Most in-depth Character Development – Day 16-18

I skipped a day inadvertantly, I was busy, and almost skipped another. I couldn’t sleep, so I got back on, and realized I hadn’t done yesterday’s post, so here’s another group, of three days. 12 days are left in this list, and I think I’ll finish it very soon if the rest of them are in small groups like this.

Day 16: Sex and Romance

What is their sexual orientation? Do they ever question it?:

Dorian is so straight, it hurts to turn corners. There has never been an instance where he would question it.

When did they lose their virginity? Who to? Where? What was it like?:

I believe I’ve stated before that Dorian had only one love in his life, and that was quite literal, to a point. Rosalinde Bloodrose was his first love, his first lover, his first everything to a large degree. Not that he’s had any shortage since then, but she still remains to be the only person he’s truly loved. He wasn’t an impressionable youth when he was with her for the first time either, though that doesn’t necessarily make it better. I never put much thought into what it was like for either of them in their first time together, but what I can say is that after that first time, they were like wild cats in heat. Dorian’s relationship with Rosa was entirely played out in role-play on AOL, but I am not sure if we really specified anything about their physical relationship. They could barely keep their hands off each other even in situations where clothes were kept on, so I can only imagine it was good if they couldn’t refrain from touching so much. Even with the heated arguments they were prone to. Make up sex must have been a doosy.

What is their favorite sexual fantasy?:

What I can say is that Dorian is a bit spontaneous in the physical aspects of his love life. So, I would have to say, his biggest fantasy lies in exhibitionist tendencies.

Day 17: More Sex and Romance

Do they have any particular fetishes or kinks?:

Dorian isn’t exactly shy when he is in the mood. He’s shy in other regards, but it is simply not often that he gets to experiment in this field. It is a weird mixture, I must admit. He’ll try things, and then there are things he won’t. But it is difficult to introduce something to try that will put him out of the mood.

What’s the strangest thing they’ve ever done in bed?:

Wake up in it the next morning.

Is there anything in particular that they won’t do?:

Anal. Just… no. Scat… ugh.

What are they attracted to in a partner?:


Day 18: Chafing yet?

If applicable: who is their current partner, and what attracted the character to them? How did they meet? How long have they been together? What kind of a relationship is it? Do they have any plans for the future?:

For the purposes of the story being written in November, Dorian is with Rosalinde. Rosalinde reminds him of her sister, she suffered the same pains both emotionally and physically. However, Rosalinde was not affected by such things as he was, so she represents a strength he searches for. Her parents were not the abusive force in her life, but her pain was identical to Raina’s the day Dorian originally snapped. So, she cannot 100% relate to Dorian’s pain, but it is the closest to it that he had seen at that point. Because of these differences, they get into arguments over how Dorian is dealing with it. Rosa attempted to help Dorian with a firm hand, which does work for some people, but it wasn’t for him. Nevertheless she tried. In the end, they always found means to make up and be happy, but Rosalinde and Dorian’s love life is –as I’ve stated in another post– the perfect image of the lyrics to “I love the way you lie.” The relationship is rocky, and they have their moments of hostility, but in the end, they always know that they’ll have each other’s back, and help each other through anything. They have a future, and they don’t. It is hard to describe since their relationship has been played out in AOL, but I’m telling the story in the middle in what I’ll be writing.

What would be their perfect date?:

Dorian is not the sort of person to go out on a date. He has issues with confidence without that kind of pressure. But to simply drop the name, and look at it from a contextual point of view, the best times Rosa and Dorian have together are when they just spend time alone, outside at night under a tree or something to that effect. Going to an inn for dinner never turns out well, because they are both members of the Nightmist clan, and there is a very clear illegality to what they do.

Describe one of the character’s past relationships and what was significant about it.:

In the writing, there are none. Rosa was his first. Aside from Rosa, all his relationships have never been more than physical.

Have they ever hurt someone they loved?:

Dorian and Rosa hurt each other on a daily basis, pretty much. Remember, love-hate. I love the way you lie. Physically and emotionally they hurt each other constantly, and mended each other’s wounds the best they could. It is almost as if they were holding a competition and comparing scars.

Do they fall in love easily?:

Trust and Love are very similar. One must trust in order to love, and Dorian does not trust very many people. Less people than he has fingers. And he isn’t missing any fingers.


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