Nano ’13 Day 6

Well, I slept a great deal last night, worked all day, and had no time to write, but now today, I made up for it. I got just over 7,000 words down today and my fingers hurt, but at least now, I’m just over 20,000 total. I am still forecasted on the site to finish by the 15th. I still think I’ll peter out and slow down a bit, but I have no doubts I’ll finish my 50k early. Now, I just wonder how much more than 50 I’ll have in the end. Let’s see, should I try and set a goal? Aim for 60,000? 70,000? Now I feel like I’m getting arrogant, but it is an amusing and humorous idea to dabble with.

However, I will say, my forecast for having vampires in chapter 6 got postponed as some ideas swelled up. So, vampires will appear soon, but it has not happened yet. Soon! I promise! (it kind of ruins the plot if I don’t, so I promise!)



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2 responses to “Nano ’13 Day 6

  1. As you know that you’re going to go over 50k, don’t try to say how much over you’re going to go. Simply go until there is no more of that story to be told.

    • In the end, that’s a given as to what will happen, but perhaps you are right. This whole time I have not been really focused on daily goals, or focusing on that 50,000 total. I’ve just been writing for the love of the character and the desire to write his story.

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