Nano ’13 Day 4

I did manage to get some writing down today, and am now at roughly 13,000 words. I am not going to be able to write tomorrow, while I’m at the polls. I will try to get something down though once I’m home, but since that will not be till late at night, I do not forsee much of it getting done. Either way, once the days is over, I will be back on a normal schedule, and between the weekend write-ins, and normal writing at home, I hope to be finished with the 50,000 goal by my birthday. I still hold that it is not likely to happen, but I will try none the less. And no matter if I do get to 50,000 words by then or not, I will still attempt to keep writing till the end of November, and get as much of the story down as I can.

Here’s to hoping. I will not be able to get the finished chapters that have not been posted yet up till I have some free time to do so. When I hit a block or something, I’ll re-read, to check the spelling and such, and try to get my mind back on track. =P I am at a point thought that I shall begin to introduce some of the vampires to the story, so when you see chapter 6 up, expect to see blood suckers!


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  1. You’re doing well with your word count! Keep up the good work and momentum!

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