Character List

Latest Update: 10/10/2014

In addition to the Character Spotlights, I’m listing here the characters that are in each part of my story. Some are not as crucial to the story and won’t be mentioned in the spotlights, but here I shall list all the named characters in the stories. This list does not just include Repeating History but the sequels to it as well, What Lies Between…, and other stories that will come out in time as well as part of the same universe. Some of the character mini-descriptions will reveal a little of what is in store for them in the future. While these are intended merely to state who and what these characters are, some may view it as a spoiler, so if that is how you view it, and you wish for it not to be spoiled, simply refrain from reading the descriptions.

– – – – – –

This list is currently unfinished, but shall be added to over time, so as to not spoil the story before further chapters and sequels are posted.

– – – – – –
William Bennett  –  A soldier of the Kingdom of Verdania. William was the first to discover the Tome of Truth, and saved his people from the Undead. Founded the city of Havenshire, and the Kingdom of Haven. Ruled as its first King.
Daniel Bennett – Fellow soldier and brother to William Bennett. Aided in the defense of the people during the first war against the Undead.
Warwick Zachery – Fellow soldier of William and Daniel Bennett. Served as William’s Knight Captain once the Kingdom of Haven was founded.
Elizabeth Bennett – Daughter of William Bennett.
Terence Whatman – Great-Grandson of Elizabeth. King of Haven during the incident involving the Crimson Consortium.
Edmund Zachery – Great-Great-Grandson of Warwick Zachery. Retrieved and used the Tome of Truth to save Haven from the Crimson Consortium, and the invasion of the Half-Giants and Undead.
Mikael Zachery – Descendant of Edmund Zachery. Father of Alek. War Hero of Haven in the most recent war against the Half-Giants and Undead.
Myst Zachery – Wife of Mikael. Former Fae who forsook her magic to be with her husband.
Aleksander Zachery  – Son of Mikael and Myst.
Marcus Zachery – A young boy orphaned after the Siege of Havenshire. Adopted into the Zachery family after meeting Alek.
Julius Sollien – A young boy Alek met in Riverside. Joined up with Alek’s crew after Alek drove off some soldiers.
Garrett Connell – High Commander of the Onyx Guard.
Harlan James – Fellow Onyx Guard soldier during its founding. Retired before the latest war with the Half-Giants.
Rowan Hawkband – An Onyx Guard Captain. Joins Alek after his return from the Elven lands.
Li Shaoshen – A single father wandering the world with his son merely for the enjoyment of exploration.
Hao Shaoshen – Li’s son.
Kain Nightmist – Founder and Leader Nightmist Clan and Co-Leader of the Kindred.
Rosalinde Bloodstone – One of Dorian’s friends and Nightmist Clan sister.

Sindariel Silverleaf – Former King of the United Elven Nation(UEN). Father of the three brothers.
Astalder Silverleaf – Eldest of the three brothers. Current King of the UEN.
Istalindir Silverleaf – Middle child of the three brothers. Current Arch-Mage in the UEN.
Dorenduil Silverleaf – Youngest of the three brothers. Current Grand Wizard in the UEN.
Astar Goldhaven – Childhood friend of the Silverleaf brothers. Warrior General of the UEN military.
Lirima Silverleaf – Astalder’s Queen.
Tavarlith Silverleaf – Son of Astalder and Lirima. Ranger General of the UEN.
Alastriel Silverleaf – Daughter of Astalder and Lirima.
Arinai Silverleaf – Wife of Tavarlith.
Isilme Starhaven – Forest Elf High Priest of the UEN. Father of Arinai.
Silma Starhaven – Forest Elf Arch-Druid of the UEN. Isilme’s wife, Arinai’s mother.
Neenuvar Silverleaf – Istalindir’s wife. Paladin Commander of the UEN.
Valaya Silverleaf – Daughter of Istalindir and Neenuvar.
Dinaer Dusksinger – Lord of the Dark Elves.
Arauka Dusksinger – Lady of the Dark Elves.
Rusvaer Dusksinger – Son of Dinaer and Arauka.
Vasz’araen Sunstorm – Lord of the Sand Elves.
Val’araen Sunstorm – Lady of the Sand Elves.
Jor’araen Sunstorm – Cousin of Vasz’araen. Heir Presumptive of the Sand Elves.
Kennaryn Jademane – Scout General of the UEN. Lord of the Jungle Elves.
Faramiel Crestborn – Lord of the Sea Elves.
Jalnir Ael’Sylvere – Former King of the Grey Elves and Emperor of the Ageless Empire.
Beleger Ael’Sylvere – Former Warrior General of the Grey Elven Ageless Empire.
Míriel Ael’Sylvere – Lady of the Grey Elves. Daughter of Jalnir.
Narakaer Mortaure – Calarim of the Wild Elf clans.
Malandir Mortaure – Ostarasa of the Wild Elves.
Dorian Blackwood – An Elf of Kadmos, Arvandor. Main character of “What Lies Between…”
Liam Blackwood – Dorian’s father.
Mathias Blackwood – Dorian’s eldest brother.
Lance Blackwood – One of Dorian’s elder brothers.
Harald Blackwood – One of Dorian’s elder brothers.
Raina Blackwood – Dorian’s older sister.
Jillian Cavanagh-Blackwood – Dorian’s mother.
Kara Cavanagh – Jillian’s mother.
Logan Cavanagh – Jillian’s brother.
Kiyomi Cavanagh – One of Kara’s family.

Forin Rowanspear – Warrior General of the Rowanspear Clan of Stone Dwarves.
Corin Rowanspear – Brother to Forin and Dalin.
Dalin Rowanspear – Elder brother to Forin and Corin.
Lerif Steelbrow – Iron Dwarf Hunter General of the Dwarven Alliance.
Brokk Stoneforge – Master Craftsman of the Stoneforge Clan of Stone Dwarves.
Eitri Stoneforge – Brother of Brokk and Fellow Master Craftsman of the Stoneforge Clan of Stone Dwarves.
Hadrin Lionstone – Lord of the Ondoril Dwarven Faction, King of the Dwarven Alliance.
Keldrin Lionstone – Son of Hadrin. Prince of the Dwarven Alliance.
Feldrin Lionstone – Son of Hadrin, brother of Keldrin.

Yami – Shadow Demon chosen to achieve final success where the five demonic beasts failed.
Ganseki – Bear Demonic Beast.
Hakurou – Wolf Demonic Beast.
Mizuhou – Panther Demonic Beast.
Nenshou – Fox Demonic Beast.
Ourobo – Snake Demonic Beast.
Mire – Yami’s second and fellow Shadow Demon.
Blaze – Fire Demon that serves Yami.
Volt – Lightning Demon that serves Yami.
Gale – Wind Demon that serves Yami.
Slag – Earth Demon that serves Yami.
Torrent – Water Demon that serves Yami.
Shoshu – Shadow Dragon Demonic Beast.

Vampires & Thralls:
Kenji Hogosha – Current Head of the Hogosha Clan. Enforced into servitude to Kyo Aramaki.
Kenshin Hogosha – Clan brother of Kenji.
Kensuke Hogosha – Clan brother of Kenji.
Kosuke Hogosha – Clan brother of Kenji.
Keiko Hogosha – Clan sister of Kenji.
Kusuya Hogosha – Traitorous clan brother. Truely loyal to Kyo.
Kisuke Hogosha – Clan brother of Kenji.
Kiara Hogosha – Clan sister of Kenji.
Kayo Hogosha – Clan sister of Kenji.
Koharu Hogosha – Clan sister of Kenji.
Kohaku Hogosha – Clan brother of Kenji.
Kyo Aramaki – Current Shogun.
Motoko Ai – Kyo’s mate and co-conspirator.
Santino Marcone – One of Kyo’s subordinates.
Alain Brun – One of Kyo’s subordinates.
Eran – One of Kyo’s subordinates.
Adelrich Bachmeier – One of Kyo’s subordinates.
Neville Ashdown – One of Kyo’s subordinates.
Vayne “Black Rose” Nightmist – One of Dorian’s friends, leader of the Kindred vampires.
“Thorn” – The leader of Vayne’s living servants.

Peter “Tim” (last name to come) – A Were-Coyote that serves Kyo.
Caesar Dawson – A Were-Cobra that serves Kyo.
Ruan Dawson – A Were-Hyena out on his own, searching for those like him.
More to come, in time.

Ugurok Bloodmace – Warchief of the Bloody Fang Clan of Orcs.
Thulka Bloodmace – Ugurok’s brother. Warlord of the Bloody Fang Clan of Orcs.

Hajiru – A Hermetic Cave Troll.
Sayani – A Shadowcaster River Troll.

Dragons & Dradar:
Darmok “the Bloodhide” – Warchief of the Urugan, Dradari Lord.
Olynia Stonescale – Warmistress of the Dweryrm, Dradari Lady.
Hadratus – A Black Dragon from the Garnet Mountains.
Ahr’tomun – A Red Dragon from Kita that serves Vayne.
Gran’salolv – A Green Dragon friend of Ahr’tomun.
Drako’terr – A Brown Dragon friend of Ahr’tomun.


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