Character Spotlight – Dorian Blackwood

Birth Name: Dorian Blackwood

Alias(es): Dorian Black, Jett Black, Jett Kuroi, Daisuke Kuroi, Yogiri, Dorian Nightmist

Race: Elf

Age: Varies — I have portrayed Dorian at various points in his age in role-play and in writing. For what I will be attempting with Nanowrimo, I have a feeling I will make him older. Which, for an elf, means pretty old. Similar to an Warcraft view, the Elves live longer, and mature at different rates in a way. Not to say that they could be 30, and still be acting 3. After all, not all 18 year olds in our society are equally mature, but they are all considered adults. Dorian has had his hardships, so he’s matured quicker than the usual for someone his age. Long story short… (Too late!)… He is in his early 100’s, with the mentality/maturity of someone in his 30’s.

Eyes: Jade green

Hair: Jet Black (get it? get it?!) Short and spiky, though spiked as if by natural effect. He does nothing to style his hair, and only tends to it to make sure it isn’t dirty and unkempt.

Skin Tone: I do not know how to describe this in words, so … color swatch it up!




Height: 5’7″ tall. Yes, short for a male elf. Something that has always bothered him.

Weight: 176 lbs. He never really built up any muscle mass (except for his WoW version where he was a warrior) and primarily focused on being quick and unseen.

Personality: As stated previously, he has a split personality. Prior to the age of 8, he let his anger be suppressed, as displaying it only caused him further harm. When he lashed out because being unable to hold in that anger any longer, his two sides became even further separated. On one side, he is a quiet, shy, and ultimately fearful person with serious confidence issues. Having repressed his anger, this side of him feels he is incapable of doing anything on his own, worries what may happen, and despairs over the inability to protect himself or his sister. Over the years, this side of him has changed, to a more outgoing person, where he attempts to survive through whatever means necessary, even theft and killing. He is often still unsure of himself, because at this stage, he is aware of the other half, and he worries what might happen if things don’t go as planned. In the end, he is very quick to anger, and though he tries to repress it still, eventually it breaks out, and does what he wishes. Dorian views this second personality (as most people with MPD) as an entirely different person. When asked for a name, the other half never gave one though, and so Dorian has named him “Jinnzou Ningen” which means Artificial Human. Jinn, for short, then does as he wishes, exacting revenge on who he feels deserves it, trampling over anyone who gets in the way, and delights in carnage and mayhem, regardless of the consequences. Jinn even goes so far as to ridicule Dorian, or Jett, in his own mind, putting further thought to the idea that Dorian is weak, useless, and would be dead without Jinn whenever Dorian musters enough courage to claim Jinn is only out to cause him further torment.

History: Dorian was the last child born to Liam Blackwood and Jillian Cavanagh. Jillian died in child birth, and Liam blamed Dorian for this. Liam and Dorian’s three older brothers (Mathias, Lance, and Harald) all tormented Dorian as he grew up. Raina, his older sister, was the only one to show him any care. Raina, for not being able to master her magic even as young as she was, and then for tending to Dorian, was also abused and tormented by Liam and their three older brothers. Dorian’s development of his split personality caused him to lash out against his father and brothers at the age of 8. He and Raina believed them to be dead from such, and went on to live on their own, in an alley apartment, and through thieving. When Dorian was 15, and Raina 21, they were alerted to the fact that Liam, Mathias, Lance, and Harald were not dead, and ran into them in a market place, along with Logan Cavanagh, their mother’s brother. A fight ensued there, and two years later, in Higashi, Dorian finally killed his father and brothers. However, Raina, had disappeared amidst the fighting. His life from then on, was spent surviving and searching for Raina. In his travels, he met with the Nightmist Clan, whom he joined, and with the Nightmist, met his one true love interest that would wind up in a back and forth battle that seems the perfect image for “Love the Way You Lie.” It is from this point on, that his life finds it’s place in my writing. However, it will still be long after these events, that we find him in story for Nanowrimo.

Appearance: I have used many pictures to represent how he looks over the years. All varying based upon the continuity of the Role play. Here are a few that I still have laying about. I do not own any of these pictures, they were not made by me with the exception of a little collage work (poorly made I might add, it was from years ago after all).

Dominic Monaghan on fire, Random Naruto-esque artwork whose artist’s name I forget, and a collage of Android 17 from DBZ, Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi, and Aoshi Shinomori from Rurouni Kenshin.

Dominic_Monaghan_onfire Jett_NarutoPic



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