What Lies Between… Plot and Idea

I am working on the ideas I had for Dorian’s story for the upcoming NaNo. I cannot seem to settle on a plot. Now, I have a few scene ideas, and the characters central goal of finding his sister, however, how to link it all together is what eluding me at the moment. This is the first time I’ve wanted to write something before coming up with an idea. Usually it’s the idea that hits me and I just start writing. I do not know how this will effect me in the future with this story.

So I shall try something that a friend of mine urged me into doing for a different story idea I had. A summery, or excerpt, or ‘blurb’ to describe the story. This of course just pushes me back to trying to think of a central plot, but sometimes it’s that urging that helps me.

–“Dorian has been arrested for crimes against the Empire. Having lived the life of a criminal since he was eight years old, this is no surprise to him. However, this time they do not know who he is. How can this be? Held in a fort in the north-east of Arvandor, Dorian sits in a cell awaiting execution, but the question remains. Why? Can he find out before he is put to the headsman’s block?”–

This is basically the focus behind my ideas so far. And in my head, I have a vision of how these scenes will play out, but what eludes me is still the reason for ‘why?’. Then there is also still my debate over including the character Li Shaoshen in Dorian’s story. Perhaps he can be a cellmate, but then that further more raises the question of why. For what group of people could possibly have a reason for arresting two people so clearly opposites of each other as Li and Dorian. With that in mind however, I do have a conversation peeking into my ideas, of how a conversation might go between them; mainly with Dorian arguing over everything and Li just smiling like a dope. And then there’s Hao. Where does Hao wind up if Li is arrested? I find myself wondering how Dorian might respond seeing Li and Hao together, and what that might do to his memories of his own father. The more I write about this, here, and debate it in my mind as I do so, I begin to think more and more that this is a good idea that I wish to explore. However, I still need a reason for the two of them to be imprisoned by the same people.

Reason. Pondering it now, the best I can come up with is that these people, in charge of this fort, are not actually members of the Empire, and were hired, by the Empire or perhaps someone else, to capture and kill Dorian. Why would Li be captured by these same people? Well perhaps they are simply mercenaries, and it is a different contract with these same people that has landed them this capture as well. Arvandor is hardly an empire of devout people. Despite its crusade against the criminal underworld, it has its own shady dealings, and the good and just person Li is, could easily be reason enough for the Empire’s desire to snuff out Li as well. But there still is the matter of where Hao is in all of this.

Any opinions? Responses might help me sort through it all.


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One response to “What Lies Between… Plot and Idea

  1. Sometimes, when I have an idea and it doesn’t make immediate sense, I go with it anyway. What may seem to be a ‘crazy idea’ at first may turn out to be a brilliant one. Also, sometimes it is good to simply get a thought out on paper and then, after it’s written and the scene is done, you go back and edit it. Once you have a frame to work on, it’s easier to reshape your rough idea and make it better then trying to start off with something complete from the start.

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