Most in-depth Character development – Day 3

I was not in the house all of Wednesday, I was working as a poll-worker for a NJ Special Election to fill one of our US Senator seats. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I collapsed, and fell asleep. I only woke up in time to have an early lunch, and so now here I am. I shall be posting Day 3 and Day 4 today, since Day 3 should have been posted yesterday. So, stay tuned for a double feature! xD

Day 3 – a relatively short one

Choose a different time period and describe what your character would have been like in that time period:

Well, crime and poverty exists throughout all time periods. And that is the central theme of Dorian’s story. He was born into a criminal family, he had poverty because eventually he rebelled against the torture his family inflicted upon him and his sister, and ultimately became a criminal himself out of the simple need to support himself. The only thing that would really change about Dorian is the continuity around his story. This, I have done. I have role-played Dorian in Rhy’din back during AOL RP, where his basic story (that which I am writing about this upcoming NaNoWriMo) takes place, albeit with altered names so as to not infringe upon the world of Rhy’din which is the only aspect of Dorian’s original story that I did not create. I have also played him in the world of the Warcraft series (ironically in “World of Warcraft”), where there were only slight alterations to his name and origin to fit the continuity of that world. In that world he was a Blood Elf that had lived in a village south of the Quel’thalas kingdom, but other than that… his family were still criminals, and now he lived in Murder Row, in Silvermoon, fending for his life as a criminal. I played him in a modern story line, a forum based RP group based off of Anita Blake novels, and Dorian was played as a Fae instead of an Elf, having lived into modern times, and was there with Rosalinde, his greatest love (organized by the person who played Rosalinde in the AOL RP).

There are other examples I could mention, but in the end, I guess all I can say is, nothing would change about Dorian. Just the setting. Dorian would still be Dorian, even with the setting and continuity changed.


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