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I updated my About Me section, as well as a few of the pages under that such as my Gaming experience, Influence and Writing pages, and my list of characters expanding on the fact that I’ll have more than one series of stories in the same universe now. Aside from that, I do not really have much to update on. I am still milling on my plot ideas and plans for the Dorian story. Only 16 days away, and I’m itching to write this story.

I started making some maps for the world of Dorian’s story, but the program I’m using, as some might know, is not a great program. I’m only using a trial version of it, and I can’t save the maps and on top of that have less options of tools and brushes and whatnot in the trial version. The program crashed half-way through, and so I could not export of screenshot the whole map in the end to get a full version of Dorian’s world. I did, however, get some which I am somewhat happy with. So, with that done, at least I can give a little look at what some of Arvandor looks like.

NW_Arvandor2 NW-NC_Arvandor

NC-NE_Arvandor MW_Arvandor










The first picture is North-West Arvandor : The Western most portion of Kita and Monithos and the Northern most portion of Nishi and Rinithos. Here we see the mountains of Nishi and Rinithos continue up to the northern coast, dwindling till they loop around a bit and end. Within the curve of these mountains, the marshes of Kita and Monithos begin, and extend out to another thin bit of mountains (seen in the second picture) before returning to mountains all the way to the edge of the Higashi forest(third picture). The fourth picture is of Mid-West Arvandor, or of the regions of Nishi and Rinithos directly south of the first picture. As I stated, I had continued making the map from this point on, but the program froze up, the program closed, and so I lost it all because the trial version will not let me save. I still need to get a better program, to be satisfied I’m sure, but I’m still looking around. I have a program in mind, but I’d rather find a cheaper alternative. I doubt that will happen, so who knows. Sadly, Kadmos, where Dorian is actually from, is part of the map I made but lost.

But alas. Till next time…


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