Nano ’13 Day 3

Tomorrow (11/4) and the next day (11/5) I will be fairly busy, so I am not sure how much writing I will be doing. On the 5th, we have elections, and I will be working as a Poll Worker for the elections in my area. As such, I have to stop at Town Hall and pick up some things for that. I also have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I will be running around for the next two days. Not sure if I’ll get much writing done, but I will try my best. I will still make posts here for those two days as well, and update any progress. I’ll also be posting up chapters 3 and 4, in time, here and on wattpad.

As I stand right now, though, I have reached 10,000 words! 20% finished! One fifth of the way to the end goal! Woot! I was hoping to reach 10k by the end of the day, and I did. I was hoping to keep up the momentum I have now, to finish early, but missing much of the next two days due to the above reasons, I can only hope to finish by the 16th or 17th by the earliest. I doubt that will happen, but I do hope to keep up my momentum come wednesday, when I have the time to write as I have been these first three days. I’m still psyched! I am eager to get this story finished.

As an added bonus, someone I talked with on wattpad made some covers for this story, and I was giddy with how amazing they are. So, courtesy of Victoria Kaer, here are two covers for Dorian’s story!












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