About Chapter 18 and more

My original chapter written for what would now be chapter 18 (since I’ve added in some chapters amidst posting the story as it was written back in November) takes place four years from the end of chapter 17. I don’t wish to make this jump just yet, so a new chapter 18 will be written in time, however that is on hold for now. I spent a few days after posting chapter 17 debating what to include in a new chapter 18, but got sidetracked by a few things. One of which was my purchasing Diablo III when it came out. I have also been looking around for a program to help me make a map for the world in this story. I was referred to Campaign Cartographer 3, and through watching tutorials on such a program, also looked into Fractal Terrains. I’ve been debating getting these programs to see if I can make a map for the world in my story, but I still have questions about the use of these programs in the efforts of creating Verdania and the other continents of my world.

Watching the video for how to make a map in Campaign Cartographer, the guy used his whole screen to map out a pirate island, an island that was like 300 miles in diameter. This will not work for me. I’m trying to map out a whole continent; something along the lines of mapping out the tip of the Aleutian Islands to the Straits of Magellan. It’s a daunting task when you think about it, but it’s something I want to do for the point of my story. I will more than likely do this in more than one map, connecting the maps together via key landmarks, but still, it’s something that will require more space than a digital 300 miles. However, with Fractal Terrains, the video only showed a random selection of terrain layout. You put in settings for climate, altitude, and such, and the program randomizes how the world looks. I don’t want something random, I know how the world will look, so I’m still looking into these programs, and will have to find someone who has used these programs before to answer some questions perhaps. If anyone out there has, let me know, otherwise, I’ll hunt through the forums for someone who can answer my questions.


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