the parents of the main family are dead.

In Azeroth, there is no King for the High Elves, in Verdania, Astalder, the eldest Silverleaf brother is the King. In Azeroth, Astalder is a Death Knight, in Verdania, Astalder is a Rune Warden.

In both realms, Istalindir is a Mage. In Azeroth, Istalindir was turned into a Wretched due to the Sunwell’s destruction.

In Azeroth, Dorenduil is the lone survivor of the siege of Quel’thalas among the Silverleaf family, and is a Paladin. In Verdania, his family is the ruling family, and houses the largest number of Elves among all Elven kind. In Verdania, Dorenduil is a Wizard.

In Azeroth, Valaya is the daughter of Istalindir, named after her dead mother. In Verdania, Valya is Istalindir’s wife, and they have not had a child yet. In both realms, she is a Paladin. (In WoW there is an extra a in her name because the original name was unavailable to me. I have yet to meet the person who took that spelling before me.)

In Azeroth, Elvulith is a Druid, and is a Night Elf. He dabbles between the teachings of Restoration and the Feral. In Verdania, Elvulith is a Ranger and married to a Druidess named Arinai.

And the list goes on, but not all the characters from my writing are in WoW. Some I made in other games. Such as the Hogosha Clan. They are from Guild Wars. Kenji Hogosha is an Assassin/Monk, Kosuke Hogosha is a Ranger/Ritualist, Keiko Hogosha is a Elementalist/Ritualist, and Kusuya Hogosha is a Mesmer/Necromancer. I also had versions of Aleksander and Mikael Zachery in Guild Wars, who were a Warrior/Paragon and a Dervish/Elementalist respectively. And, I would continue to make versions of these, and other, characters, in the game Rift.

My point, however, is I still struggle for names of the world my story takes part in, and not just that but the name of the continents within the world, and the regions within the continents. I come up with names slowly, depending on the mood I’m in, or something that comes to mind when I work on this. For instance, one of my ideas for a name for the world as a whole has been to  use another name for Rebirth or Renewal, since that pertains to what happens at the start of the story. I chose the name Verdania for the area the Humans live in because it’s supposed to be a lush green expanse of land. Verdant. I chose The Sylvan Wood for the Elves because of the rich connection between the fairy and the Elves not only in my story, but in other literature and Celtic legend. I have even thought of using the Celtic words for North, South, East, and West, for the names of the four continents in my story.

Lastly, I shall soon be posting another page to my Segregation Eras grouping, to go back and look at the Elves. I shall branch to many different groups of Elves, thus sighting different time lines within the one. I shall touch on the High Elves and the Grey Elves mainly (whom shall make an appearance in my story, even though Yami destroyed them in his own past, between the years of 1600 and 1616 in the already posted Face of Evil page) to give further info on their histories. I hope you all enjoy reading it when it’s there.

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Memories from the Age of Strife

Was looking through even more old screenshots, and I found… this.

Barbarosa the Judicator, the original character I played in Shadowbane. The sad thing is, he’s like … level 70 in this screenshot and only has 2k and change health, and 400 mana. Wow…. beast.

He continued into many of the games I’ve played since. In fact, he’s the character Aleksander Zachery in my story.

Here’s some more pics from his travelings throughout the worlds of gaming.


Shadowbane, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, but no WoW pic. Can’t get the ranger-esque armor with a two-handed sword wielder. In fact, can’t find any armor in the game that looks ranger-esque at all, so he can’t be recreated in WoW. Never tried in Rift, but again, the armor has pre-set looks in Rift, so wouldn’t be able to get something that looks like what I had in Shadowbane.

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