Finishing the tale

So, yesterday I posted chapters 34 and 35 of Repeating History. I have added things in between chapters since November, but with the posting of chapter 35 I have finished posting all I had written back in November during the Nanowrimo challenge. So, now I return to writing whole chapters again, and push to bring the story to an end. I know how I wish to bring Repeating History to a conclusion, I just need to figure out how to bridge it to that end. I am half-way finished with chapter 36 at the moment, but have also managed to finish putting together a new version of the map for the world in my story. I am still not completely satisfied with how it came out, but it is at least better than the original attempt. I need to find a way to test out some other programs to see if I can do better at all. Until then, here are the divided files of the map of the Continent of Verdania.

As one can see, the second image is at a different scale then the top and bottom one, it is a larger area in the end, so even with this better version of the map, there is still an error and something needing to be fixed. However, there is also more to the world. There are some islands off to the east of the Duskpine Forests. This area has not been explored in Repeating History but shall be explored in another tale of the Segregation Eras series. There will also be other worlds discussed in future stories, but I won’t discuss that in any depth as I prefer to keep it as a surprise for the readers. However, do look forward to another map posted sometime soon, to display the little area to the east of the Duskpine Forests.

Anyway, I hope to have Chapter 36 posted tomorrow, as I have spent much of this day, and the rest of it will be as well, on finishing it. After that, keep an eye out for all new content to the Repeating History tale. It will be a little more slowly posted since it shall be written from scratch from here on out. Wish me luck!



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