Latest Update: 10/14/2013

Writing has been an interest of mine for quite some time. Even when I was a kid, I enjoyed writing fictional things ranging from super hero tales, to fantasy tales, and even sports tales. These interests in writing continue to this day. Here I shall have listed the stories I’m working on, and posting here for viewing. Listed below on the page list shall be each individual story. Updates to this page shall come as there is more to reveal.

Character Spotlights – Extra info on characters and character families in the different worlds all my writing takes place in.
Segregation Eras – The title is bound to change, as it makes less sense now than it had originally. However, it is a series of stories telling the tale of a world terrorized by Demonic and Undead forces, and the life of one boy who has to take lead of those rebelling against them.

What Lies Between… – Link inactive for now, but will be activated after November. I will be writing, in the 2013 NaNoWriMo, a story relating to a different world in the same cosmos as the Segregation Era tales.

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