In the wake of character development i.e. Day 31

All the while posting about Dorian Blackwood, I have gotten many likes and follows from people that had not otherwise been following my blog, so now, I wish to bring attention to those people. I’d like to hear from you all.

The story that I will be writing during this years NaNoWriMo, about Dorian, will be following him during a certain set of events that I plan to be the link between his story and my other work in progress, Repeating History. This story will not only feature him, but Li Shaoshen, the other character I wrote a spotlight on somewhat recently, and will feature some interaction with some of the protagonists of the Repeating History series.

Titled What Lies Between Power and Bliss, this story will be narrated by Dorian following imprisonment. He has been a criminal, as means to support his life in the absence of having any skill to use in a profession, for most of his life, and being arrested is not a surprise to him, nor is it something new to experience. This time it is different however, and he must find out what is going on in his life now, to bring on this change. Along the way he meets his polar opposite, in a man that comes from a land apart from Arvandor, yet all his life, Dorian has believed the continent of Arvandor to be the only one on his 75% water filled home. What does this mysterious man and this odd change to his life have in common? The answer lies in between Power and Bliss.

What have you all thought of these character development questions? What do you think of Dorian from what you have learned? And do you plan to read the story as it is posted here? Let me know what you think, please, for I thrive on feedback.


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