Repeating History & Wattpad

I have started posting my story on another site as well, called Wattpad. Mindy, the same person who got me to try out Nanowrimo, told me about it, and I’ve been enjoying it. I met someone on there that was able to make a cover for this story, and so that’s featured on there with the story as well. I haven’t posted up all the chapters there that I have here, but that will be finished in time.

As of right now, I have multiple things going on. I’m working on the final chapters of Repeating History, which details the battle around Havenshire. At the same time I have started writing up the back story, in character narrative form, for the character I have role-played for the longest time. From Rhy’Din rp in the old AOL days(’93-’98) up through to his adaptation into Anita Blake setting, and World of Warcraft setting.(’07-’12). Check it out if you like, I’ll post here as well in time, perhaps, but it is still very much a work in progress, more so than Repeating History.

I haven’t posted much here in a while for Repeating History due to an issue I seem to have commonly. I am having troubles coming up with chapter titles for the last few chapters, and when that eludes me, my mind is distracted from the actual writing, and I cannot concentrate on it. It’s just how I am, I need a title, or else I do not know where to begin or end a chapter. So unfortunately, till I figure that out, chapters 42-45 will not be posted up on either site.



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