Most in-depth Character Development – Day 9

I fast-forwarded through days in the last post, but I’m not skipping days, I’m continuing on!

Day 9:  More skills and knowledge

How are they with technology?:

I wouldn’t say Dorian is terrible with technology. His original creation, in the world of Rhy’din, put him in a world where all levels of technology –or lack thereof– was available, but in Arvandor, I do not plan to really show any great usage of technology. I’m not one for modern writing, and sci fi is a challenge for me. Contrary to some other characters of mine, however, he does not struggle with technology nor does he excel with it. He does not work with it in the design field either, but uses it where it is necessary, I’d say.

Are they specially qualified in any particular field? Would they be considered at the top of the field?:

Magic and Stealth operations are his field. He’s not as good as those among his mother’s side of the family in stealth, but he has gotten quite good at not being heard or seen. At the same time, he has developed some quite flashy skills in the magical area. Of course, while Jinnzou is in control, he does even better. Without Jinnzou, he isn’t really as skilled as anyone from his father’s side of the family (and even less skilled in the stealth area than normal).

Have they ever been publicly acknowledged for anything? (Ex. Nobel Prize)

The Nobel Prize does not exist in this world, but even by a different name, no. Dorian has never received any public prizes. However, acknowledgements in the more negative sense… Yes, he’s had a price on his head, wanted posters spread around; of course.

Is there anything they’ve deliberately sought to improve at?

Everything. Dorian suffers from a low self confidence. So, he’s always trying to better himself. However, Jinnzou doesn’t make it easy and is always putting him down. He’s even known to put himself down without Jinnzou a few times. It is a constant struggle; one he’ll likely never overcome.

Do they speak more than one language?

He can speak Elvish (somewhat different from the Tolkien Elvish I use for other characters), Common, Draconic (no, not D&D Draconic), and a form of Serpent language (somewhat similar to parsel tongue from Harry Potter, but come on folks, this character existed long before the name Harry Potter was breathed in America).


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