Nano ’13 Day 7 and 8

I forgot to post yesterday, but to be honest there is not much to say. I had a great day yesterday, but today has not been very productive. What I have written I’m not entirely pleased with, and I might start the chapter all over, because of how displeased I am. I know what people will say to. Don’t delete! This is Nano! Just write! Well, that won’t work. If I leave it in, it will continue to bother me, and I’ll be distracted from writing something new. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll delete the whole thing, or just certain parts of it, and rewrite it, but I know I am displeased with how the scene is. Perhaps it is just the being stumped at this point in the scene that is bothering me, but time will tell. I just hope it doesn’t hinder me tomorrow at the write-ins.


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