The past few weeks

So yea, it took me a while to get chapter 37 posted, because I sat there staring for the longest time at the end of a scene, unsure of how to progress from there to the end of the chapter, to connect it to what I have in my mind for the next scenes.  However, it is figured out now, written out and posted. It took me the longest time though, and I would just like to take this time to raise my fist to the air and shake it at the damned Mr. Writer’s Block.

It is cleared now, I hope though, and I shall get started on chapter 38 as soon as possible. I have an ending to this portion of the story in sight, and I think I shall have such finished in the next few chapters, so around 45 chapters in the end, maybe. Somewhere around there. Then I can move on to the next story, and start writing down the other ideas I have, before I forget them.

To those that are following, feel free to comment here as to what you feel on what you have read so far. I do not care where the comments are left, in fact, they can be in response to individual chapters if you like, but I am curious to hear what people think so I can eventually get to finalizing the story from a rough draft point of view to a final draft and get it ready for possible publication.

Anyway, later all, have a nice day.


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