Most in-depth Character Development – Day 19-23

Day 19: Future:

What are their dreams? What do they want to do someday?:

I’m beginning to think this character development questionnaire is just repetitive, and not really more in depth. 1: To find his sister 2: Live peacefully with said sister.

Are there places they want to go? Where and why?:

Somewhere safe. Because it’s safe.

Day 20:

If these don’t apply already: do they want to get married? Have kids?

Maybe. No. He doesn’t trust marriage, because it involves an emotion that Dorian does not believe exists. And he wouldn’t want kids, not wanting to put them through hell because he could never give them a stable life. He lives on the streets, and steals. A parent shouldn’t be teaching their kid how to steal, so no.

Would they ever consider adopting a child? Why or why not?

No. See previous answer.

Do they have any prominent sensory associations? (Ex. the smell of their mother’s perfume, the sound of ice cracking under their feet as a child, etc.)

The crack of a whip will ring bells.

Day 21:

Who do they want to meet?:

Nice people. He won’t hold his breath.

What about them is heroic?


What would the character be like in their old age?

Wrapped in a white coat, hugging himself.

Day 22:

Describe one (or more) plots you would like to do.

Dorian has been involved in a lot, but there is much of his back story that was left blank; despite what I’ve described so far. When I first played him in AOL, he was over 300 years old, and there was not a whole lot of history described for those years between his separation from his sister, and that point in the RP. I’m basically bringing what happened in AOL to an earlier point in his life, so that I don’t linger with a large gap of time with no events having occurred.

Dorian’s story, his life, has only really had one major plot, and other than his search for finding his sister, I never really had any major plots in mind. He underwent minor plots with other role-players that I rp’d with over the years, from drug smuggling story lines with some friends in the WoW version of Dorian to a war against a super powerful undead leader. There were also versions of his story where instead of turning solely to a life of crime, he managed to forge his father’s handwriting –in a modern age story line– and use his father’s money to support himself and get himself a real job. In which case, he actually became a cop, and had some interesting story situations where he was actually doing drug busts instead of drug smuggling. This was also in a paranormal story line, so on top of drug busts, there was dealings with ultra-violent vampires and lycanthropes in a Anita Blake inspired RP group. He dealt with vampires and werewolves as his friends in AOL, so in the end it’s different, yet still the same.

Since Rhy’din was a hodge podge of genres of fiction, I think I wouldn’t mind taking a look at Dorian from a futuristic view point, and putting him in a world where technology has reached a space age. It won’t see publication though, as I’d like to stick with Dorian’s original story and setting as the published version. But writing about Dorian as if he were in the Star Wars universe would be fun for some personal freelance fun. ((Hell, I played Star Wars: The Old Republic and had a Jedi Consular named Dorian Nightmist.))

Day 23:

The Day 23 question is not answerable, as it does not pertain to the time frame in which Dorian’s story takes place.


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