Character Spotlight – A Walk on the Dark Side

So, I wrote some about the villains in my writing, mainly in a previous spotlight at Denizens of the Dark. However, I didn’t have much to tell about the characters mentioned in the second half of that post, so I am going to fill in what I’ve worked out since then.

So, the characters I left out in that portion of the post was the vampires that followed Kyo. I am going to explain a little more concerning Kyo as well that I believe I did not include, even in the post specifically about him and Yami at A Look at the Dark Side.

Aramaki Kyo was a samurai who served Oda Nobunaga during the Sengoku Era (roughly, 1450-1600) of Japan, where Daimyo all over the country warred for governmental control of the country as the Kamakura Shogunate –or Bakufu– was floundering. Oda Nobunaga was the first of three people that eventually brought an end to the Sengoku era. Kyo was loyal to Nobunaga, and served him without question, but questioned the actions of Hideyoshi and Tokugawa who came after him. He continued to do as was needed, but quietly he believed that Hideyoshi and Tokugawa would eventually lead Japan to ruin instead. On the night before the events at Hanno-ji, the temple where a coup captured Nobunaga and forced him to commit seppuku, Kyo was in the company of a woman whose only offered ‘name’ was Shinihime. In the night, she turned Kyo into a vampire, and made a deal with him. Kyo returned to his life, and worked only as an assassin. In the night, he did his part to aide Hideyoshi in retort against the coup. When Nobunaga was avenged, he followed Hideyoshi as he finished the task, and even began to try and turn the country of Japan into a true empire with invasions into China and Korea. He helped even though they failed. When Hideyoshi died, he even sided with Tokugawa against those that sided with keeping Hideyoshi’s five year old heir as Shogun. When Tokugawa was victorious and finally created a new Shogunate, and all seemed back in order, Kyo still disbelieved that Tokugawa would not screw it up. So he waited ten years, till Tokugawa stepped down, and took the role of Regent while his son became the next Shogun. Kyo struck then, and arranged Tokugawa’s death, in a less than honorable way, and pitched the blame onto Tokugawa’s own son. With his son forced to commit seppuku, Kyo as Tokugawa’s highest ranking general quashed any thoughts of open war again, and took up the role of Shogun. It was shortly before these last events that Kyo had his first conversation with someone capable of transporting him through worlds, to extend his empire to other worlds in the cosmos. Due to this, he was able to expand beyond the bounds of Japan, China, and Korea, and began the building not just of a larger empire, but of a group of vampires that would fulfill Shinihime’s request.

Ai Motoko was an assassin; a Shinobi hired during the last stretch of the Sengoku era, during the major contentions between Tokugawa and Ishida Mitsunari. It was at this time that Kyo met with Yami over and over again, but Ai Motoko was also hired to finish what Yami had been incapable of. Ishida wanted Kyo dead, because he was a great leader and a great swordsman responsible for many casualties on the field. However, Motoko could not complete the task either. While Yami and Kyo’s fights were always interrupted and never allowed to finish, Motoko was outright beaten. She used tactics that used her looks as a weapon, attempting to lure her targets into bed, where she could kill them in the heat of the moment. However, on the night of her attempt to kill Kyo, he instead took her and made her into a vampire as well. She would be the first of his “Kiss.”

Santino Marcone was a soldier of the Kingdom of Naples. The fall of the Roman empire, and the rise and fall of many powers in Europe, split the Italian peninsula into various city-states rather than a unified country. The divided city-states had never really pushed for unity for many years, but eventually, they wished for it. During Napolean’s reign in France, the city-states of Italy became a highly contested region that the French, Austrians, and Spanish fought over. Finding themselves being treated as a toy that children bickered over playing with, the people of the Italian peninsula tried to fight back, and instead of being merely a territory of one of their empires, vied to declare themselves a unified and independent nation. It was not an easy task, and though they made that effort then, it still would take nearly a century for that goal to be fully realized. Santino however, in his duties as a soldier of the Kingdom of Naples and a patron of the unification of Italy, was set upon by men claiming to be of the French military, but turned out to be vampires who had Napolean on puppet’s strings.

Adelrich Bachmeir was a nobleman and soldier under the fealty of Henry the Lion of Saxony. Henry the Lion, himself, ruled the Duchy of Saxony under the servitude to Frederick I Barbarossa, King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor. Henry the Lion, however, was not very fond of Frederick’s family, and thus, not truly loyal to the Emperor. When it came time to bring military power to the Italian states, to give a lesson to the Pope who defied Frederick, Henry the Lion refused to send the support of his own troops. After Barbarossa was forced to flee the Italian peninsula and return to Germany, Henry the Lion’s supporters in retort abandoned him, and did not give him support. Frederick banished Henry, and gave the Duchy of Saxony to another. Adelrich was one of Henry the Lion’s supporters who remained chiefly loyal to Barbarossa. He accompanied Barbarossa on the trip to Isreal in the third Crusade, was ultimately captured by a vampire there whom had been claiming to be dolling out Henry’s vengeance. Thus, Adelrich was turned.

Aláin Brùn was a Gaellic warrior in ancient Scotland, before it was Scotland. During the contention between the Picts and the Gaels, he was personally affronted by the Pictish people. When claims of a peace arose between the Picts and the Gaels, Aláin refused to go along with it, even if it meant conquering the other tribes, and raising a force to contend with the Angles (English). People listened to Aláin, which would hamper the chances for the peace. A group of men, both Gael and Pict, supporting the alliance, ambushed him at night, and beat him within an inch of his life. They left, to let him bleed out in the fields, only for him to be discovered by a vampire who ‘rescued’ him from the doom of death.

Neville Ashdown was a homeless thief in the dirty alleys of Victorian Era England. He was born into a poor family who had no money to afford a home. He stole and pinched pockets in order to get by from day to day. There was no other way to get by. He stared at the palaces, and the people living rich and ritzy lives, doing nothing to help those that had nothing and no means to get what they needed to survive. He figured they had so much, they could stand to lose a few trinkets they would no doubt hardly notice. But picking pockets near Buckingham Palace did not net him the money he sought, instead, it welcomed him into a part of British Royalty he believed Queen Victoria did not even know about.

Eran is the eldest of the vampires in this tale. He is so old, he did not have a last name, for indeed, last names were not yet in use. He is so old, he predates the current era. Before the birth of Christ, Eran was a member of the Judean people, under rule of the Seleucid Empire. The Seleucid ruler desecrated the Jewish temple, which incited a rebellion among the Jews. They fought –yes even on the Sabbath– in order to reclaim their temple and restore it. Free of the Seleucid, they were able to return to their normal practices of their religion. Of course, it would not last long, for the Roman Empire would be knocking on Judean and Caananite doors, but for that time, they were freed of Seleucid and Greek control. A scout of the Roman legions ran into Eran one night, and that would spell the end of his Jewish practices forever.

Now, how did these people, from various different points in history, come to be together? Well, how Motoko and Kyo are together was already answered. But how did he meet with those that existed before him, in other regions of the world? And how did he meet those that came after him, if he ventured into other worlds to build his empire? Shinihime had a part in that, for as she told Kyo, she had many names across the world, signaling that she had been in other parts of the world and in that time, with the state of transportation as it was, it would take a long time, especially since she’d need to find a place to rest during the day, and not be stumbled upon. Since that is the case, I am toying the the idea that the same vampire turned all of them (excluding Motoko of course) and directed them to each other over time. These seven will be like a council of elders to all Vampire kind, while Shinihime is technically older then all of them, and more powerful to have created them all and survived long enough to do so, across all corners of the world. There will also be introduced some vampires of the fictional races in the writing, and as they come about I’ll introduce them. For now, there’s Shinihime, and the council of seven. A.K.A. The Sinful Kiss, as their personalities will mirror the seven deadly sins. From Kyo who craved the drive of Tokugawa, the ambition of Hideyoshi, and the strength of Nobunaga all in one; Motoko who lured men to their demise with her beauty; Adelrich who craved power over exile, and was never satisfied with the power he held and always wanted more; Santino with his love for his people and homeland, enamored in its beauty, culture, and allure; Aláin who could not let his grudges and anger go; Eran who was unsure, like many others, on whether or not they should forsake their religious beliefs under the oppression of a larger power, remaining under someone else’s control and servitude; and Neville who could not help but look up at the wealth and prosperity around him, and desire it.


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