AC, the heat, and writing

So, for the past couple weeks, the temperature where I live has been ranging from 90 to 100. At this time, of course, because the gods of Kharma hate me, my AC has been failing. As of yesterday, I have had a maintenance person over for the third time. The first time he said simply that the filters were too dirty, and were blocking the air flow. He put in new filters, and left. This did not even solve the problem for a few hours, much less a day. So, he came back the next day, and this time, put in a new thermostat. This solved the problem for about two or three days, before the AC started malfunctioning again. The third time, a new person from the company came by, and actually spent some time trying to work on the problem. He spent about 2 hours at the house, instead of the needed amount of time to do what he thought would fix the problem. In fact, he actually said “I am not leaving till I can confirm there is nothing more I can do.” Amazing ‘eh? Well, he pumped up the Freon, and monitored it’s level for at least an hour before leaving. His conclusion is that there is a small leak, somewhere, causing the lack of Freon to shut the fan down in the attic when it got too hot. What he cannot confirm though is how slow the leak is. Was it so slow that it took 5 years (coil was replaced back in 2007) to drop the Freon level to the point it was at now and caused the fan to shut down, or did the leak only develop recently, and shut the AC down between June and now?

The past two nights I was in a hotel, because after the second ‘fix’ didn’t work, it became hotter in the house than it was outside. Beautifully cool and relaxing in the hotel, though the bed was horrendous, and I got no sleep the past two days. Probably would not have been able to sleep at home either though.

All things considered, I did some writing on chapters 38 and 39 while in the hotel, got a big chunk of it done, but I might re-write a lot of it, because I do not believe I was thinking all that well, given the lack of sleep in the hotel, and the AC issues at home. Got 38 posted on Saturday, just as I was in the hotel, and I am satisfied with it, but 39 is still looking a bit wonky. It is still unfinished though, so that is alright. However, I am home now, and the week’s forecast provides a break in the heat, bringing temps down to 80 to 85 in the next week or so. Perhaps after I have had some actual sleep, I can revisit chapter 39, and get it finished.


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