Character Spotlight – A look at the Dark Side

Something something something Dark Side, Something something something Demeteria. =D

So yes, taking a leap back to Repeating History (and it’s sequels) here is a character cluster spotlight really.

The main antagonist is Yami, or as he was previously known, Asakura Tetsuya. I still have to do some looking into Shinto religion, but Yami was a former Samurai in Japan during the time of the first Shogunate. He wasn’t around when it was first formed, but after the Hojo Clan had taken over leadership. He was a child in training, and served as a part of the Shogunate’s military during the Mongol Invasions. He felt (perhaps a popular belief, I’m not sure) that the Hojo lacked honor and were unfit to rule the Shogunate. He took part in many plans to unseat the Hojo, and was around during the two major attempts to put the Emperor back in power. Go-Daigo was imprisoned in the first attempt, and was made emperor in the second, however, the Kamakura Shogunate initiated its rule after the second and once more kept power away from the Emperor. This second shogunate proved to have honor, but was physically weak in Yami’s eyes, and so this was where he began to lose faith in the Shogunate and distanced himself from those with political power. However, it was before this, that he became known as Yami.

Yes, even the world of Earth is tied into my cosmos, though you won’t see me writing anything that takes place on Earth other than flashbacks of those characters that came from there. After the second Mongol Invasion, and before Go-Daigo’s coups, Yami was wandering the forests while training himself to be stronger and cast down the Hojo leadership of the first Shogunate. It was in that forest that he met a demon. This demon was named Shoshu, and was a demon lord of Shadow. He had been in a battle with another demon lord, and had been beaten. His body had been destroyed, and his essence had been sealed within the body of a lizard. Within the body of the lizard, there was little he could do. After a short conversation, he had separated his essence from the lizard, and took over Yami’s body. From that day on, Tetsuya and Shoshu worked together as Yami. Shoshu humored Yami, and allowed him primary control, so he could embark on his quest to find a fitting Shogun to lead Japan in both honor and strength, and so Yami worked in the shadows. He saw to the fall of the second empire, and fought in many battles throughout the Sengoku Era. He even found himself among his own clan once again, and modeled himself as a cousin of Asakura Yoshikage, under the name Asakura Kageakira. Handing over Asakura land to Oda Nobunaga, he then went on to do as much as he could to see Nobunaga as Shogun. On the day of the Hanno-ji incident, Yami went into hiding. With Nobunaga dead, he felt there was no hope for Japan. He sat back and watched as Hideyoshi and Tokugawa feuded with the rebels that had forced Nobunaga into seppuku. He watched Hideyoshi attempt to turn Japan into an empire, and lead failing invasions into Korea and China. He watched as the country devolved into more internal war as Hideyoshi died, leaving his throne to a 5 year old boy. Finally, he watched as Tokugawa finished the task and formed his own Shogunate which lasted for 300 years. However, none of Ieyasu’s descendants had the same fervor and strength that he had, and so the Shogunate had its ups and downs and had come to bore and disgust Yami. At this time, Shoshu would be able to convince Tetsuya to go to the demon world, and learn of what it was to be a demon.

There were many instances in his fights involving the shogunate, where Yami went up against one man repeatedly. Neither would seem to win, both countering the other till they were forced to depart. This man was Aramaki Kyo. Kyo was a follower of Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa. During the final stretch of the Sengoku Era, Yami had lent his hand a few times to the forces of Ishida Mitsunari. And it was during the Sekigahara Campaign where Kyo and Yami met for the last time. After parting ways, discontent with how Ishida had been failing against Tokugawa, Yami confronted the man, and gave his peace. Still believing Tokugawa to not be the one to head the Shogunate that could truly succeed where the others had failed, he dispatched of Ishida himself, and carved the kanji for ‘Yami’ into the man’s chest. He did not linger behind however, allowed Tokugawa the chance to claim victory for himself. Then, Yami let Shoshu lead him into the demon world.

Why did Kyo not die against a man with a demon within him? Well, that is because Kyo was not entirely human himself. It was on the day before the incident at Hanno-ji, that a night spent drinking sake with a beautiful woman, kept him apart from his lord, Nobunaga. Confined to a bed through the day, he was unable to be at his lord’s side (even with Nobunaga’s insistence of spending time in solitary meditation at the temple) and defend him. However, it was not simply over drinking and the company of a woman that kept him away, for she was no simple woman. She was a woman of many names all over the world. Looking at her, one would not think her old enough to have seen all the locations she said she had, but tales of land beyond Persia regaled him, and Kyo found himself in the embrace of a vampire by night’s end. All through the day he slept, and by night, he found out about Nobunaga, and the truth of the woman who regaled him with many ‘names’ she held. However, she emphasized one for him; Shinihime.

Kyo went about his own business, and after Yami’s departure from Japan to the demon world, contrary to real life history, Kyo killed Tokugawa and his son, turning the newly formed Empire over to his control in short order. Shinihime did not linger with him for long, and departed on her own journeys, but Kyo’s shogunate would continue on his own path. Unlike Hideyoshi, Kyo would succeed at turning his country into an empire that bridged from the isles of Japan, to the mainland. In short time, however, a magical anomaly would bridge their world with another, and his empire would span multiple worlds. And it all began before he took over the Shogunate, when he met an assassin named Ai Motoko. Employed by Ishida, Motoko was a highly skilled assassin employed to seek out and eliminate high priority targets among Tokugawa’s supporters. Resulting events transpiring, Motoko instead became an associate to Kyo himself, and aided in his take over of the Shogunate after its rule was solidified. From there, Kyo employed many more people that would work in the shadows, including the Shinobi clan; Hogosha. Kyo too learned of the demon world, and was eventually presented with the opportunity to speak with Erebh, who had long since made it appear that his seclusion within the Void was still the prison sentence it was intended as. With association with Erebh, one of the Hogosha clan dabbled in magic, and was able to transport the presence of Kyo’s shogunate to other worlds, and would eventually wind up on Demeteria, on the continent of Telluria.

For many years, Kyo and Yami had parted companies, but in time, they found themselves both on Demeteria, and looking into each other’s eyes once more. But, what comes of their reunion is a mystery, perhaps even to them. Their reunion and new interaction is revealed in the first sequel to Repeating History; The Face of Evil.

Being of Asian descent, both of these characters are of short stature; even shorter than Dorian and Alek (I’ve always had an unexplained tendency to write short characters). Yami has a consistent style of black, having black hair, brown eyes, and an assortment of black clothes. (Black Uwagi, Hakama & Hooded Cloak) while Kyo’s appearance is a bit more varied. Kyo wears a White Kimono with Navy Blue Hakama and Shitagi. Over which, is a gray Haori with blue embroidery of a wolf howling at the moon. Kyo has shoulder-length brown hair, tied back, and brown eyes.


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