Some Lesser Known races

There are a few races that I “created” in my story. I cannot claim complete originality, as I have seen similar things in other mythos, but they are less common in the fantasy world. At least from my point of view. The major one of this group is the Dradar.

What are the Dradar? There are many other names for them, and I created the name Dradar to be at least a little more unique. They are a race created through the inter-breeding of mortal races and Dragons. The name Dradar is the oldest of the names used to refer to this species of people, when the first of the Dradar to be seen were Half Dragon and Half Human. However, the term became used universally despite that other forms were discovered. When that happened, there were references of Half-Elf Dradar, Half-Orc Dradar, Half-Dwarf Dradar, and so on. Now, there are other names, but only for the most common of the Dradar ‘species’ even now.

Dravari are Half-Elf Dradar; Urugan are Half-Orc Dradar; Dweryrm are Half-Dwarf Dradar; While Dradar still refers to Half-Human. There are rare cases of other half-breeds, such as Half-Troll Dradar. There are even some passing references to slightly differentiating names when refering to what type of Elf or Orc the non-Dragon parent of the child was. This of course brings no consideration into altering of name based upon what kind of Dragon the other parent was. You wish for an example? Well now! Don’t we want everything…

Darmok the Bloodhide was an Urugan of an Tellurian Orc father and a Red Dragon mother. Dragons are founts of magical capability, and have often gallivanted about the world, mingling with the mortals, masquerading themselves as their favored race. Darmok’s mother had an attraction for the warrior society of the Orcs, and so often made herself out to look like an Orcish woman. The pack society of Orcs meant that no matter how strong a female was, she was always regarded as weaker than the pack alpha. However, it was her duty to ensure that the pack was led by the strongest, and any female to challenge a male’s strength. Differing from a male vs male battle, the two ways for this fight to end were not the same. Where a male vs male fight ended with one of them dead, the outcome of a female challenging a male’s strength meant that she either killed the male, and opened his position up to all other males of the pack, or the male won, and the female became his mate. Darmok’s mother caused a raucous, slaying many Orc males that considered themselves strong, till she found the one she was willing to let conquer her. The brown skin of his father, and the red tones of his mother’s scales and skin made Darmok’s skin rust colored, and combined with the red scales he eventually grew (a deeper red than his mother’s) he became known as “the Bloodhide.”

Dradar tend to grow larger then their non-Dragon heritage’s average, and possess the ability to transform into a dragon far smaller than their dragon parent. However, a Dradar’s capability to turn into a Dragon is limited, and drains their energy, while the Dragon experiences the opposite, and must revert to their Dragon form to rest. Culture among the Dradar is as varied as their non-dragon parentage. Some, however prefer to honor their Dragon parentage instead, and also live a restless life soaring the skies and touring the world.

The Dragons themselves come in many colors, and their colors reflect a portion of their character. Red Dragons breathe fire, prefer the caves and mountainous seclusion for their habitat, and are often prone to open battling. Blue Dragons love the sea, and often reside on islands. They expel pressurized water from their mouth instead of fire. Gray and Yellow Dragons fly higher than any other kinds of Dragon. Grays can expel strong winds from their maws, they seem to never land, and live their lives gliding on the currents. Yellows expel lightning from their mouths, and delight in the noise it brings. They seem to find some way to live in the clouds. Brown Dragons prefer to reside even deeper in the world than the Reds, and breath magma while their scales seem to have a more stony visage than other dragons. Green Dragons live in the wild, hiding amidst rarely traveled forests. Their scales like like the leaves of trees, and they breathe life giving energies from their maws. Purple Dragons live among the marshes and bogs, breathing the fumes of poison from their mouth. Black Dragons reside wherever they wish, and none have seemed to discern where that is, for they breathe shadow, and disappear as quickly as they make themselves known.

– – – – – –

There are then the Drider and the Dravian. Drider in my writing, much like in D&D, are half-Drow, half Spider creatures that make their home in the dark southern woods of the Ebon Vale marshlands. They are not yet in the writing, and do not make their first appearance till later. Dravian likewise appear later, and are my creation of a somewhat familiar race of bird-men. They are half-Drow, half bird, and like the Dradar, have variations, but at the time no specific name for those variations. Their variations solely depend on the type of bird that makes up one half of their being. The only known variations (when they are introduced into the story later on) are Eagle, Hawk, Falcon, Owl, Raven, Crow, Vulture, and Condor.


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