Character Spotlight – Silverleaf

The Silverleaf family is the largest family I have ever created for RP and for my writing. It began in Shadowbane, with an Elf Ranger Blade Weaver named Elvulith Silverleaf. He went on to become a Ranger in Guild Wars, and then a Night Elf Druid in World of Warcraft. Throughout such I created other members of the family. At first, there wasn’t much thought in it, I just decided on a relation to Elvulith, made the character, and came up with some minor unique story to differentiate them from Elvulith. There was Amcar Silverleaf, a Bow wielding Rogue Bard in Shadowbane, Dorenduil Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Paladin in World of Warcraft, Istalindir Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Mage, Valaya Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Priestess, and Astalder Silverleaf, a Blood Elf Death Knight.

Since I started playing them in gaming in Shadowbane, and sometime amidst bringing them into the world of WoW, I started writing this story, and in the world of my own story, I have now compounded upon many other members of the family. I even took a bit of inspiration from Tolkien, and started thinking about the culture of the race, and came up with a naming scheme, which helped me compose numerous generations of the Silverleaf line. This in turn helped me decide on the backstory of not only the Silverleaf’s line, but the whole of the High Elf species, and their fellow kin (Forest Elves, Sand Elves, Dark Elves, Grey Elves, Sea Elves, etc.)

In the story, as shall be revealed soon (somewhere around chapter 14-20) the Silverleaf family is the ruling family of the High Elf kin, and in turn, rulers of the union of the Elven species, called the United Elven Nation. Grouping the numerous sects into an alliance also in turn helped me brainstorm on names and story for the other species of Elves. Such include Dinaer Dusksinger, Lord of the Dark Elves, and his wife Arauka Silverleaf-Dusksinger, Vasz’araen and Val’araen Sunstorm, Lord and Lady of the Sand Elves, Isilme and Silma Starhaven, High Priest and Arch Druid of the Forest Elves, and then their daughter, Arinai Starhaven, who married Elvulith Silverleaf.

And yet! The Silverleaf were not the first royal family of the Elven nation, nor were the High Elves always at the head of the Nation. Using a Tolkien Elvish naming style, and the naming scheme I mentioned earlier, I traced the Silverleaf family back to when they took control of the Nation after the Grey Elves were destroyed nigh to extinction.

Currently, the United Elven Nation is led by the three brothers, Astalder is the eldest, and sits upon the throne as High King. His brothers, Istalindir and Dorenduil, function as next in command, while also sitting at the head of the Magical community of Magi and Wizards. Elvulith, Astalder’s son, is the Ranger General, and along with one of Astalder’s childhood friends, Astar Goldhaven, leads the entire Elven Military. Despite the vast age difference, Elvulith also becomes a very close friend to Alek Zachery as he grows up through the story. The Silverleaf family as a whole form close ties with Alek Zachery, and in the future of the tale, play pivotal roles in the future of Verdania and the Sylvan Forest.


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