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I have been struggling with getting Chapter 9 reorganized based on the changes I’ve made with previous chapters that have been posted here. I’m still working on chapter 9, and hope to have it up soon. However, I felt like sharing a little something with what I have been doing while brainstorming for chapter 9.

I have been focused on a single character for what seems like the first time ever. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, last night, I hit level 50, and finished my main class quests on my Twi’lek Sith Inquisitor Assassin on the Shadowlands server. Because I hit level 50, I can now make other classes with Twi’lek, since they are previously not allowed on the Dark Side. I felt like I’d share a few screen shots taken in the last few quests. Spoiler Alert!!

So, in the end, after Thanaton challenged me to a Kaggath (Sith duel of honor) on Corellia, he fled from me to go back to Korriban and plea to the Dark Council that I, as a corrupt Sith who served under another corrupt Sith, should be killed. I return to Korriban, call him a coward for fleeing from the Kaggath, and kill him before the entire Dark Council, then get appointed to his position on the Council.

Thus, Lord Kenji Hogosha, descendant of Tulak Hord and Lord Kallig,  is now Darth Nox, member of the Dark Council, and Dark Lord of the Sith. (Click the pictures for full sized view, as some of them include dialogue from the ending cinematics.) With Twi’lek unlocked, I immediately made a Twi’lek Sith Warrior, but haven’t played him any yet. He is Kenshin Hogosha, the son of Kenji.

Screenshots: — #1- Kenji and his Apprentice Xalek standing outside the phase door to the Dark Council. #2 & #3 – The Dark Council in the background, as Kenji and Apprentice stand over a nearly dead Darth Thanaton.(killed in Cinematic) #4 & #5 – Close-up on Kenji in cinematic as he is awarded the title of Darth, and seat in the Dark Council. #6 – Close up on Kenji as Khem Val declares Kenji’s success and reward to all of his followers, after having returned to Dromund Kaas.

Some will notice the name Hogosha and see that I’ve mentioned it for an upcoming Character Spotlight. The Hogosha are a key family in my story in the future, but they also have history like the others. I shall soon post a spotlight on the Hogosha family as well.


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