Most in-depth character development – Day 5

Back on track now, so Day 5 here we are. Another short one.

Day 5 – Resources and abilities

Where did they learn their abilities?:

Dorian’s father and brothers clearly did not want to and would not ever teach Dorian anything about the magical style that was prevalent in the Blackwood family. Raina was receiving very little training as it was, since she was not progressing with what teaching she did get. They were giving up on her. Dorian learned through watching his older brothers be taught, reading books in secret, when his father or brothers were not watching him, and then self practice. He wasn’t fond of learning from Blackwood family texts, but he had to learn something if he hoped to one day fight back. The situation he was in put a kind of block on what he learned though. Just as he tried to suppress his anger, so did some of what he learned get repressed as well. Not consciously, it just happened. When his anger took control, so was that learning released when he lashed out against his father. Nevertheless, the majority of his learning was self-taught. After he and his sister were free, they practiced together, but that would be the extent of what could be considered formal training.

If they have an income, where does it come from?:

Other people’s pockets.

Do they have a job? Do they like it? How do they feel about their co-workers?:

He’s a criminal! Thief, Pickpocket, Assassin, you name it, he’s done it, just so he could get by. He’s never liked it, because his family were criminals. They did it out of desire. He does it out of necessity. His only ‘co-workers’ ever, was Raina and then the Nightmist clan, which specialized in smuggling and trade. The Nightmist clan was the only group of people Dorian had come to trust alike his sister. He never referenced them as a family, but that was how the Nightmist clan worked. They were a ‘family’ of cast offs, supporting each other. Dorian does not put much weight in the idea of a family, and so he has no other word to call them. They’re simply with him. They are the Nightmist clan.


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