The end is near

Repeating History is coming to a close. I am not sure how many chapters it will end up being, but currently, I am working on chapter 37. Unfortunately, I am at a bit of a bind, held up at the end of one scene, where I wonder how to proceed from there. I hope to get out of this bind soon though, for in November, I wish to begin working on The Face of Evil which will take a closer look at the Yami character and his past. Whether it reveals any further activity with the character or not, I shall not reveal at this time.

I shall be working on random scenes from chapter 37 to the end of the tale, and seeking out how to bridge these scenes, and hopefully have this stuff posted soon. But in the mean time, all you followers and likers, please let me know what you think. Be as descriptive as you wish with what you think of the story so far, I am eager for some feedback, so I can begin working on the second draft, and finalizing this story so it can be ready for an attempt at publication. Just comment below, and let me know.

I also already have plans for the story following The Face of Evil, though I have not yet come up with a title. That too is far in the future, and yet, I hope to be working on it for Nanowrimo 2013. It shall focus more so on the Elves than on the Humans as is the case in Repeating History.

Well, that is all for now, I go back to doing some brainstorming, and RPing a little in WoW to try and get the juices flowing.


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