Most in-depth character development – Day 6-8

I’m anxious and not a cheater. The next three are also even shorter posts than the Day 5 post, so I’m speeding through them. Don’t hate me! Why would you hate me for this? Well, even if you do… =Þ Phbbbt!

Day 6: Resources and abilities continued.

Why do they have their resources? How long have they had them, and how have they served the character over time? (Ex. Contacts, money, political power, fame, etc.):

Money is not something Dorian has. He steals so that he can sell and get money, or steals money outright. This money is to be able to pay for food, clothing (if he needs new clothes), and shelter (if he must pay for it). There is no other need for money. Political power he could care less for. He wants no part of the corruption of the Empire’s royalty and nobility, and has no desire to twist them even simply to meet his own ends. Especially not to meet his own ends. As for fame, he has it, but does not want it. Truthfully, he is not famous, he is infamous, and his name is known among many circles in the criminal world as well as among the soldiers of the empire. He craves for his name to not be known, so he could bask in the quiet of not being known. His contacts are among the Nightmist Clan. They are the only people –aside from Raina– that he cares about. And he has his cares for them as well. So he does not see them as his contacts, but as his family (again though, he’ll never use the term family, since he views family as just a corrupt concept as the empire’s royalty and nobility).

The story I’ll be writing for NaNo begins when he’s in his late 20’s. Dorian met the Nightmist Clan roughly when he was about 17 or 18 years old, shortly after his final confrontation with his father, only a couple years into his search for Raina. So he is coming close to a 10 year association with the Nightmist.

Dorian has danced between various aliases to dodge being known, but even as a young child people knew who he was. This knowledge altered over time, but people always knew “Dorian Blackwood is the son of Liam Blackwood and Jillian Cavanagh.” Then, they came to know “Jett Kuroi and Reiku Kuroi are two children putting the older criminals in Kadmos to shame.” And on that day, when Dorian was 15, and he faced off against his father in the market, they learned “Jett Kuroi is Dorian Blackwood.” Since then, Dorian has always been in hiding, doing his best to be unseen. His face was known since that day, his appearance would identify him no matter what name he gave to people, so that was why he adopted to wearing more concealing clothes. He also pretty much abandoned the Jett Kuroi name as well. After associating with the Nightmist Clan he alternated between using Jett Nightmist and Dorian Nightmist, and when he ventured into Higashi and Minami, he adopted the name Daisuke Yogiri. No one has seemingly identified Daisuke Yogiri to any of the other names, and seems to be his safest name at the time. People are aware of the Nightmist clan, not necessarily that Dorian Nightmist is Dorian Blackwood, or that Jett Nightmist is Jett Kuroi, but simple knowledge of what the Nightmist do makes him less anxious to even use those names.

Day 7: Residence

Where does your character live? Why did they choose it, and how did they acquire it? How do they handle intruders (graciously? violently?)? Describe the space.

Dorian does not have a home. Dorian has lived in many places in his life, but none of them could be considered a home. His first residence, his father’s home, was a place of torture. The ‘basement’ was literally nothing more than a dungeon, and he had spent much time in there. Since his escape from that place, Dorian and Raina took up residence in more than one abandoned apartments within the slums of Kadmos, using them merely as temporary hide-outs. They abandoned them if the location grew too dangerous. After he and his sister were separated, Dorian continued to use whatever space he could find. Abandoned apartments were simply the easiest to move in to. He didn’t have a whole lot of personal possessions, so all he had to do was slip in, sleep for the night, and see in the morning, if he would be lingering there for long. After his association with the Nightmist, his home became more stable, though it was still never a home. Doing jobs for the Nightmist Clan he would, from time to time, be able to get a room at a tavern/inn to stay for the night, or for a few days, whatever the case may be. Either way, when he was not on the road, with a delivery, he would be hiding out in a run down place where no one would look into because that was usually where the criminals hung out.

Dorian did not greet unexpected ‘guests.’ If he did not expect anyone to be near, he would be wielding his arms quickly, and would chase anyone away. He prefers not to kill, so he would not go so far as to kill anyone that happened upon him, but he would scare them off to the best of his ability. If the intruder happened to be someone seeking him specifically, however, then it would more than likely turn into a fight for his life. In which case, once the fight was over, he would be on his way again to somewhere new.

Day 8: Personality/Traits

What are some of your character’s more notable merits and flaws (including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.)? How did they develop? How has this helped or hindered them in the past?:

I have more than likely answered this throughout the other posts, but just to recap, here we go…

Dorian has no merits.

When he is ‘himself’, when he is Jett, he is a shy, nervous, unconfident person. He does not desire to cause any harm to anyone. He wants to live peacefully with his sister and not be bothered by anyone. He was a secluded life where he doesn’t even have to interact with other people. A life where he can just be happy and his sister can be happy. He does not believe in any religion, despite having had interaction with deities and other religious figures in the past. He feels that if these people are really gods, then why do they permit such strife in the world? If they were really benevolent beings, they would have wiped the strife from existence. He isn’t agnostic or atheistic, he despises the idea of religion.

When he is Jinn, when his anger is unchecked, he has no restraints. He will attack anyone who hinders him from doing what he wishes to do. He has no qualms with letting who he is from being known, and will destroy anything in his path if he feels the whim to do so. The matter of religion is now a moot point, because in this state, he feels he has the power to contend, and lacks the desire to care how people feel regarding such. Woe be to any who get in his way. Jinn is the one responsible for freeing Jett from his horrible family, in both instances of contention between him and his father.

Physically, Dorian is short and scrawny. He is not weak, but toned and agile. However, you won’t see him performing any great feats of strength. He can handle himself, but if he is forced into a place where speed and the element of surprise do not aide him, he may be pressed to find a way out of his situation.

He is also self-conscious about his short stature. His angered half could care less, and will just kill anyone who jokes about it, but in a calmer state of mind, he will become frustrated and depressed over comments about such. This self-consciousness also plays into his inability to do well with women. His lack of confidence makes him worry more and more about what to say or do, and thus ends up saying completely untrue and stupid things, leading himself into a web of lies that he can’t find a way out of, nor remember how it began. This of course, leads to Jinn ridiculing him as well, which eventually leads to anger, outrage, and outburst.


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