Character Spotlight – Crime in Arvandor

Back to Dorian’s story. I cannot describe the antagonists of the story by two people and their followers, not really anyway. Even though one could describe the two main antagonists in Dorian’s life as his father and grandmother. However, the true villains of this story can be filed under the Cavanagh and Blackwood families. Of course, there’s also Dorian’s other personality; Jinnzou Ningen.

The Dragon Cartel is one of the two major criminal organizations in Arvandor, headquartered in Kadmos and Higashi. The Blackwood family is the head of the Dragon Cartel and anyone in the regions of Kadmos and Higashi will know the name Blackwood. Liam Blackwood is the head of the Blackwood family at the beginning of Dorian’s back story. Liam’s parents are still around, but have handed down leadership to the next of kin by this point in the story. However, Jillian Cavanagh is not the respective head of her family. Instead, Jillian’s mother still holds leadership. The Serpent Syndicate, the other major criminal organization in Arvandor, headquartered in Eurybia and Nishi, and led by the Cavanagh family, is the opposite of the Dragon Cartel. While the Dragon Cartel holds a patriarchal rule, the Serpent Syndicate holds a matriarchal rule. The union of the two criminal organizations with Jillian and Liam’s marriage was supposed to create a new organization, or at least a union of the two, in which both of the wedded couple would lead both families. When Jillian died, however, her mother severed the ties, putting the families against each other once again.

The Dragon Cartel were experts in destructive forms of magic, and used it to strike in the shadows against their foes and eliminate competition or interference. The Serpent Syndicate were more secretive, and excelled in magics relating to trickery, deceit, and quiet killing. Mathias, Lance, and Harald took after Liam more, while Raina took after Jillian more. This was what made it harder for Raina to learn magic relating to destructive forces. Dorian was born with a little of both, with no clear sign of taking after either parent more so than the other. This made it harder for him to learn his magic as a whole. He could read, and understand, but when putting it to practice, it was difficult. Of course, Jinn made it easier, as part of his suppressed anger was over his inability to wield the magic. When his anger was released, Jinn used magic with expert control.

Liam Blackwood used ice as his element, combining wind and water. And his sons used the various elements as well. They also trained in the martial arts, adapting the use of many different kinds of sword. Kara Cavanagh, Jillian’s mother, was one person who took the Serpent image of the Cavanagh family a bit more to heart. She developed a magical skill that allowed her to shed her skin, under her own control, and basically control how old she looked in doing so. She was an expert chemist, and concocted poisons that she and her family doused their daggers with. This too, was passed on to all her family. Logan, Jillian’s brother, is a more forward person than the rest of the Cavanagh family. In fact, it is almost like he should belong in the Blackwood family, but Logan believes that the Cavanagh’s more secretive nature makes them smarter. He does not practice in the same arts of secrecy and deception that the rest of his family does, nor does he practice destructive forms of magic. Instead, he simply practices physical swiftness and combat, to act as a bodyguard for his mother and other family. Thus is the nature of men in the Cavanagh family, to act as nothing more than muscle to protect the minds of the women of the family.

I have spent less time developing the Blackwood family, but there are reasons for that, which I shall leave unstated, as it would only spoil the story. =P So, stay tuned, the countdown is now down to 25 days till Nanowrimo and What Lies Between….



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2 responses to “Character Spotlight – Crime in Arvandor

  1. I find the levels of complexity in your characters to be interesting. I am curious to see how much of what I have seen in these background bites actually appear in the main story that you will be writing for NaNo.

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