Human Culture

With multiple stories brought into one universe, there is a larger community of humans now. More so in Dorian’s story than in Alek’s, as there is a lot of focus on the people of the Kingdom of Haven in Verdania. There is, no doubt, more humans in Telluria, but after that, the other continents are filled out with other civilizations. However, Dorian’s world is less filled out, having left more to conjecture than in Alek’s story. With a larger land mass –I presume, based simply upon how many regions there are– there is more room for humans to exist. There are few mountains in his world, leaving less space for the Dwarves to exist, and Dorian has in some instances been an Elf, himself.

In Haven the people are, in the majority, farmers. All over the kingdom are farming towns producing a great variety of fruits and vegetables. Their culture treasures nature almost as much as the Elves, as is evidenced in the names of the towns coming from the terrain around them (i.e. Oakridge, Riverside, Plainview, Cyprus Hills, etc.). They built up their capital in Havenshire after the first conflict against the Undead forces of prophecy. The Tome of Truth has been a gift from the Sylvan that has saved the humans of Haven many times over. I use a Celtic and Old English inspiration when I present the humans of Haven as a whole, even as far as giving the main character a typical Celtic appearance –red hair and green eyes– and decorating his armor in Celtic knots and other embroidery.

They worship Danu, like the Elves, but regard her when it comes to planting and harvesting. They hold more than just a ‘thanksgiving’ feast in honor of that. Within the story, Alek will bring about a bit of Seraphim worship as well, but I’ll leave that somewhat in secret, to not ruin the surprise.

In Telluria, there will be some mountain dwelling humans that I have not really spent much time developing just yet, since they are a long way off from introduction into the story. However, also in Telluria, there will be some humans that are with Kyo. They are of Japanese descent as well, and so they shall differ from both other sets of humans.

There is the matter of custom still to work out, and study of the Shinto religion, to portray these other two forms of humans in my story, so there is not much more I can really discuss here. Holidays has been something I’ve not had much success with either, since it is hard to come up with Christmas alternatives, and the like, to substitute in place of our own holidays.


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