Nano ’13 Day 2

I did not do as well today as I did yesterday, but I was so psyched I couldn’t be stopped yesterday. I took part in a double write-in today in Parsippany, but there was low attendance. Tomorrow there will be another double write-in, and I hope to continue the surge I’m on. I nearly got another 3k words today, falling short of the nearly 4500 I got up to yesterday after my initial post here. (I’m up to a total of 6,810 so far) I’m loving it, and I’m not running out of ideas. If anything, it is still expanding and I am so so psyched. I’m getting repetetive here too, so maybe I should cut this short.

I started posting my chapters up on Wattpad as well, to hopefully get more of an audience, but I am still going to post here as well. I noticed some errors on chapter 1 that I missed even after proofreading, so I shall amend those, re-read chapter two to fix typos, and put that up before going to bed.

This may be auspicious of me, but if I can make 10,000 words total by the end of tomorrow, I may think I have a drive to finish the 50k by my birthday. That would be an amazing self-gift. xD Here’s to hoping!


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