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Most in-depth Character development – Day 3

I was not in the house all of Wednesday, I was working as a poll-worker for a NJ Special Election to fill one of our US Senator seats. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I collapsed, and fell asleep. I only woke up in time to have an early lunch, and so now here I am. I shall be posting Day 3 and Day 4 today, since Day 3 should have been posted yesterday. So, stay tuned for a double feature! xD

Day 3 – a relatively short one

Choose a different time period and describe what your character would have been like in that time period:

Well, crime and poverty exists throughout all time periods. And that is the central theme of Dorian’s story. He was born into a criminal family, he had poverty because eventually he rebelled against the torture his family inflicted upon him and his sister, and ultimately became a criminal himself out of the simple need to support himself. The only thing that would really change about Dorian is the continuity around his story. This, I have done. I have role-played Dorian in Rhy’din back during AOL RP, where his basic story (that which I am writing about this upcoming NaNoWriMo) takes place, albeit with altered names so as to not infringe upon the world of Rhy’din which is the only aspect of Dorian’s original story that I did not create. I have also played him in the world of the Warcraft series (ironically in “World of Warcraft”), where there were only slight alterations to his name and origin to fit the continuity of that world. In that world he was a Blood Elf that had lived in a village south of the Quel’thalas kingdom, but other than that… his family were still criminals, and now he lived in Murder Row, in Silvermoon, fending for his life as a criminal. I played him in a modern story line, a forum based RP group based off of Anita Blake novels, and Dorian was played as a Fae instead of an Elf, having lived into modern times, and was there with Rosalinde, his greatest love (organized by the person who played Rosalinde in the AOL RP).

There are other examples I could mention, but in the end, I guess all I can say is, nothing would change about Dorian. Just the setting. Dorian would still be Dorian, even with the setting and continuity changed.


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About Chapter 18 and more

My original chapter written for what would now be chapter 18 (since I’ve added in some chapters amidst posting the story as it was written back in November) takes place four years from the end of chapter 17. I don’t wish to make this jump just yet, so a new chapter 18 will be written in time, however that is on hold for now. I spent a few days after posting chapter 17 debating what to include in a new chapter 18, but got sidetracked by a few things. One of which was my purchasing Diablo III when it came out. I have also been looking around for a program to help me make a map for the world in this story. I was referred to Campaign Cartographer 3, and through watching tutorials on such a program, also looked into Fractal Terrains. I’ve been debating getting these programs to see if I can make a map for the world in my story, but I still have questions about the use of these programs in the efforts of creating Verdania and the other continents of my world.

Watching the video for how to make a map in Campaign Cartographer, the guy used his whole screen to map out a pirate island, an island that was like 300 miles in diameter. This will not work for me. I’m trying to map out a whole continent; something along the lines of mapping out the tip of the Aleutian Islands to the Straits of Magellan. It’s a daunting task when you think about it, but it’s something I want to do for the point of my story. I will more than likely do this in more than one map, connecting the maps together via key landmarks, but still, it’s something that will require more space than a digital 300 miles. However, with Fractal Terrains, the video only showed a random selection of terrain layout. You put in settings for climate, altitude, and such, and the program randomizes how the world looks. I don’t want something random, I know how the world will look, so I’m still looking into these programs, and will have to find someone who has used these programs before to answer some questions perhaps. If anyone out there has, let me know, otherwise, I’ll hunt through the forums for someone who can answer my questions.

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Upcoming Chapter & other info

I have been struggling with getting Chapter 9 reorganized based on the changes I’ve made with previous chapters that have been posted here. I’m still working on chapter 9, and hope to have it up soon. However, I felt like sharing a little something with what I have been doing while brainstorming for chapter 9.

I have been focused on a single character for what seems like the first time ever. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, last night, I hit level 50, and finished my main class quests on my Twi’lek Sith Inquisitor Assassin on the Shadowlands server. Because I hit level 50, I can now make other classes with Twi’lek, since they are previously not allowed on the Dark Side. I felt like I’d share a few screen shots taken in the last few quests. Spoiler Alert!!

So, in the end, after Thanaton challenged me to a Kaggath (Sith duel of honor) on Corellia, he fled from me to go back to Korriban and plea to the Dark Council that I, as a corrupt Sith who served under another corrupt Sith, should be killed. I return to Korriban, call him a coward for fleeing from the Kaggath, and kill him before the entire Dark Council, then get appointed to his position on the Council.

Thus, Lord Kenji Hogosha, descendant of Tulak Hord and Lord Kallig,  is now Darth Nox, member of the Dark Council, and Dark Lord of the Sith. (Click the pictures for full sized view, as some of them include dialogue from the ending cinematics.) With Twi’lek unlocked, I immediately made a Twi’lek Sith Warrior, but haven’t played him any yet. He is Kenshin Hogosha, the son of Kenji.

Screenshots: — #1- Kenji and his Apprentice Xalek standing outside the phase door to the Dark Council. #2 & #3 – The Dark Council in the background, as Kenji and Apprentice stand over a nearly dead Darth Thanaton.(killed in Cinematic) #4 & #5 – Close-up on Kenji in cinematic as he is awarded the title of Darth, and seat in the Dark Council. #6 – Close up on Kenji as Khem Val declares Kenji’s success and reward to all of his followers, after having returned to Dromund Kaas.

Some will notice the name Hogosha and see that I’ve mentioned it for an upcoming Character Spotlight. The Hogosha are a key family in my story in the future, but they also have history like the others. I shall soon post a spotlight on the Hogosha family as well.

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Bear with me…

As I clean away the dust…

Well, it’s been a grand long time since I’ve last posted here. A lot has gone on. I am unemployed again, have cancelled my WoW account. I still have time on the account, paid off for a little while, so I still play from time to time, but I’ve also lost a lot of interest in the game. I won’t say it has anything directly to do with changes to the game, I’ve simply not felt like playing as much. On top of that, due to my lack of money, I am not stuck to simply using a laptop, and while it is better than my old computer, it’s processor is lacking, and I don’t think I’d be able to handle raids anymore.

I have been looking into various other games, I picked up Starcraft 2 again, somewhat, and have been playing that and League of Legends in what free time I have. I have also been looking forward to the releases of Diablo 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. If I have the money come January, I might pick up TOR rather than renew WoW. But I more than likely won’t have the money, so who knows where I’ll be in the future.

I have also been doing a little reading. I was introduced to the Dresden Files series of books. For some reason, my library classifies this as Science Fiction when it is so clearly not. It’s Fantasy first and foremost. There’s nothing science fiction about it. Anyway, I’ve read the first two books of the series ( Storm Front and Fool Moon ) and have started on the third, Grave Peril. I’m half way through it, and am loving the series, even though I disagree with a lot of what the author states for vampires. The rest of it is fascinating though, so I stick to it. It, along with other things, has inspired me to get back into my own writing.

Era of Unification has not been scrapped, but I pretty much have shoved it to the side, and use it merely as notes now, as I have begun writing up, in more detail, the Segregation Eras, so that I can more appropriately portray the story in chronological order. I have started with the short story I had posted here, which was titled Fighting the Apocalypse. So far I haven’t written up any chapters, but I’ve been working on reorganizing and planning out the order of events in my mind. I hope to have it fleshed out soon. I decided on changing some of what was in the original writing, and if you read the original Era of Unification chapters, then you’ll recognize a few scenes, and see the little bit of change once I get it written up and posted here.

With that, I plan to re-focus the blog once more on my writing, rather than WoW, since I won’t be playing it much any longer. So, I’ll go back to the Silvercrest name and try once more to dedicate this to my writing. In time, I’ll resume posting chapters, but for now I’ll keep my focus on some of the writing before I start posting them again.

Till then, see ya.

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Name Change

I have altered the name of this blog, and taken the pages including the chapters of my story off of this site. There did not appear to be enough people coming by and looking and commenting to help me complete the story, so I have decided to just stop posting. If people are genuinely interested in the story, I shall share with those people, just ask and you shall receive.

Therefore, I shall simply limit this blog to discussion on my WoW endeavors. It saddens me, a bit, but I guess there aren’t enough people looking at for writers. Seems kind of ironic and counter-intuitive, but whatever, life is life.

Anyway, on a less sour note, I finally got to run BWD a little bit with my mage. We downed the First boss, but my latency was super high throughout the fight, and once that fight was done, the latency spiked even higher, and I could not continue. I partied with a friend of a friend, so I was not with my own guild, or Supremacy that I got my DK into and have not really gotten anywhere with.

As usual, the next tier of raid content is live in WoW, and I still haven’t finished the first set. That seems to be a pattern for me no matter what character/server I’m on. This both frustrates and depresses me. I guess that didn’t end up being a less sour topic. Oh well…


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Traveling Between Worlds

From Azeroth to my own world, and back to the real world… So, I haven’t posted anything here in a while, I’ve been focused on WoW and writing some more with my story.

Actually, I should say brainstorming more so than writing.

After posting chapter 21, I was thinking on how much my story has focused around the Elves, the Humans, and the Dwarves, and that I felt more focus was needed on the other races. While the story has been intended to focus around the different sects of the Elves, there is a division in them, and that will eventually lead to some more focus on the Orcs, the Trolls, the Goblins, and the Ogres as well as some new surprises in the future. Don’t want to let too much out of the bag just yet, but that’s what I’ve been doing recently, and that’s been keeping me away from posting anything new on here about anything really. I have been playing my Human rogue once again in WoW, and even moved him to an RP server, so I could enjoy that part with him again. He is now on Moon Guard.

Aside from brainstorming, I have once again gone back in the story, and done a little revising and editing, adding and adjusting, because I felt the need to focus more on another character in the earlier bits, and so when I get back home from work today, I intend to edit my posts on the currently displayed chapters, and change up the revised chapters. So, be prepared to start reading again from the beginning to really enjoy the adjustments.

As I’ve stated before as well, please if you don’t mind, feel free to add comments on the chapter pages to let me know what you think. This story is a work in progress, and I would really like some input on what people, mainly other writers, out there think of my writing, so I can improve it. My intention is to one day have this published.

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Call of Duty: Azeroth

Don’t get any crazy ideas now…

I have moved my Blood Elf Death Knight to a new guild now, called Supremacy. This was done to get more active in raids. Hopefully. I have been attempting to endure heroics with him, and have bumped up a few items due to drops and rep purchases. He is now sitting at roughly a 340 il, and I am busting myself to get exalted with Ramkahen, so I can get those 359 bracers, and so I can hopefully get new gear improvements to make me able to contend in ZG or ZA heroics. It’s all a matter of time… However, as a bonus, through these heroics, I’ve gained 2 chaos orbs. 1 more, and I’ll be able to make a new chestpiece for his tanking gear. I just need to find an alchemist to transmute the pyrium into truegold.

Over the holiday weekend,  however, I did focus more on my alliance rogue, who dinged 85 on Sunday night. He has since stabbed into regular dungeons, and gotten a couple upgrades as well through that and rep purchases. I am also considering transferring him to a new server, because I don’t really have any friends there anymore, or any raid/RP prospects. Mainly because Suramar is not a RP server, so no surprise there, and Suramar has never been a very raid successful server to begin with. So, to remedy this, I’ve been looking around at other RP servers to move this character, though my first instinct is to move him to Moon Guard, where I know some people, and where I can enjoy some RP (so long as I stay away from Goldshire). However, I will look around and see if I can find another good RP server. I doubt it though, the RP community is lacking. I tried out Ravenholdt, which is an RP-PvP server, and made a Death Knight. I could not complete any quests in Hellfire Penninsula because every Horde character in the zone was attacking me on sight. So, no thank you, goodbye.

So, the hunt continues, but something tells me I’ll just end up on Moon Guard, which is ok, because I know some people there. Not a lot, but some. Anyway, until the next update, I bid adieu.

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