Nano ’13 Day 12

You may be saying “What happened to Day 11?” Well, I did not write on the 11th. For whatever reason. I never got to it, and when I thought of it, I had no idea what to write. I even struggled today to write, but I did eventually get down 3000+ words, for an average day today. But I am off my goal schedule, so I still need to pick some words, so I am still writing, and am not finished for the day, but for now, am at 37,000+ words.

I hope to get back on track, and keep up my goal of reaching 50k before my birthday. I have come to a point in the story, however, where I feel ideas will come with some more difficulty, due to the fact that I never really decided on a clear plot point beforehand. I was just so eager to write for Dorian. I have some things figured out now, but still have a little work to do, so here’s to hoping.


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