Nano ’13 Day 9

November 9th is here, and so far, I have continued to follow the pace I set in the first three days of Nano. After reaching 10,000 words by November 3rd, I followed up my inability to write on the 5th, and wrote 7,000 words on the 6th, to reach my 20,000 goal, and now, I have hit 30,000 on the dot on the 9th.  So here we go! By the 12th, I shall shoot for 40,000, and by the 15th, 50,000. My birthday is on the 16th, if this pace keeps up I should have about 53,000 words by the end of my birthday.

I am not setting this as goals, per say however, because I have not once really been writing with a number of words in mind, but I have just been writing what comes to me. In the back of my mind, I have hoped to reach certain numbers at certain points, as I pointed out above, but really, I have just been enjoying the story. Dorian is a character I love, and it is with giddyness that I have given Dorian a SHOCKER of an experience at the end of these 30,000 words and the chapter they finished. What happens next!? How will Dorian respond to this news!? EHRMAGHERD! Let’s find out. =)



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