Most In-depth 30 day Character Development – Day 2

Day 2: Still Dorian =P

How do they usually dress?:

Dorian is an elf, but he comes from a part of his world where an asian style culture was a little more prevalent. It was also a poor neighborhood, so even then, none of that ritzy Japanese or Chinese imperial garb. He wore a loose fitting pair of’shirt’ and ‘pants’ that were similar to Uwagi and Hakama, but less rounded at the cuffs. He wore more western style boots however, and fingerless gloves. Over that, he wore a coat/cloak thing. Not a cape-like cloak, but one that was more full body jacket like. A trench coat, perhaps, but with a hood to raise up over the head. All of this was in darker colors. A deep purple or dark blue would typically be his style, and sometimes even black, though he never considered his personality in tune with those color choices, at least, not when he was calm.

What do they wear to sleep?:

As little as possible. Dorian, despite growing up in a slum like neighborhood, was not a stranger to sleeping in the nude. However, it also depended on where he was, what he was doing, and so on. Sometimes he would not take off anything, even still wearing a blade at his hip.


A practitioner of magic, he has quite a few bits of jewelry. He has no piercings, but he wears a bloodstone signet ring upon a chain around his neck. Upon his right hand’s ring finger, is a silver band ring, with wings as the only decoration to the band, also in silver. Upon his right wrist, hidden within the sleeve of his shirt and jacket, is a silver chain bracelet, with small shields decorated with a Celtic cross hanging off of it. Upon his left hand, one each finger (5 in total), is a ring of copper, silver, and gold intertwined. The value of these bits of jewelry vary, though the vast majority of them are used for magical focus.

Weaponry?: (my own addition to this list, because I feel like specifying.)

At his hip, he has two swords, one on either hip. Both are katana, but one has the letters “AKSN” etched into the hilt. Within his jacket, and in small compartments strapped around his legs, he has kunai (throwing daggers) for when they are necessary. Other then that, he uses magic as his fighting style, but sometimes incorporates the weapons into his magical fighting style.

Is there anything about their appearance they wish they could change?:

Dorian does not give a rat’s ass about appearance. So long as he does not appear dirty, unkempt, or any other categorization of the usual penniless slob, he doesn’t care. The only thing he could possibly have an opinion on, are his tattoos. They directly reference to his heritage, which he has no love for.

What do they smell like?:

Clean? Dorian would never wear any cologne as, again, he doesn’t care. He bathes, and so that is all he does to take care of his scent. As for a natural aroma, I never really gave it much thought. As per his history, one might assume he smells like blood and ashes though.

Do they have an accurate mental picture of their appearance (how they see themselves versus how the world sees them)?:

Now here’s a loaded, and difficult question to answer. Dorian has a tender and sensitive mental state. He has a split personality, so there is more than one way he views himself. I suppose it can be categorized more simply however. Dorian does not think much of himself. He bottled in his anger when he was younger, because showing it merely got him more punishment and abuse from his bastard of a father. However, somewhere along the line, and probably without him noticing, he blames himself for the torture and abuse his sister received. He blamed himself for bottling in his anger, and basically became a coward. He always said he wanted to protect his sister, but when he was younger, and couldn’t physically do so, he ‘ran away’. Regardless of how futile his attempts may have been, and how smart it may have been to actually keep himself from getting beaten more often, he still blames himself for that night when he was 8 years old and saw his sister being raped. He snapped, his anger was let loose, and was forever changed. His calm side, after this point, sees himself as weak, but striving to get stronger, and believing he can do it. Somewhere along the way, though, he continually finds himself, perhaps purposely holding back without realizing it, or whatever the case may be, he still is incapable of handling everything. And thus, he blames himself for being weak. The angered half of him belittles him, calling him not just weak, but hopeless and useless and destined for death were it not for ‘him’, the angered half of him. Of course, as a person with split personality though, neither side views the other as one in the same, they view each other as separate entities. Neither are called Dorian. To hide from the criminal life he had to adopt, Dorian took on the alias Jett Kuroi (Jet Black, because of his hair color) and named the angered half Jinnzou Ningen (artificial human); Jinn for short. The outside world more than likely just views him as … Dorian Blackwood, the son of Liam Blackwood, one in a long line of criminals and miscreants. And crazy to boot.


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