Sci-Fi & Fantasy — The past and the future.

I haven’t written here in a while, and I had stopped coming here because I had not received much in the way of views or response. I’m not sure if it will be any different this time, but I am giving it another try. Who knows what will happen.

Anyway, as an update, I am working on Repeating History still. From a mix of procrastination and my over imaginative mind, I have been distracted repeatedly from completing this. Another Nanowrimo is coming up, and I plan to take part in it, but I shall not work on Repeating History this year as my Nanowrimo work. I am tossing around the idea of submitting a short story to a magazine, to try and get my feet wet, and possibly in the door for some future possibilities. I’m walking into a pool behind a door, I hope. *snerk* While Repeating History is clearly a Fantasy work, I am attempting to do a Sci Fi work for the magazine entry. While dwelling on that idea, I was also drawn back to my Dorian back story –You see now, my over active mind– and contemplated working it and the sci fi short story into the same universe as Repeating History. I hoped that if either became a success I could then do some cross-overs of all my own work, to show Dorian and Alek together, or even Magnian (the main protagonist for the sci fi idea) involved with either or both characters/worlds.

I’ve also been continuing reading the Wheel of Time series, when I’ve had the time, and been playing both Skyrim and FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, and have been messing around with the idea of expanding on my info/ideas about the culture and religion of the world/cosmos in Repeating History, especially if I’m going to include other worlds in that universe. I wish I had someone to speak to with these ideas, because it would help me sort them out having someone to listen and respond. I don’t want to seem like I’m begging for a response though. It’s just  a general desire for online and offline interaction. Not many of my friends though are equally into the same genres of nerd-dom as I.

Another issue I’ve been dealing with for a while is a title name. Repeating History would be the title of the first story in the series involving Alek and his world, but the united title, Segregation Eras, makes less sense now than it did when I first started. The original idea was that the people Alek interacted with were from different worlds, but as I wrote the story, it fit better that they were simply in different kingdoms or regions of the same world, and so now there is less separation between them and thus the title makes less sense. Once again, some input from other people would more than likely aide me in coming up with a new title, but this carries onward slowly.

Backstory. I have histories of dozens of people and numerous races in my mind, and I draw on that when I write, but at times, I am also compelled to write out this back story, either for further clarity when writing the official story, or in the hopes of later publishing that too, as ‘prequels’ much like Tolkien’s Silmarillion and Robert Jordan’s New Spring. Writing up Dorian’s back story has always been something I enjoyed, because showing the back and forth of emotion in his mind has always been more enjoyable than anything else I’ve written. Perhaps it is simply the fact that I have written for, and as, Dorian for twenty years that makes it so simple for me. Maybe in another ten years I’ll enjoy writing for Alek that much more, thus making it easier. Also, unlike many people who disliked Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3, simply because they didn’t care about how Anakin became Darth Vader, and simply liked Darth Vader, I find the character all the more enjoyable when I can see why it is they are the way they are. Character development in progress interests me more than simply seeing the result of that development. That being said, I think episodes 2 and 3 were rushed, and Anakin’s journey to the Dark Side was too quick and lacking real proof of his emotion, but that is a tangent I won’t go off onto at this time.

I have also made a few map images for the world of Demeteria, but they are crappy and I don’t feel like sharing them. I hope to some day find a better program for making maps. I am not so skilled with art by hand that I could do it that way. I have tried, on paper, and it doesn’t really look any better. There’s always something, in the end, that I dislike, and wish I could change, so it would be more prudent to have something on the computer where I could more easily and readily change it to my tastes. Alas, I am still no where near as good as some of my friends –Jill, Nic, or Fish– who excel at visual art.



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4 responses to “Sci-Fi & Fantasy — The past and the future.

  1. I tend to get distracted too, and it is the fault of my own mind. I start to work on one thing and then I get side railed to something else and ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be neat if I add this…”. You get the idea. I found that the only way to solve this was to scrap the story I had been working on for years and start fresh and let the ideas flow.

    I was having such a hard time focusing on my story because it seemed more like a chore than fun. When I wrote what was fun, what simply came to me, being able to write it was a lot easier.

    Keep trying! Pretty soon you’ll find your muse sitting on your shoulder and the two of you will have a long chat that will result in a completed work.

    • I see your point. Alek’s story in no way bores me. I simply have an over active mind. One thing, amidst my thoughts, spurs on a whole new train of thought. I spill off on tangents like nobodies business. I had to forcibly keep myself from commenting further on Star Wars and the prequels.

      But, I do see your point, which is why I plan to write something other than Alek’s series of stories this upcoming November, to force myself to deter my focus and perhaps get something new written. Still unsure however if it’s going to be something relating to Dorian or if it shall be the new idea. I somehow doubt it will be the new one though, since that’s intended to be a short story and short story magazines everywhere have hard word caps ranging from 5 to 8 thousand. That is far from the 50k goal of Nanowrimo. =P

      Thanks for the response though, it’s nice to see someone commenting. If you don’t mind my asking, what tag was it that brought you to my post here?

      • Oh, well, actually it wasn’t a tag (sorry to disappoint!), I actually started following your blog when I saw you post it on FB sometime last year. Consequently it inspired me to do my own blog – that I sometimes neglect, but I find a way to it.

        I’m always curious as to what others are doing and I like to see your exerts, I usually don’t comment much. 🙂

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