Most in-depth Character Development – Day 4

Delayed, but today has been an unexpectedly busy day. Anyway, on with the show.

Day 4 – Favorites and Habits

What are some of your character’s hobbies? What do they do with their time?:

Well, Dorian does not have any hobbies. Dorian does not have spare time. Dorian’s sole purposes in life are to find Raina and to survive while doing it. He does not care about anything else. Why is this you say? Well, Raina was the only one who cared for him out of his family. So, family means nothing to him. Family does not equal love and kin and companionship in any way. He does not even really believe love is real either. His own kin hated him, his father and brothers despised his existence. He feels love leads to obsession because that was clearly what happened to his father, and obsession is a very bad thing. How he feels about Raina, is hard to describe into words. In one way, you could say he believes Raina is the exception to the rule, in that regard, but he would never refer to it that way, and would in all honesty, not know how to word it, because he believes that there is no one out there that could equal Raina. Love is a lie, family is a meaningless word, and Raina is something else entirely.

Finding Raina is all he cares about, and with her he feels he could get control over his anger and not have to worry about it ever again. At the same time, however, the lack of information regarding her whereabouts has him thinking, at times, that he has inadvertently killed her in one his angered fits. This fear has put a little distance between them (unknowingly) when he drew close to finding her, on more than one occasion. Other than finding her, his only care is to survive. To live as long as he can as a final ‘payback’ to the torture and lack of care held by his father; the father’s desire for him to die defied by his efforts to live.

Favorite color?:

Dorian does not have this sort of characteristics. He wears a lot of dark blues, dark purples, and blacks, but not because they are colors he likes, but simply because it is a sort of night-time or alleyway/shadow camouflage for him. It helps him remain unnoticed when he is trying to be Mr. Sneaky, so he wears it. Even his Katana are kept within black scabbards, and a dark blue wrap adorns the hilts.

Favorite music artists? Movies or TV shows? Books or authors? Actors?:

All unanswerable for obvious reasons. Even if he resided within a time period that had such things, he would be too busy thieving his way to a living and searching for Raina to be bothered by such things.

Political stance? Are they active in politics or do they not care?:

He does not involve himself with the Emperor of the Empire, lest he be recognized and arrested. He works with criminals, and there is always going to be some political corruption endeavors among criminals, but he has no cares for getting involved in such a circuit. He doesn’t care if he would be capable of twisting a weak-minded ruler to doing what he wanted of them, unless of course they had information on finding Raina. Even then, he would not be the sort to twist the ruler around his finger, he would just sneak into their chambers at night, steal any paperwork involving said information and leave with it.

What are some of their pet peeves?:

I do not know if this counts as a pet peeve, or a simple and general dislike, but Dorian will oppose, without a second thought, anyone who aims to deprive someone of their free will. This is perhaps part of why he would not dabble in twisting a political ruler to his will, because it would in turn deprive them of their free will, or at least warp what they believe is their own free will. Dorian is a criminal, but looking at it from a D&D alignment point of view, Dorian is not Chaotic Evil : He is Chaotic Neutral. He is more akin to Captain Jack Sparrow than the Joker, despite the more similar background with Joker. Jinnzou is definitely more alike Joker, though.










Other than that, I cannot think of anything that would really bother Dorian. Around criminal activity he does not really have any moral hang ups. Though mention rape, and he will have a violent reply.

What sort of gifts do they like?:

Dorian does not trust gifts. He does not trust people, normally. Any attempt to gain favor with him will be seen as an attempt to trick him and get him to drop his guard.

What is their favorite time of day? Favorite weather? Season?

No favorites. No cares.

Where do they like to spend their time?:

In the waking world.

Favorite food? Favorite drink? Hot drinks, soft drinks, or alcohol?:

Anything not poisoned.

Favorite animal?:

The kind that don’t try to kill him.

Do they have any pets? Do they want any?:

He has been known to care for a few animals from time to time, but he does not take them as pets. Such things would give away his position, and more than likely, endanger the animal.

What relaxes them?:

Is Dorian ever relaxed? Not really. Raina managed it when they were younger, but ever since she disappeared, he hasn’t been calm. So the only answer to that would be Raina.

Do they have any bad habits?:

He’s a criminal. Take your pick.


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